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Hoisting flag at Lal-Chowk by BJP

The gimmick of hoisting flag at Lal-Chowk, Srinagar is in itself a pointless stir and cleanly confrontational, provocative and may breed hostility and violence, if the centre doesn’t take well-timed action. Such a jingle is highly insignificant but not inconsequential because, at this juncture, even that section of society who feel themselves bonafide Indians and its part by flesh and blood will treat it insultive, unreasonable and a vicious slap on their individuality and upon state's honour and sovereignty. What is the need as on such occasions as the same flag is hoisted that too peacefully by Kashmiri politicians themselves? An outer intervention could have been justifiable only if all mainstream leadership in J&K would have failed in the recent past to perform the act.

Syed Adfar Rashid Shah, New Delhi.


Yuva Morcha, led by BJP veteran Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitely, and others have dubious interpretations. We all wish the tricolour unfurl in every part of India, including Kashmir, with zeal and enthusiasm it deserves, on the historic day. But the coercive actions of such leaders for their vested interest may lead to further bloodshed in the serene valley. It would be much better if the natives are persuaded

 to unfurl the tricolour by themselves.            

Shafaque Alam, NewDelhi


The conditions in the valley continue to remain precarious, tense and uneasy. No serious efforts are taken by Indian govt. to entangle the Kashmir imbroglio. The conflicting situation in the region has made the life of Kashmir  very difficult. The recent nomination of three interlocutors by the Indian establishment to find a long lasting solution to this issue does not seem to fetch any tangible results. The inkling from India regarding troop's reduction is yet another maverick move to hoodwink the international community. Such cosmetic gestures have never brought any change in the ground situation in this disturbed region. People continue to remain under subjugation thus facing a lot of hardships. On the other side the present Omar led coalition a failure on all fronts. The corruption is quite rampant. All the sections of the society are disillusioned with the governance. The sense of accountability is felt nowhere. There is no proper management and utilization of natural resources. Despite enormous water resources there is not proportionate generation of hydro-electricity. Forest area is receding day by day. Pollution has already ravaged the world famous Dal lake and Anchar (fresh water bodies).Further the state employees are gearing for a massive agitation against the establishment, as their demands stand unfulfilled. It is better time for the rectifies its fallacies and serves the people bitterly.             

Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar


Muslim needs own powerful media

Organisation of Islamic countries (OIC) has 57 countries as its members with immense and wealth and human resources. The secretary general of OIC Prof. Akmaluddin Ahsan Oglu has emphasized that there must be a strong media of Ummah which can counter the world media demonising Islam and Muslims. Certainly Muslims must develop their own powerful media. MG’s revolutionary editor should think to start an institute of Journalism. Inst. Of Objective studies, Afkare Milli editor, Nai Duniya editor, Zafar Agha, Sahara (Urdu) editor, Siyasat (Hyderabad) Inqualaab (Mumbai) Awam (Hyderabad) and many Muslim anchors, news readers, cameraman, managers etc. would be ready to support. Plan national journalism institute so that at least 30, English, 30 Urdu and 30 Hindi journalists with true journalistic ethics can be produced. Let us think in this direction; certainly Allah’s support would be showered.        

S. Haque, Patna


Islam's imperviousness to slander

The Irrefragable nature of Islam renders it immune to critical diatribes and more so those from inchoate dyslexics. It does not matter how discomfited Christians may be over Islamic law and practice, how much they misrepresent and distort Islam, how much they fabricate mendacities against her, she remains pristine pure, even despite the mistakes of her adherents who themselves distort Islam by their aberrance. Islam's Scripture remains impervious to assaults and distortions by evangelical zealots. It is protected by its author who has revealed it, protected it, caused it to be collated, certified and disseminated all as promised, and continues to preserve it despite the misadventures of several essayists. It remains the Present Arabic Single Standard Authorized Version repeatedly being reprinted and read globally by resources that are from the very heart of the earth to which it was sent, in a language that remains preserved and itself protected against change. The history of earth and its continuing discoveries continue to verify previously unrealized verses of the Quran in a continuing exegesis that challenges the frontiers of science.So let the denigrators prate and expend their bile as venomously as they may please. The more Islam is examined through the prism of its Scripture after every aberrant act of its fringe devotees, the more it appeals to reason. Islam shall prevail over all other ways howsoever much the rejecters may despise it. It is a divine promise. And it requires no violence to establish its superiority.

