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Madrasa management accuse education officials of corruption

Indore: Anjuman Jamiatul madaris (Organisation of Madrasas management) accused education officials of corruption in granting recognition. Arif Modi, Divisional Convenor, complained that a clerk is demanding money for according recognition. Negative inspection reports are being prepared to deny recognition.

Though complaints have been lodged with the District Education officer, Minority Commission, Madrasa Board and the Collector; these have not been taken cognisance of. Sanjay Goyal, the DEO, said that the guidelines issued by the government necessitate inspection. Grants will be released only after inspection.

However, Zafar Alam, manager of a madrasa, pointed out that even those which have been recognised are not receiving official grants. Twenty such madrasas did not receive sanctioned grant since 2008. Mohammad Rafiq, another director complains that inspections are being conducted for pressurising them, though Right To Education Act (RTE) exempts madrasas from inspection.