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You are doing a great work for Muslims and it is sad you are not getting the support you should be getting from the Muslims not only from India but around the world. Their is great wealth in the Muslim World. May Allah bless you and protect you. May we always have The Milli Gazette to inform us what really is happening to Muslim around the world.

Mr Mohammed Azzat, IL 60467 USA



It has become a fashion to criticize the Vice Chancellor day in day out and sweeping under the carpet the achievements and highlighting the failings, real and imaginary. Lt. General Shah has introduced far reaching and everlasting reforms in the University. The long standing demand of the Teachers Association for clubbing Earned Leave and Detention leave (to be encashed at the time of retirement) is materialized. The Vice Chancellor has also made arrangements to see that the retired teachers get their Provident fund and Gratuity on the day of retirement itself. Now the retired teachers need not wait for months and in some cases years to get their due. The Guest Faculty who were never paid salaries during summer vacations will now be paid. The Vice Chancellor has displayed the vision of an academician and discipline of an Army man.

Mohammad Yusuf Khan, University Polytechnic, AMU


The disgruntled elements of the Aligarh Muslim University have once again switched over to their favourite game of criticizing the Vice Chancellor conveniently forgetting the achievements in such a short span of time. Lt. Gen. (retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah has set in motion the process of holding selection committees in different Faculties. His frequent visits to different departments of studies have kept the teacher and taught on tenterhooks. Lt. Gen. Shah is improving condition of hostels, dining halls, working for smart class rooms, upgrading syllabus to match industry requirements and emphasizing on students to develop communication skills. He is equally keen on the development of sports. VC Shah is trying to get horses from the Army to strengthen the University Riding Club. The critics should judge the Vice Chancellor in the right perspective.  Regards,

M. Yunus Khan, Assistant Professor, AMU, Aligarh.


The way saffron brigades respect freedom of speech

At Delhi constitution club, a press conference was organised for Ishrat Jahan family on 6 July at 5 p.m. Suddenly few fake hindu swabhiman sabha reached the club and started tearing posters of press briefing. Few lumpen type person entered the hall before PC. This is defined way of hindutva wadi forces of respecting the freedom of speech. Hindutva wadi forces can do anything in congress ruled states as Advani bloody rath could cross congress ruled states but Laloo Yadav arrested him and thwarted Advani rath yatra.

S. Haque, Patna


India-Pak relations

Who killed 5 Indian jawans this week? The answer varies depending on who answers the question.  Pakistani army invaded Indian territory and killed our jawans. A group of terrorists dressed as Pakistani soldiers did it. Some Pakistani army personnel accompanied by terrorists were responsible. Whichever may be the right answer, the truth is the death came from Pakistan and the government of Pakistan failed to stop it from coming. The prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sherrif needs to take the full responsibility. He should apologize to the Indian people promptly and profusely.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054   070813


Two innocent Muslims acquitted from terror charges

A few months ago at the Indo-Nepal border police had caught two Muslims and announced that two terrorists responsible for Hyderabad blasts were caught. Raxaul police station and district police to win name and fame had dubbed Muhammad Adam and Abdulah Umar Makran as "terrorists". Media carried the police fake version to create collective conscience. Additional district and session judge of Mitihari Mr. Anil Kumar Srivastva absolved Adam and Umar from terror charges on 5 July 2013 but punished them for passport laws violation and entering Nepal although India-Nepal is a free border and people from both sides cross the borders. The Acquittal news was buried in inside pages while the arrest news was splashed on page 1 as main lead-story.

