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On the completion of MG;s 11th Glorious Publication year, I convey Heart felt Greetings, to M.G team,for the Yeomen service, to the muslims,and non muslims as a fether in the cap..and this service to humanity is service to God. As per the letter published in MG 16-31

Jan 2011, by Riaz Ashraf, a MG TV channel should be started, to focus the problems, faced by Muslims of India and in other countries in a global way. Electronic media is the only gateway to educate the masses, in education, health,and religion in a convenient manner. One appeal for funds in MG will do the rest,for this noble cause, many N R I S and Philanthropists may support for this cause of starting the MG TV, in order to counter the false propaganda,by the Western Media in the name of Terrorism.

Mohammed.Azam, Karimnager, Telangana


I am very glad to know that the Milli Gazette has completed its eleven years of good journalism. Congratulations to Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan Sahib, editor of the Milli Gazette, and also the same to the M.G. team, its authors and reporters. The M.G. is a good source of valuable information. It is my heart felt desire that its publication may continue till the existence of the sun. With best compliments to you Mr. Editor, and also to the MG team.     Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur


Vastanvi comment on Modi

TOIInterview of Maulana Vastanvi

I am shocked at the praise Maulana Vastanvi has lavished on Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The Vice Chancellor of Deoband should have exercised greater care and restraint. I am sure most Gujarati Muslims of Deoband inclination, will not agree with the Maulana. Ever since the 2002 tragedy, the Muslim community has urged the Chief Minster to introspect and express remorse for the killings. He has flatly refused. The scale of the killings, rapes, physical loss and property destruction was huge, both in terms of time and geographical spread. This could never have occured without the collusion of the Government machinery, over which Narendra Modi presides with an iron grip. The damage caused by the 2002 killings, has been traumatic for Muslims. But it has been far more damaging to Hinduism and more important to Indian nationalism. Most painfully, Gujarat is no longer known as the land of the Mahatma . It is the land of Narendra Modi.To give such a man a certificate of good conduct is morally irresponsible and must be condemned.                 J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodra


I wish you had not issued the statement in favour of Vastanvi.

Prof. J.S.bandukwala, Vadodra

Zafarul-Islam Khan: Thank you for your feedback. My comment was not published in full as is the habit of all journalists; they pick only what is sensational or suits their mindset. The other part of my comment said that we cannot forget 2002 riots and those involved in them must be punished. I said that Modi and his administration are protecting the culprits but at the same time we must not be blind that Modi 2011 is not the Modi of 2002; he is trying to change, he now concentrates on development and Muslims too are included in his government’s plans. I also said that what Maulana Vastanvi said was from the perspective of a Gujarati Muslim who has to live in Gujarat and thus finds it necessary to adjust to a necessary evil.

Prof. J.S.bandukwala: Please permit me to say that your comment that Modi of 2002 is not the Modi of 2011, that he is trying to change is itself an indictment of his ruthless politics. He played the communal card to the hilt in 2002 to secure a total hold over the Gujarati Hindu voters. Having succeeded, he needs to come out of the stigma associated with his name. What better approach then to become a developement Chief Minister and to win over Muslim leadership. The first task he is achieving by wooing corporates, and giving them whatever they desire in the manner of a good Santa Claus. For example the Tatas have got financial, land and administrative support running into tens of thousands of crores. The amount is not to be repaid until after 20 years at an interest of less than 1 %. Note that even SC/ ST loans carry 6 % interest. But what is tragic is the treatment of the poor and unorganised labour. Countless Muslims and Dalits residing along the Sabarmati river front, have been uprooted and dumped far away, so that Ahmedabad can look like Paris. Shades of Sanjay Gandhi. The pre matric minority scholarships of the Central Government has not been implemented in Gujarat, because Modi refused to pay the State contribution which came to less than 1,5 crores a year. The beneficiaries were 57000 Muslim students from poor families.All other states have implemented the same. Such cases of rank discrimination against Muslims are found all over Gujarat. Enter any Muslim locality in an urban area, whether Juhapura or Tandalja in Baroda. Suddenly the air appears to stink. Water supply per head is much lower. Garbage removal is sporadic. Street lighting poor. Even the roads are in a bad shape. The contrast with Hindu localities is very sharp. Incidentally the BJP controls all these Municipalities all these years. This apartheid is created by Narendra Modi and his hate obsessed RSS / BJP.

