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Women should be givers

(Musings of Sonia Narang, deputy commissioner of police Bangalore south) rejoinder on the write up published in the new Indian express dated 8 March. I have gone through your musings published recently in Indian Express. Man or women can’t be Independent as a matter of fact they are interdependent. Women by nature are a frail creature. The saying goes “frailty thy name is women “ Prophet Mohammad sas has said 1500 years ago “receiving hand is lower and giving hand is upper “Man should always think to give others but should not think to collect from others. Islam has not made women to earn livelihood by going out of the house. It is the sole responsibility of men to earn livelihood and maintain the family expenditure. Women are the chief organizer or manager of the family. She should carry out the internal responsibilities of the house, looking after the kitchen, nourishing the children marital services of the husband. After conception she has to bear the child till delivery. After giving birth she has to feed the breast milk for one or two years. For this important assignment she has to stay in the house. Women’s’ responsibility is not lesser important and unindispensable. She has to play an effective role as a nourishing and cherishing mother. The holy Quran has made men the captain of the ladies it said in Arabic ARRRIJALOO QAWWAMOONA ALANNISAI God is the creator of both men and women He knows better all the merits and demerits of his creature better to avoid problems we should abide by the rules he has put forward

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Gulbarga

Rs 7500 per every single Indian

According to the information issued by The Reserve Bank of India the number of defaulters who have not repaid loans amounting to Rs 1 crore or more each in the last 15 years is as high as 50300. This figure has not emerged from the RBI’s routine press release. RBI  responded to a query under the right to information act. This information forced out of the RBI under the RTI is also inaccurate. It fails to give an idea of the actual amount of default. Even if all 50300 have defaulted to the tune of not more than one crore, the amount in default indirectly admitted by the RBI is not less than 50300 crores. The RBI has not thought it necessary to mention smaller defaulters whose amount of default has been lesser than one crore. If we believe the figures available with the All India Bank Employees Association, who unlike the RBI regularly publishes the reports on such wilful defaulters and who are due to come out with the latest default figures next month; the amount in default is whopping 75 lakhs crores. These wilful defaulters dealing in crores are sitting on 7500 rupees from the pocket of every single Indian. It is also a known fact that a “wilful loan defaulter” in one bank “manages” to get a loan from another bank because the other bank does not verify, for the reasons which are not difficult to guess, whether that person or party figures in the list of defaulters which the RBI circulates in the banking industry. Again if we believe the All India Bank Employees Association, the 40% of this defaulted amount is from Maharashtra. This is happening in a country where hundreds of farmers have committed suicide because they defaulted on their paltry debts. The new Chief Minister of Maharashtra and his deputy Ajit Pawar are keen to root out corruption in Maharashtra. It will be interesting to see how they react to this information.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054

Richard Stagg on India

Though gullible Indians may congratulate themselves on the praise showered in relation to India being functioning democracy etc. by Richard Stagg (the High Commissioner of UK to India) his interview published on 28  in a leading national daily. In fact, Richard has outlined the bottlenecks of Indian economy regarding infrastructure and tax and regulatory situation which has no precedence, hence Indian economy dubbed by Richard as investment-non-friendly. Without huge foreign investment in a country like India (which pathetically lacks production capacities) how much are the chances of sustained & inclusive economical growth is any body’s guess. The main reason for India not giving any attention to manufacturing and agricultural sectors is the fact that these sectors need working with hands. And as one so called ‘dalit’ leader Kancha too recently rightly lamented that -”it is also said (in Hinduism) that God does not approve of working with hands, it is impure hence this way science and technology stagnated and its practitioners (these oppressed castes) got subdued”. One program which could have brought great succour to half of India’s economically humble population, is the “National Rural Employment Guarantee Program” (NREGP) in which government of India promised in Parliament in 2005 that all the working age citizens (both male and female) seeking employment will be given employment for 300 working days in all the districts of India within five years.

Hem Raj Jain, Karauli, Rajasthan


While pluralism is the positive manifestation of the right to freedom, relativism represents an abuse of freedom that is created with arbitrary right to judge reality. When reality is not supported, intelligence cannot recognize that things as they are and have their own autonomy. The relativist refuses to recognize things as they are objectively and states that are subjectively what it may seem or should be. An example: what to Don Quixote were giants enemies, Sancho are windmills. In the same way, so to Sancho was a barber’s basin, to Don Quixote is the helmet of Mambrino. But the two characters cannot be right, because the reality is not double. The dictatorship of relativism does not recognize anything as definitive and leaves as the ultimate measure one’s own ego and desire. Part of that all opinions are equal, even contradictory. The terrorist defends its right to kill, while the peaceful citizen abhors murder. “Both views are equally valuable? The same we can say about rights put forward by a Nazi and a Jew, and between a defender of abortion and a defender of life. Is it just as respectable a newspaper that a drug dealer? Do not sell a product and collect money? For both vendors, the individual right in his behaviour were confirmed as positive and acceptable. The same could be said between driving sober and drunk driving and between living outside the law and the living inside.