MFRahman, Trinidad -



This has reference to the article by Maulana Wahiduddin on “Blasphemy and the Islamic Way in the “Times of India” dated 10th Jan.2011. The writer is either blissfully unaware of or has wilfully concealed Allah’s declaration in the Quran ( Chapter 4: verses 95 & 96) that “Not equal are those who of the Believers who sit (at home) except those who are disabled and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and lives.” Fighting against those who use abusive language against the Holy Prophet (puh) comes under the ambit of fighting in the cause of Allah. Allah will undoubtedly pass judgement on the Judgement Day on such abusers but it is improper on the part of Muslims to refrain from reacting against blasphemous attack on Islam and Prophet Muhammad ( s,.a,.w.s)



No Muslim in the world will tolerate any insult or disrespect to the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) as he is loved and revered by the Ummah – more than one’s parents and children. In today’s materialistic world, the basics of all major religions have diluted, so much so, that in the name of modernity and liberalism, people are least sensitive towards God and the prophets. In the garb of secularism, wanton belittling of the prophets and Holy Scriptures is no longer considered a taboo. But fortunately enough, the followers of Islam still uphold the morality of respecting their Holy Book and all the prophets sent by the Creator. Though, for the followers of any religion, debate and dialogue are the best tools for understanding each other, criticism which hurts the feelings of a people shall not be tolerated. However, the assassination of the Punjab governor Salman Taseer in Pakistan by his own security guard Mumtaz Qadri is highly condemnable. The way the assassin is treated like a hero, even by some religious leaders of Pakistan is blameworthy. Because, mere showing sympathy to the alleged offender Aasia Bibi, a Christian labourer, or asking amendments (not repealing) to the blasphemy law in Pakistan do not make Salman Taseer an enemy of Islam.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)


Making assets of Bureaucrats public

Bihar Chief Minister through his welcome initiatives is fast developing himself not only as a model Chief Minister but even a dream Prime Minister of future. Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh should follow welcome initiative of Nitish Kumar to make bureaucrats in union and state governments (including in public sector Undertakings) make their assets and wealth public. Same should be for all those getting salaries from public-exchequers. At the same time, one-time expenses exceeding say rupees 50000 should also be made public to have an effective check on use of corrupt money on lavish expenses like marriages and other family-functions.

Madhu Agarwal, Delhi


On troops reduction

Army Oppose Legislature! Yet we are democratic. This refers to the statement of G.K Pillai Home secretary of India, “the Government is considering reducing the strength of security forces deployed in Jammu and Kashmir by 25 per cent as a confidence building measure.” Within hours there was a reaction from the Army chief to the statement. The statement of the Army chief is not just expression of his personal views, freedom of speech but a well understood and well planed argument. The statement is directly as well as indirectly intervention in the functioning of the Legislature. In democratic set up army has to follow the commands and advice of policy formulators. As for as my little knowledge is concerned, army has its say, but it can’t oppose policies of government publicly. It is against democratic principles followed in India. No doubt they can express themselves even oppose policy, but not publicly, as was done. This is not the first time when army has explicitly opposed government statements, particularly pertaining to Kashmir.