Now Modi has reached a stage where he can lay claim to be Prime Minister. The only hitch is the absence of Muslim support. He desperately needs prominent Muslims as show boys. Hence the apppointment of a Muslim as a DGP. His wooing of Maulana Vastanvi was very careful, and goes back a few years. But once he got the Deoband post, he knew Vastanvi is ripe for projecting a Muslim friendly image to the the country, and to foreign embassies. Sadly the Maulana failed to see the Machiavellian scheme of Modi. To my pain and sorrow, Modi’s media managers have highlighted your statement to suggest that Muslim national leadership approves of Modi.Finally in Islam we do not adjust to a necessary evil. We fight it. That is true jihad. Yet all is not lost. Inshallah I will fight Modi to the last breath of my life.That is the minimum I can do for my community. Let Allah be witness to this pledge.


An open letter to Maulana Vastanvi

Mr. Ghulam Mohammed Vastanavi, Mohatamim,Darul-Uloom, Deoband. You have recently stated in a press interview that Gujarat has progressed and prospered during the tenure of chief ministership of Mr. Modi and there is no discrimination against minorities,particularly Muslims. This statement of yours proves that you have jumped from religious sphere to political sphere. There are certain other burning issues in our country on which you should also offer your comments in the larger interest of the country. One such issue is of Jammu and Kashmir which is of paramount interest. As you are aware,Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) does not follow India’s constitution,its legal provisions. It behaves as if it were a state separate from India. J&K does not unfurl,hoist India’s Tricolour Flag on two of the most important days,The Republic Day on January 26 and Independence Day on August 15. Also,because of its special status,the J&K even has its own national anthem called Quami Tarana -"The Song of The People". However,the Kashmiri politicians have been displaying two flags -Indian Flag and their own. It will be in the fitness of things to put certain historical facts to your notice, too. That Late Maulana Hasrat Mohani had asked for the abrogation of the article 370 as it isolated the state of J&K. Late Justice M C Chhagala (whose dead body was creamated after his deafth ) demanded its abrogation way back in 1964, too. Respected Mr. Vastanavi Saheb,with due respect to your goodself,may I ask you to please opine on the matter of national importance as narrated above?            

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot Gujarat


Dr Zafarul Islam must be congratulated for his courageous support of Maulana Vastanvi's appointment as Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband. The seminary is sorely in need of fresh air. It needs to be in better touch with current national trends and it should be a leader in introducing reforms and progressive thinking. Maulana Vastanvi is a good administrator, an excellent communicator and an expert in community relations. As far as saying good things about Modi, one does not forgive or forget but, as the saying goes, "Give the Devil his due". The Majlis-e-Shura which makes these appointments should have men and women of the real world in it, not just religious scholars.      Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York (Via email)


Maulana Marghubur Rahman was not second longest serving rector. Father of Maulana Qari Mohammad Tayyib and the eminent son of Hujjat al Islam Imam Mohammad Qasim Nanotvi, founder of Darul Uloom Deoband Maulana Mohammad Ahmad was the second longest serving rector from 1895-1928 (35 years), source:, and

Atif Suhail (On MG website)


A Tribute to Swamy Aseemanand

Dear Swamy Aseemanand !

I bow my head in deference to you,

As you emerge amongst the rarest few;

Whose crimes gave them a satanic face,

But they repented with an angelic grace.

While for all, you are a terrorist mind,

Your first admirer, in me, you can find;

The sight of innocent, languishing in jail,

Shattered your conscience without any fail;

Their suffering and tears, you did not bear,

Confessed your guilt, with a spirit of a seer;

 If the lives of the innocent, you did claim,

You purged other innocents of their blame.

May your remorseful words pave the way,

For others in your gang, to have your say;

May your deep penitence inflame your soul,

With a passion to play some truthful role.

(Swamy Aseemanand was inspired to confess his role in various terrorist blasts by the suffering of Sheikh Abdul Kaleem, a 23 year student of the Bachelor of Law in Hyderabad and was in jail for his alleged role in Mecca Mosque blast of August,2007. Both had met in jail).           

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow, U.P


Does Nehru Congress secularism condoneMasjid demolitions?