Arturo Ramo, Spain

Crimes against women and minor girls

In India greatest victims of ill treatment, rape, physical aggression and murder are women and girls. Most of them belong to Dalits and weaker sections of society. Recently 6 rape cases involving Dalit girls have been reported in Uttar Pradesh where a Dalit woman Mayawati is chief minister. According to police reports another Dalit girl was gang raped by 3 men in Kannauj district of U.P.  Even today brides are being tortured for dowry. Some are being burnt for dowry. The Supreme Court while refusing to grant bail to Mahendra Kumar Gulati, a convict in bride burning case, had rightly observed that those burring women to death for dowry should be hanged. For rape and murder Islamic Law awards death sentence. In fact such harsh punishments, no doubt, act as a terror to the minds of the criminals.

 Moreover fear of God and faith in accountability before God is also very essential.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.)

Guilty until proven innocent

I had always thought that the justice system in India was clean. Then came to know about allegations on Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan and now I do not know what to think about justice system in India. The only consolation is that these judges will not go for small bribes. Then I thought that Manmohan Singh was reasonably clean. But skeletons are rolling out of his cupboard too and the responses from him are not very consoling vis -a-vis. The 2G spectrum and the CVC appointment. Now I have realised that there are few if any in the public life of India who is not corrupt. Those who are not corrupt are so arrogant that it is next to impossible to deal with them. Until now, I used to think that a man should be considered innocent until proven guilty. But now, I am beginning to think that when it comes to people in the public eye one should be considered guilty until proven innocent - not a pleasant option for a man in his sixties

Xavier William

Baba Ram Dev in politics

This is good news that world famous Yoga guru Baba Ram Dev has decided to participate in politics. Baba’s contribution in improving physical health with help of Yoga is praiseworthy. His mission of Yoga practice and training will be continued by his trained disciples. In the present days of  corruption, nepotism, black money in foreign banks, religious exploitation  caste barriers, fanaticism, self centeredness, regionalism, reservation demands, Kashmir menace, Maoist menace, formation of Indian  Mujahideen, Arrest of innocent Muslim youths, spiralling prices, Chinese  threats in Arunachal and Tibet. Demands of separate states, atrocities on women, lawlessness purchase of costly American Arms and weapons are the present common problems. Which are teasing and vexing the people of India? Before entering into political arena Swamiji should think of a type of political philosophy, Communism, Socialism, capitalism, and Hindutva have lost their credibility and ideologically. He should form a team of at least 100 intellectuals who are highly qualified and knowledgeable persons. They should sit together and do deep study of the different problems and modes of their solution in the historical perspective. Without doing this homework if swami participates in politics he will become a puppet in the hands of contemporary politicians, they will utilize the good name and fame of Baba. Baba should start reformation from his own personality do research how for this monastic life style is scientifically correct? Is he not going against the nature by leading a life of bachelorship? Will he be able to influence the people of different religions?

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga

Error of judgment?

The Thomas appointment chapter seems to have closed while ideally it should now really open. Sushma Swaraj may want to move on after the weak “error of judgment” alibi. Arun Jaitley, very rightly does not want to consider the episode over. Nobody is buying Manmohan Singh’s contention that the appointment of Thomas was an error of judgment. Even his averment that he was unaware of the chargesheet against Thomas is generally taken with a pinch of salt. And can the Home Minister Chidambaram be unaware of the chargesheet against Thomas? It is quite obvious to any discerning mind that both the PM and P Chidambaram were under great pressure from a person or a group of person whom Thomas was in a position to influence or blackmail. The matter needs much deeper digging. When out of the three members of the HPC one belonging to the opposition expressed her opinion, giving legitimate reasons, against this appointment the meeting should have terminated promptly. In our democracy the ruling party treats the opposition with disdain at its own peril.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054

Assassination of Christian Minister in Pakistan

I have written as given below to thousands in number during last two months, about the practical and effective solution of religious fundamentalism and fanaticism, to all of the Fed & State governments, Congress & legislatures, media & churches of USA:-  The forces of fundamentalism, & fanaticism in Muslim world always gain ascendancy in democracy mainly due to the fact that unlike Christianity, the Islam has not severed itself from ‘this worldly matters’. Moreover Islam is the religion of developing world where poverty, deprivation, corruption etc are rampant and it is very easy for Islam to arouse the people against State & inefficient secular politicians by offering the alternative of the promised benevolent umbrella of Islam (and fundamentalist political parties supported by Islam). USA has been making a fundamental mistake that it has left the field open for the forces of fundamentalism & fanaticism of developing world and is not utilizing its main religion Christianity to face and counter these evil forces right over there in these developing countries.  Moreover USA  - without offering competition   through its own religion (mainly the Christianity) to fundamentalist and fanatic forces in developing world - has no moral right to give lecture about fundamentalism,  and fanaticism  which  gain ascendancy in democracy in these developing countries. USA does not seem to understand a fundamental truth that economical, political and martial forces are not supposed / geared to fight the fundamentalist, communal and fanatic evil forces of regressive religions. These can be countered and fought effectively only by another progressive religion, which believes in rule of law, scientific attitude and human values.