Fayaz Ahmad Bhat, Kashmir


Gender equality and law

Amidst the uproars of gender equality and law enforcement, female infants are still found dumped in trash by the dozen, while unborn foetuses continue to be sniffed in the womb. Wrought with discrimination and prejudiced by rituals, our society has dealt the girl child a rough hand, starting even before birth. Female foeticide and infanticide are not the only issues with a girl child in India. UN figures out that about 750,000 girls are aborted every year in India. Abortion rates are increasing in almost 80% of Indian states. The states of Punjab and Haryana have the highest number of abortions every year. If the practice continues, a day will come when India will have no mothers, potentially, no life. Therefore, the need of the hour is to realize our responsibilities and bring to a halt this evil practice. A determined drive can initiate a spark to light the lamp and show the world that we all a part of the great India.

Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur 440013


Physician heal thyself

The BJP national executive meeting in Guwahati resolved to intensify fight against the corruption of the Congress-led UPA and price rise. The 5 page resolution condemns 2-G-Spectrum scandal, CWG scam, said that the then P.M. Jawaharlal Nehru had bid good bye to Arunchal Pradesh, then known as NEFA, in 1962 Indo-China war. In fact during NDA’s 6 years rule prices were also rising and corruption was also rampant. People had seen on T.V. screen BJP’s national president Bangaru Laxman taking bundles of currency notes as bribe in a fake defence arms deal. Vajpayee and Advani did not punish him for the anti-national crime. NDA’s defence minister George Fernandes was not punished for Kargil Taboot scam, a heinous crime. BJP is also naked in the bathroom of corruption. I would like to ask Advani “Physician heal thyself”. Advani & co. is trying to divert attention from RSS complicity in terrorism by leveling such accusations. There are Ram Mandirs in Kailash and Mansarovar which are in illegal possession of China since 1962 war. I would like them to strive to liberate Ram Mandirs and Hindu religious places of Kailash and Mansarovar.

G. H. Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) – 441904  


Visa to Pak Hindus

It refers to long wait of forty years ending when a group of Pakistani Hindus could come to India for immersion of ashes of their family-members in the holy Ganges. It was unfair on part of successive Indian governments that these failed to respect religious sentiments of Hindus settled across the border on humanitarian grounds by taking several decades in granting visa. Even BJP-ruled NDA government which projected itself as non pseudo-secular could not provide visa to Pakistani Hindus in its regime. Organisations like Rotary International should own responsibility for co-ordinating formalities in Indian and Pakistan for such religious rites of Pakistani Hindus on annual basis. Also Union Ministry for Tourism and Culture in India should arrange special pilgrimage trips for Pakistani Hindus on regular basis. These trips can be in various economic variants according to affordability of desiring Hindu pilgrims from Pakistan. Such trips can specially include Haridwar so that immersing of ashes may not have to be waited so long by Pakistani Hindus.

Madhu Agarwal, DELHI 110006


Wisdom in a mad land?!

It is really surprising that as reported by Iran Radio, a Pakistani court before recording the confession of the killer of Salman Taaseer, checked the body of the accused to ensure that there were no marks of custodial torture. Looks likes a light in darkness!

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh – 392 150


Muslim-Christian Organisation

Apropos thought provoking Article captioned as "Kandhamal Persecution Continues" by Mr. John Dayal in MG, Dec: 1-15/2010 based on the Report of "Fact Finding Team" reveals a lot about the shockingly miserable condition of the members of Christian community in Kandhamal where villagers are forced to live like Hindus. Muslims and Christians are undisputedly the two major minority groups of this Land. Muslims on their part from the dawn of Independence are the permanent victims of Brahaminical holocaust which continues tirelessly in full swing by RSS and its allied forces with no future relief at sight. Now, it is the turn of Christians to face turbulence, turmoil, hatred as one sided communal commotion parallel to the Indian Muslims. It is therefore advisable that responsible persons from both the communities to come forward to form their united political group to fight unitedly against the destructive forces like Schedule Cast brethren as it has now indefeasible all the way.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur – 440013


Turmoil in Tunisia

The smell, the taste, the winds of change and not the change of regime is a matter of concern for the people in power. The reactions of the people of the world and not the action of the people of Tunisia appear to be depriving the guardians of the world of their sleep. Actually kicking out Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the Tunisian President is not at all worrying the big fish of the sea because he was only a drop in the sea. However, in the face of this do or die situation can the Arab authoritarians’ authorities in particular and US imperialism in general be blocked from falling in jeopardy now? Will it make US feel like striping Pakistan of it nuclear weaponry now? How much does the US know that how far the ISI and Pak army are pro-government and how far they’re pro-militants? In view of this uprising; is Pak nuclear really be the epicentre of all the worries of the world now?