I have a 16-page Urdu booklet written by Ilyas Aazmi (2 times Lok Sabha MP from BSP) who writes: "Now it is proved that in the night of 22nd September, 1949, Faizabad’s south Indian collector, K. K. Nayar at the instance of Jawahar Lal Nehru, got Abhay Ram Das, Ram Sukul and Sudarshan Das, to place idols in the Masjid. Swami Akshay Brahmchari, who was Secretary of Faizabad Zilla Congress at that time, and had been my neighbour for years Chinhat area of Lucknow, told me so many times, that after hearing the news, he reached Ayodhya in the morning, where the 3 accused were present. There were other people outside of the Masjid. All were most worried. I was able to convince them to take out the idol and they agreed for it. At that moment the Collector reach the spot. I told the Collector that there is nothing to worry; as these people have agreed to take away the idols. Collector took me aside and told me that this is all organised on instructions from above and that I should not interfere. And those idols that have been by that time moved out of the ‘mimbar’ of the Masjid were once again placed back. On the same day, Central Home Minister Sardar Patel sent a radiogram to UP’s Home Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri advising that since we have adopted secularism on our own volition, we should be faithful to our choice. Since UP government agrees that these idols were surreptitiously placed into the Masjid, UP government should remove them through police. However, as soon as Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru learnt to Sardar Patel’s radiogramm, he sent another very long radiogram to UP’s then Chief Minister, Govind Vallabh Pant, praising secularism as well as rule of law. He advised the CM to follow the rule of law and the rule of law demands that the matter should be turned over to law. Due to Congress negligence/oversight/ overconfidence, both these radiograms had remained in official files of UP state government and were released to the public during the time of Janata Party’s rule. Nehru family was much disturbed by the publication of these radiograms as they felt it will be difficult for Nehru secularism to justify itself. They got secret agencies to follow it up. A clerk named Subash was carrying the files to present them to Librahan Commission. He was pushed down from behind at Tilak Railway bridge and seriously injured and the files were stolen. Father of Subash, travelled from Kanpur to Delhi Hospital. Subash told his father that I may not last another few hours. My murderer has snatched the files. Please try to retrieve them. Subash died. Even in as recently as end 2010, Subash’s father has once again reiterated what his son had advised him in his last moments." This shows how Nehru personally and later his family was involved in the eventual demolition of Babri Masjid. And it is amazing how Nehru’s rule of law and judicial justice priorities time and again become convenient route to impose political expediencies. ( Zionists have coined a new word – legal terrorism – to describe how judiciary can be used to achieve extra-judicial results.)    Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Manufacturing “News” To Win Muslims?

Appros of Nilofar Suhrawardy's "Manufacturing “News” To Win Muslims?" I think the writer had not checked the current mindset of saffron political party the BJP. May be for keeping the alliance intact and to maintain their own votes the BJP compromised for the time being in Bihar, but their hatred towards Muslims is intact. They have not forgotten their slogan of hate 'Babar ki Aulad', "Shaurya Divas" and every one knows what relations exist between the RSS and BJP, when the single judge of Allahabad High Court declared Muslims in U. P. as not being a minority, the BJP spokesperson immediately welcomed the judgment although there was no occasion to do that. It cannot defy any of the RSS dictates. Neither the RSS had not given any indication of giving up its 'minority syndrome' nor had stopped any of its supporters from desisting to do that. By just doing some cosmetic and superficial overtures the leopard cannot change its teeth lying beneath the jaw. Nitin Gadkari's recent visit of Israel is one of the great pointers towards the hatred because there was no occasion for him to visit only Israel which had developed a factory of hatred towards Muslims world over. One may remember that Advani also visited Israel in his hey days and after his return Gujarat carnage was unleashed.         S Farman Ahmad Naqvi (Adv), Allahabad

(on MG Facebook page)


Dress code

Reference M.G. 16-31 December 2010 page 30 letter from Farooq Abdul Ghaffar Bawani, Rajkot On ‘dress code’ M. C. Chhagala, M. Hidayatullah, Hameed Dalawai were acceptable to the Hindus only and were hated by the Muslims, because their (formers) thoughts were not commensurate with the Muslims and were leaning towards the Hindus. They were in the good books of Hindus only because they were floating in the mainstream. Although Maulana Azad was purely Islamic – religiously learned person quoting the holy Qur’an in his speeches and writings, he was against the partition of India and that was also the plan of the entire Hindu community. In spite of the adverse comments as quoted by Mr. Bawani about Qaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the father of Pakistan, Mr. Jinnah was contesting under the banner of Muslim-League for the cause, welfare and safeguard of the interest of the Muslim community of India at large. These were the reasons, that overwhelming majority of the Muslims in pre-partition days was behind Mr. Jinnah.