Hem Raj Jain, Karauli, Rajasthan

 Census survey

The official wisdom to use the name of the community, rather than their religion, is to bypass the stark anomaly, that Hinduism is not a religion in the strictest terms of reference. The Congress ploy to lump all non-Muslims as Hindu to make-up a political majority against the Muslim minority, will not so easily be forsaken to risk the exposure of the fact that Hindus are not a monolithic entity.

As one who too had to contend with an enumerator and her practiced strategy to manipulate the information, I too objected to the writing the details by pencil. She told me she will fill in by pen at home, as she does not to waste her and my time. I said, census comes after ten years and I do have time enough to devote to this very important work. Besides, I told her I am not prepared to sign a blank cheque for her to fill it later.

Still I could not manage full compliance with the detail survey, as she kept on saying, we never insist people and only write when they specifically ask us to fill in. A good portion of the form remain blank when I signed it.

That means each and every one of us is supposed to know all the hidden permutations and combination that could and would make the census exercise a blatant fraud on the people.

Imagine how the majority of India’s illiterates and others who are conditioned to accept whatever the authority figures dictate, will be able to counter any State manipulation of the Census; which will be used by the ruling oligarchy to perpetuate its own agenda by making the census data as the basis of their undemocratic exercise. We should at least write our personal experiences so that they can be at some stage become the foundation to challenge the veracity of the census.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Medical care

IMA and doctors from other therapies are whole-heartedly interested in serving nation and humanity. There has been substantial hike in standard of medical services in India and doctors working outside India have demonstrated high excellence. There is increasing demand to standardize medical facilities in urban and especially rural areas. Many steps have been taken by the government but there is no success as there are serious flaws in system. One of our brothers working as health minister in U.P. is a doctor. He understands the whole situation better. Lot of money is being spent to improve the infrastructure in villages still there is no improvement. If basic facilities in rural and urban areas are provided, nobody will hesitate to go there from the suffocating atmosphere of the cities. Unqualified persons providing medical services could not be controlled. They are still functioning and to hide that failure lot of regulations are being applied over qualified doctors. Doctors are feeling insecure and many things are happening against them including murders, extortions, abductions, damage to hospital properly by attendants and no protection is provided by the Government. For further increasing their burden there is gift to patients for penalizing doctors under CPA, improper implementation of 304 and I regret to say that situation does not ameliorate and congenial atmosphere of working is not created for doctors to work who are frightened by so many departments

Dr. Javed Akhtar, AWMELA, Azamgarh (UP)

Environmental double standards?

By rubbishing the unscientific report on Bt brinjal submitted by the inter-academy of sciences and penalising Vedanta legal violations, Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh has shown that he can take tough decisions. Now he needs to take one more. The regional office of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) in Bhubaneshwar has repeatedly confirmed that the Dhamra port in Orissa violates the Forest Conservation Act, 1980. Shockingly, the MoEF at Delhi has contradicted the stand of its own regional office and has given a clean chit to the Dhamra port. This very ministry punished Vedanta for violating the law. Why doesn’t the law also apply to the Dhamra Port Company?The port also poses a threat to the fragile ecology of the area, the mangrove forests and crocodiles of the Bhitarkanika National Park and the Olive Ridley sea turtles of the Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary.The minister took action on the Vedanta and Bt Brinjal issues because of public pressure.

Karim  -

Supreme Court on corruption

It refers to practical advice to Union government by a division-bench of Supreme Court to ‘legalise’ corruption by fixing rates of convenience-fees to save aam admi (common people) from hardships of bargaining bribe-amounts to get things done at government-offices. But someone bold in higher judiciary should give similar noble advice in respect of such incidents of misconduct, corruption etc in judicial system as well. A law can be enacted whereby persons may not be able to contest against cases patronised by judges of higher courts, and judges may be immunised from charges of misconduct. However to prevent misuse, such immunity may be for say two cases per annum for judges of High Courts and five for judges of Supreme Court! It is a matter of shame that India had a Chief Justice who could not be considered fit for post of HRC chairperson.. My personal bitter experience is that the person misused his position as head of Indian judiciary by patronising misconduct in higher judiciary when he did not invoke even ‘In-House’ procedure on my documented complaint because charges of misconduct were against his personal friends in higher judiciary. Only God and no one in present Indian system can punish some such elements having found entry in our otherwise honest judicial system! Even union government is bringing as an eye-wash ‘Judges Accountability Bill’ with stringent frightening provisions for those daring to complain against judges involved in misconduct or corruption. Like rape has no witness, bribe has no proof, likewise approaches and influences cannot easily be proved by victims created due to possible misconduct in judicial system. At least all High Court judges must compulsorily be appointed from outside their home-states to minimise chances of influence through local relations and former bar colleagues. 

Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi 110006