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Saudi Uni to promote education in Muslim populated areas

New Delhi: Qaseem University of Saudi Arabia has decided to promote higher education, research and training in Muslim populated areas in India so that Muslim students of these areas are able to make progress and compete with their counterparts in other communities in this age of competition and excellence.

In the first place this University has selected Kishan Ganj district of Bihar which has 70 percent Muslim population, for its mission. A 4-member delegation of this University lead by its Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Abdur Rahman Saleh Raham Al Wasel had visited this place in the first week of this month (April) and after studying the situation had laid emphasis on promoting, along with basic and primary education, higher education and research.

Motiur Rahman Madani, Chairman of Tauheed Educational Trust, an institution which is working to promote education, said that at the initiative of his Trust, Qaseem University has expressed its willingness to render assistance to promote education and research in backward Muslim populated areas. According to Motiur Rahman Madani, this delegation had first visited Kishan Ganj and decided to promote education, training etc in these areas. He said that after Kishan Ganj, the delegation members of this University will visit some other poor and Muslim populated areas of the country and render help in promoting higher education, research etc in those areas also. He further said that this University will also provide scholarships to meritorious and promising students of these areas.