S. Haque, Patna


Is Mynmar like situation in offing in India

India is a country with different of scales of assessing and measuring the patriotism of so-called patriotic Hindutva-influenced Hindus and other co-related and allied groups on one side and Muslims of the country on other. Here any Tom, Dick and Harry has a birthright to form a political group under the banner and coverage of Hindutva, thus proving himself most staunch patriot loyal to the country. The day-to-day developing anti-Muslim situation in India indicates that a day is ahead the community has to face Mynmar-like situation for which a programme is under scrutiny jointly by Congress, Hindutva forces, Israel and US. The other hand the  Hindutva forces who supported the foreign rulers in all respect are now the national heros whose followers are free to speak in any manner against Muslims because they are Hindus so their patriotism and loyalty cannot be questioned in any way. The most surprising aspect of this whole episode is that hereinbefore Congress, BJP and other Hindutva groups used to call the same IUML anti-national, communal and a separatist organisation but soon after the induction of Mr. E-Ahmed in Union cabinet all allegations have been thrown in dustbin. The creation of “Indian Mujahidin” on the Indian soil, and arrest of highly qualified, well behaved, well-settled, intellectual Muslim youths to be put behind bars for years together throughout the country by branding them involved in terrorist activities, or having links with terrorist groups or having links with anti-national elements and disruptive forces, killing many in the of encounters.

A Mynmar-like situation is being prepared for which an experimental laboratory has been established in Gujrat by BJP with full support of the Congress which is now being spread across the country. India is unique country where perpetrators and murderers of the Father of Nation are decorated with highest awards, those who never participated in the freedom movement or rather opposed it by singing English tunes are called freedom fighters, the traitors are awarded for loyalty and patriotism whereas faithfuls are put behind bars for years together, murdered and hanged for unverified reasons.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


Justice buried under verbatim camouflage

To reach the bottom of fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan conspiracy the authenticity of IB input should be checked but saffron brigade dubbed this move as damaging move of secret agencies. When judicial inquiry in Batla house fake encounter is demanded saffron brigade called this demand of justice should lower the moral of police. Afzal Guru was not given fair trial in courts but to execute him satisfaction of collective conscience camouflage invented. When justice is demanded in riots inquiry commissions are instituted Thus justice is buried under conspiracy of verbatim

S. Haque, Patna


Indian society in danger because of moral anarchy

The recent Madras High Court judgement supporting live-in-relationship and legalizing pre-marital sex is really shocking. India has the distinction of having highly valuable moral standard with regards to sexual relations. Marriage has always been regarded as a social and moral bonding without which sex is prohibited. Islam has made a significant contribution towards this. In a marriage, sex is preceded by a commitment to develop a family life in accordance with Indian traditions while live-in-relationship, sex precedes the commitment and the commitment has no legal or social sanctity. Unfortunately blind imitation of western society, pursuit of materialism, influence of hedonism and commercialisation of life has affected our society to a great extent. A steady increase in heinous crime like rapes and molestation of women are indications of the highly dangerous situation. It is a matter of great concern that some judges are under the influence of decadent of western thoughts and are undoing the time tested Indian moral principles. The need of the hour is that our society should be thoroughly overhauled and there should be strong doses of morality and religion and we should have judiciary which fully respects Indian moral standards.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Mayur Vihar, Delhi - 91


Harsh punishments - need of the hour

China's ex railways minister Liu Zhijun is sentenced to death and confiscation of all personal property for graft and corruption. In fact harsh punishments act as a terror to the minds of such criminals. In our country corruption, scams, scandals have become order of the day. Corruption is rampant in society, politics, legislature, executive, media and even in judiciary. Almost all the national and regional political parties are more or less corrupt. Charges of corruption are levelled against their leaders, ministers, national party presidents and cases of corruption are going on against them in courts. Recently B.J.P leader Gopinath Munde said in a function in Mumbai on June, 27, that he had spent a whopping Rs. Eight Crores during his 2009 Lok sabha election campaign. Such corrupt people should be disqualified and awarded stringent punishment. Corruption on high places will destroy not only democracy and constitution but would endanger India's unity and integrity.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Anant Nagar, Nagpur - 13


55 masjids but no school

On 1st Ramadan I visited a thickly-populated Muslim locality where villagers sat talking after zuhr prayer. They asked me to attend Iftar but I refused and stood to leave. One of them said that they have built 55 masjids within a radius of 9 kms. I asked them how many schools and colleges you Muslims have. Their said: none. I asked them to reconsider where we are lagging? Muslims must introspect about their character that is why films of costly budgets are released in Muslim populated areas during the Eid festival.