Mohammad Arif, New Delhi 110 025


Disunity among the Muslims(context of Tunisia)

Disunity among the Ummah is very dangerous and it may provide a murderous opportunity for the adversaries to add fuel to the fire. After all, Ahmedinejad had not been a corrupt, incompetent or an immoral ruler. He has scored more than pass mark (I will give him a Merit Pass) There is no hard evidence to prove that last year’s election was a farce. Try to go back to the earliest time of Islamic history when Khalifa Uthman ibn Affan (ra) was assassinated and when Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra) assumed the leadership of the nation of Islam. The cunning Muawiyah and his group wanted the culprits, who planned and executed the assassination to be caught and punished as soon as possible, but Ali (ra) wanted to concentrate on the peace, unity and administration of the Ummah, but his adversaries were stubborn and had a political axe to grind. This led to the weakening and disintegration of the Nation of Islam. Did Islam gain by this sort of rationalistic freedom? This is exactly what may happen in Iran if the followers of Mousavi pursued their selfishness and greed for political power. They may play into the hands of the enemies of Iran who have been waiting for a pretext and an opportunity to destabilize the nation and in the process help the ambitions of the greatest enemies of Islam For the sake of saving the millions of innocent people of a Muslim nation, at times we have to forgive and forget the shortcomings of our leaders and rulers rather than trying to change the regime, create massive anarchy ( look at Afghanistan) by getting help from insincere and manipulating Non-Muslim world powers. In conclusion I will say that we have to be patient, pray hard and should not try to create anarchy and confusion in Muslim societies for the sake of political power. There are hard lessons for the Indian Muslims from these tragedies. United we stand and divided we fall. Let us wait until Allah swt Bring about a change in leadership

Palkodimir, Chennai (via email)



Dangerous double standard

So IAEA, the (Atomic Watch Dog Agency has rejected a resolution proposed by some Arab countries calling on Israel to join global anti-atomic arms treaty. It is the same IAEA who is behind Iran 24/7 to comply with all norms passed by world bodies for Atomic-Programs. It is now an open secret that IAEA is a watchdog Co. of America because America does not want to pressurise Israel to open her Atomic programme to the world. It is just a dangerous double standard of the western countries specially America. It is well known that Israel has nuclear capabilities and Nuclear weapons. And it is no problem for the west. But no Muslim Country can have even peace-full Atomic Energy Program. We can see that what is going on in Pakistan. Some thing is new here in American Policy. An State Department official said that they want Israel to sign the Treaty. But Mr. Obama who is calling the war in Afghanistan is not against Islam and Muslims. His administration wants Israel not to sign this treaty because Isael's Atomic Program is not dangerous in Mr. Obama's eyes. Nobody in the western world explain yet that why Iranian Atomic Program20 is bad and Israeli Atomic Program is good. America never discusses Israeli Atomic Program nor did he allow any country to discuss it. It is open discrimination for many countries. But who cares. Arab countries and their rulers just want to make sure for their throne to be safe. There is only one Muslim country and that is Iran. Which is in the crises right now? Because, all western countries beside Arabs are against Iran. And I, hope it is not true but it is big news that Saudi agreed to provide air-s pace to Israel if they want to attack Iran. Who will stop Israel if they want to use Atom Bomb? Israel is so powerful that he ignores America some time. They do not care world opinion. IAEA should take care of Israel Atomic Program instead to reject the proposal. Israel should open their Atomic facilities to the world body and should sign the anti-arms treaty. IAEA and western countries should treat Iran and Israel in same fashion

Akram A.Khan Sambhali, USA