Y.R. Pathan, Kathor, Gujarat


Ramdeo dances to RSS tune

The news as captioned above appeared in MG 1-15 Dec. 2010 about Sri Sri Ramdeo Baba a self styled Yoga Guru neither sensational surprising nor haphazard one as the same being visualised since the day the Guru started his Yoga campaign steadily throughout the Country with regular intermission entirely with full facilities provided to him by unseen and unknown sources. In fact, like Hindutva organisations floated by RSS, the Yoga Guru in a flirtatious way railed on the same track with mission seal to preach and reach Hinduism to highest climax through the medium of Yoga which he has been doing with all sincerity and faithfully through Yoga. Just two three years back the Guru organised a Yoga Camp at Nagpur under fascinated publicity through huge banners, publicity resources, news papers and other such sources majority of which having affiliation with Hindutva forces like RSS and others offshoots. The said camp was largely responded by the people of all walks of life including Muslims. However within a short span of time Muslims realised that they were being ditched in the name of Yoga exercises which happened to be totally in disagreement with Islamic teachings.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur – 440013


Confession of Swami Aseemanand

Victory of conscience over brute force. Confession of a sin is perhaps what God likes to forgive most. Bravo! Swami Aseemanand, you have done a great job. This is in accordance with India’s age long tradition of penance observed by the Sufis and Yogis. Introspection and contemplation guided rulers and monarchs to follow a policy of Dhamma and Sulh-i-Kul. The change of heart speaks volumes; it was the inner spiritual strength in him that ultimately prevailed upon the devil that had resided in him, it was like Goddess Durga killing the demon. How I wish bureaucrats and police officials involved in brute tyranny may take lessons from Swami Aseemanand! India will be reborn. Glory to Aseemanand and Kaleem!

Dr. Javed Ali Khan, Azamgarh


With Aseemanand's 'confession' the old notion that not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims seems to be changing. Now we can see there are at least a dozen terror incidents, stretching across several states, which have been masterminded by terror groups inspired by Hindutva forces. Though the political parties seems to be playing with issue by either in denial mode or demonisation, the Aseemanand 'confession' has raised a big question about the nationalistic credentials of every individual associated with the RSS. Thus the demands made to re-investigate every recent blast case and to release the accused from the minority community is quite inevitable. As the fact of the matter is, in many of the instances there has been a genuine miscarriage of justice, to suggest that Muslims have been behind the act of terror. The fact that countless Muslim youths are brought to book with no crime of theirs while the real culprits are moving free. It’s high time to for the investigation agencies to nab the demons of terror rather than taking the innocents for a ride.

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440013

Echo point

News:Digvijay Singh put allegation of murder of Karkare on Hindutvavaadis. Corporate media cried: “Shahaadat Kaa Apmaan Hua.” Echo: Gandhiji was killed by Hindutvavaadi extremists. Would that mean Apmaan of Gandhijis Hutaatma?! [Marathi weekly Shodhan’ (Piru Lane, B’bay-9)].

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh – 392 150


Jangpura mosque

According to the news published in The Hindu (Chennai Edition) dated 15th January 2011 that The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) demolished an illegal mosque built on public land in Jangpura in South Delhi in pursuance of court order. Shahi Imam of Jamma Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari denounced the DDA's decision and said that Muslims should have been consulted before its demolition. In this context, it is submitted that no order of the court can be implemented if religious groups insist that they should be consulted beforehand. DDA is well within its powers to implement court orders. There is no logic in asking the DDA to consult the Muslims (Read : Syed Ahmed Bukhari and his tribe ) The Shahi Imam who is so pro-active in protecting a mosque on an illegal plot of land belonging to the DDA will do well to go back a little in time. In the post 1857 (Gadar) years, British Army had turned the Jamma Masjid of Delhi into a Military Camp for five years and Muslims were barred from entering it. The then Shahi Imam, the ancestor of Syed Ahmed Bukhari remained mute spectator till the mosque was voluntarily restored by the British Authorities. When the real legal case existed to fight for the rights of the Muslims, the Bukhari line of Imams calculated which side of the bread carries butter and act accordingly. The mosque can exist but that right is not inviolable if the mosque is put to use other then offering namaz or illegally built.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Gujarat