S. Haque, Patna


Durga episode

Its very much clear that this SDM is not innocent and is backed by communal forces. However, this media is now quite sure that it can play any tune to the liking of "His Master's Voice", but is not aware of the end result, that it will lose its credibility and its effectiveness if this type of approach/

reporting is not corrected well in time.

Maldar SA


Why dont Akhlilesh Govt reconstruct the Mosque if they feel it was wrongfully demolished buy an arraying IAS officer rather communalising the politics of UP. As to so many other mosques and grave yards has been demolished or stopped construction illegally during present tenure of SP govt and they did nothing. More than 100 small and major communal riots and they didnt suspend any IAS officer only transferred a few and no culprits were arrested even. They didnt fulfill any major poll promises like giving reservation to Muslim community and releasing innocent Muslim youth rather one Khalid Mujaid was obnoxiously killed in custody and no action has been taken yet. merely on a demolished mosque wall issue they are planning to grab all Muslim voters!!!!!!!!! isnt it cynical?

Dr Taslim Rehmani, President Muslim Political Council of Inida


Batla House sentence

Apparently the order of sentence in the recent Shahzad Ahmad case also spoke of the "collective conscience" which shone so brightly in the Afzal Guroo judgment earlier. We have before us an example of a classic procedure. First you use a media not just pliant but even more blood-thirsty than the khaki clan to whip up the passions of the public, then you take the support of those passions by calling them "collective conscience". This construct is of course not subject to the rules of evidence: it is, if anything, in the same class as "acts of god". It also twists the very meaning of "conscience", which customarily has the role of guiding the behaviour of the person who has it -- specifically, it does not empower its possessor to punish others or to wreak vengeance.

 Mukul Dube, Purvasha. Delhi 110091,


Physician heal thyself

The attack on Mahabodhi Vihar in Gaya is highly condemnable. The low intensity bomb blasts did not cause any casualty or damage to the Vihar and the Bodhi tree. Highest level investigation is necessary to bring out the truth. Elements responsible should be severely punished. In view of the present political situation in Bihar and the coming assemblies and parliament elections political elements may indulge in such heinous crimes. The working president of V.H.P,Dr.Pravin Togadia while talking to media men in Amravati condemned Gaya bomb blasts. He also condemned the dastardly attack on places of worship and also condemned Muslim communalism. The veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar had written in his popular weekly column "Between The Lines" (Lokmat Times nagpur dt.13/095/2010) "If fact India has discovered to its horror that there is a network of Hindu Taliban as well. They are connected with RSS and said to be responsible for the bomb-blasts at Hyderabad Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Dargha, Malegaon, Goa and Samjhauta Express." He further writes that "B.J.P run Rajasthan and M.P. Governments have been safe sanctuary for Hindu outfits". Are Swami Aseemanand and his men Muslim Communalists who were behind bomb blasts in Hyderabad Mecca Masjid where large number of Muslims were killed and injured? Muslims were arrested and tortured. Aseemanand had confessed his crime before the court. The innocent Muslims were released by the court. I would like to ask Togadia 'Physician Heal Thyself'.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Nagpur - 13


Lollipop of minority university for Muslims

After the Bhagalpur riot, Congress lost Bihar and after demolition of Babri Masjid Congres survived. To get Muslim votes, Congress promised Muslim reservation, appointed Sachar committee etc. This way Congress could muster the necessary support to rule. AMU campuses were announced before the MP elections and then this year just before 2014 general elections, Congress announced five “minority universities”. A fresh announcement comes targetting previous announcement which is the Congress ploy to deceive Muslims and garner their votes. Muslims never remember "Muslim ek suraakh se do baar nihi dasa jata" but alas Muslims dance at the tune of politicians because Muslims don't have their own agenda.

