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Govt not interested in the educational progress of Muslims

New Delhi: Some steps taken or proposed to be taken by the government for the progress of Muslims in view of 2014 parliamentary elections apparently appear to be sound and promising but executors and bureaucrats with RSS mentality in the government put such projects in the cold storage even before their implementation. Former HRD minister Kapil Sibal taking the minority educational plans seriously had constituted NMCME (National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education) and some other sub-committees. It was hoped that his scheme will open up better avenues of government facilities and concessions for the educational progress of Muslims but in the meantime his (Sibal’s) ministry was changed, after which the entire responsibilities fell on the shoulders of those who were to implement those plans but whatever hope was there for proper implementation of Sibal’s schemes was dashed when Ameet Khare, joint secretary in this ministry who was a sincere man and had good experience in the implementation of such schemes was also transferred to some other department and he was replaced by one Mrs Veena Aish, the adverse effect of this will be that by the time she familiarises herself with these schemes, the term of UPA-II will probably expire or will be on the verge of expiry. It is considered that some persons and officers with RSS mentality in the government fix their eyes on such plans which are on the road to being implemented but at that very moment these are stopped in one way or the other. One of the members of the Monitoring Committee said that good progress could have been made in this direction but it is difficult to say what the fate of this scheme will be now.

It may be stated in this connection that NMCME was constituted on 23 December 2012. Though no work was done practically on this scheme, when minister Sibal expressed his seriousness and keenness of its implementation and constituted one standing committee and 5 other sub-comittees with the idea that during the remaining period of UPA-II government, maximum work in this field may be done. Monitoring Committee members were sent to different parts of the country to study and identify the districts or blocks etc where not much work was done or where difficulties, hurdles etc were being faced in the implementation of academic and vocational educational schemes. Under the recommendations of these committees work had started on several new projects and schemes and efforts were also made for expeditious implementation of older schemes. But the work on these schemes had hardly started when Sibal was given another ministry and Pallam Raju was given HRD ministry. Even then the implementing officers who become familiarised with the schemes can very well implement them under their heads but as stated above, people with RSS mentality who do not want to implement schemes for the good and progress of Muslims try to put a brake on these schemes. NMCME and its 5 other sub-committees had collected quite a lot of material for the development of mental and other faculties of Muslim children and their normal and vocational education in accordance with their natural inclination in particular arts, crafts etc but transfer of key persons and their replacement by new persons who take their own time in getting familiarised with their new jobs kills or at least delays such schemes.

According to knowledgeable sources, one particular officer in HRD ministry who at one time was PS to present BJP chief, Raj Nath Singh and is a man with RSS mentality is very influential in this ministry, creates much hindrances in implementation of schemes for the progress of Muslims. On his wishes and orders such files are kept in the cold storage where they gather dust, with the result that the ministry works according to his whims. As regards the new HRD minister Pallam Raju, ever since he has taken over the charge, HRD ministry has become rather static. In particular, issues regarding Muslims are kept on the back burner. He is not much interested in living in Delhi. Very often he is on tour to foreign countries or is in Andhra Pradesh, with the result that ministry is at the mercy of bureaucrats who are rather cold to progress of Muslims in any field. According to some experienced sources, transfer of Joint secretary Ameet Khare was because he was making many plans for the betterment of Muslims which were in the final stages of implementation. An important member of the committees on education of Muslims said that now these schemes will be put in the cold storage.