S. Haque, Patna


Plight of India today

The political leaders of India are often in news headline for their infamous remarks, which prove pretty much challenging to turn into action in real life. The most recent incident of the political leaders claimed that food is as cheap as Rs 5, 10 or 15 and that it is available only to the people in the country to fill one's stomach. This is one such incident where the politicians' statements show insensitivity and are nowhere related and applicable to the ground reality of life.Political leaders like Raj Babbar, Congress Spokesperson, Rasheed Masood, Rajya Sabha MP and Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister of New and Renewable Energy and National Conference party leader are some of the political leaders who made such controversial remarks without showing any concern about the real situation of the masses. This has therefore sparked off a new debate from all corners of the country questioning as to how and where does one really get a full-fledged meal in the country, where every essential commodity have increased prices. Hence it is justified to claim that our political leaders still live in those bygone eras where one got a wholesome meal with just 1 rupee. While the nation continues to be marred by controversies, is this issue worth even debating in the public forum when millions of people go without food in India every day.

 Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar , Nagpur - 440012


Amartya Sen on Modi

Close on the heels of BJP MP Chandan Mitra's demand for stripping Nobel laureate Amartya Sen of Bharat Ratna for speaking against Narendra Modi, the Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna carried an editorial by its president Uddhav Thackeray asking Dr.Sen to mind his business as an economist.  One wonders whether a Bharat Ratna  or being an economist forfeits the fundamental right of expression given to every citizen in the constitution!  We see every night, a battery of supreme court lawyers, fighting political debates on the TV news channels.  There are many a bollywood actor, industrialists and even some corporate media houses openly siding with one party or the other. Why the Hindutva brigade is not asking them to mind their business?

S.Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa -516001

Andhra Pradesh


Will Ishrat get justice?

A 19-year-old college girl was killed in fake encounter but she will not get justice because a deep conspiracy hatched by two government secret agencies. Under the supervision of Gujarat HC, CBI is investigating the fake encounter and tried to reach the bottom of fake encounter as CBI quizzed the IB officer who sent fake alert to Gujarat govt about Ishrat Jahan was let module. Immediately IB, government and saffron brigade stood behind the IB officer. Thus Shadow boxing would go on for sometime then in future CBI could crumble as per plan and Ishrat Jahan wouldn't get justice. Justice loving people of India salute Vrinda grover the lawyer whose tireless effort could made possible to file chargesheet in CBI after 9 years and she rebutted all the media & political insinuation against innocent Ishrat Jahan in media too. On the other hand the day CBI filed chargesheet a Muslim lawyer said to  friend that what is the matter of Ishrat Jahan. who has 30 yrs of practice. It is pity state of Ummah.

S. Haque, Patna


Batla House verdict a slap on the face of patriotic Muslims

The judgement of a New Delhi court convicting Mohammad Shahzad as a “terrorist” and branding him and his two friends who were killed in the police-staged false encounter, is one more travesty of injustice. The court judgement totally disregarded the evidence and the facts and instead pasted the pre-conceived police allegation that the few Muslim young men living in the apartment were planning a terrorist attack.

How could Shahzad have escaped from an apartment on  fourth floor of a building which had no exit other than the front door that was guarded by several heavily armed policemen? Was Shazad a bird who flew out of the apartment at such a height in a building that had no escape route? The false allegations of the police, prosecutor and their acceptance by the the judge boggles common sense.

By its bizarre judgement the said New Delhi court seems to confirm the slandering and stereotyping of the North Indian Muslim youth, especially the youth of Azamgarh. The U.P. Police, unable (or unwilling) to solve a string of terrorist attacks in the last few years found it convenient to paste the terrorist label on Muslim youth from Azamgarh.

The harassing of Muslim youth from UP, Maharashtra and Hyderabad under the label of being sympathetic to terrorists is a flagrant violation of the fundamental rights of these patriotic citizens of the nation. Police brutality against Muslim youth has taken a much more vicious turn in the last five years. In fact, today it is the number one issue in the democratic and secular Indian nation that many Indian human rights organizations are focusing on.

The Muslim citizens of the nation should launch a campaign against this awful and unjust harassment of the youth by the brutal police. Citizens’ lobbies should appeal against the New Delhi court judgement and fight all the way to the Supreme Court to get this judgement overturned and Shahzad freed from jail and the good name of Muslim youth reinstated.   

Kaleem Kawaja, Washington, US