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Failure of Indian Muslims that they fall prey to Congress & BJP conspiracy

India — as we Indians experience
IAS Khemka who took strong cognisance in Robert Vadra (son in law of Sonia Gandhi) land deal and transferred from revenue dept to other department said “those babus (IAS) touch political masters feet get plumb postings” (News Nation / 08/04/13 / 3-30 p m) D. N. Gautam ex DGP of Bihar has many times remarked about police “rifle paas mein aur aurat ki talaash mein” (rifle is with them and searching for women). Vijendra Yadav, cabinet minister of Bihar in assembly replied (05/03/13) that some T V channels were airing the police firing news not correct. It was only tear gas shell fire on agitating contract teachers. In India court executes Afzal Guru to satisfy the collective conscience.
S. Haque, Patna
Congress new announcement to trap Muslims
Almost nine years passed under the congress led UPA rule but nothing concrete has been done by UPA. The promise of AMU campus are converted into 5 universities establishing promise. Waqf Amendment bill is destroyed with words jugglery. Anti Riot bill is pending congress promise and manifesto to provide reservation to Muslim is forgotten chapter. Now congress has prepared a new trap to woo Muslims in eight month left in MP election by announcing “100 girls hostel in 100 Muslim majority districts and 13 model colleges would be established in Muslim dominated districts.” Where as in 9 yr UPA rule 16 new central univ 7 IIT’s, 5 IIM’s and hundreds model schools were established but for Muslim only hollow promises are announced as BJP issued vision document for Muslims.
S. Haque, Patna

Justice ceased drama continued
Three investigation proved that innocent Ishrat Jahan was killed by police in the name of terrorist encounter. CBI quizzes IB officer Rajendra Kumar who sent fake caution alert about Ishrat Jahan to Gujarat govt H M file affidavit about terror links then with drown. Now CBI is planning to drag HM into court for not giving files regarding Ishrat Jahan as H M say the files lost. Justice loving people dubbed such paper effort as drama because the master mind is not nabbed and at whose behest Rajendra Kumar IB officer issued fake alert and other player are roaming free then certainly question would be raised that there are drama staged but justice ceased.
S. Haque, Patna

Why inefficient Congress comes to power?
Cong. Senior leader Raj Babbar says at Rs 12 full belly food was available in Bombay and Cong Rashid Masood says at in Delhi sufficient one time food at Rs. 5 is available. In Congress rule more than 37000 anti-Muslim riots took place, idol placed in Babri Masjid and Mandir built these Muslims condition sank to worse than that of Dalits. Even then it is failure of Muslims that they fall prey to Congress & BJP conspiracy.
S. Haque, Patna

Double standard - fake secularism
The major disaster took place in Uttarkhand on 13 June 2013 and destroyed villages & towns. Lives perished is more than 10-15 thousands. It is due to the excess committed upon nature by man in the name of development. Then nature fury equalised the human excesses. The central government, Uttrakhand government & Bihar govt modified the rule of missing / deaths by just giving an affidavit by the missing persons relatives. All the claims & compensation will be given after 30 day of notice published by DM about missing persons. But many dozen Muslims who are missing since 1989 during Bhagal Pur riot their families are not given compensation because investigation of missing is still pending since 24 yrs. This is the reality of Hindustani secularism that to deny a Muslim justice all the rules & laws elongates years and years simultaneously courts to courts. The basic principle of Indian secularism is based on double standard.
S. Haque, Patna

Demand to take Bharat Ratan back means
Dr Amartya Sen opined that Narendra Modi would not be fitting candidate for PM ship of India Then the whole saffron brigade started fuming against noble laureate Amartya Sen who is recipient of Bharat Ratna too. BJP MP & The Pioneer editor Chandan Mitra demanded to take Bharat Ratna Back from Mr. Sen. BJP & saffron brigade want Modi as P M without opposition? I any political party opposes Modi, its political symbol must be confiscated? Any Indian if opposes Modi his Indian nationality must be scrapped? Now PCI chairman justice Katju opposed Modi that those who glorifies “hindu rastravad” are anti national (26/07/13 / Nagpur) Are BJP & saffron brigde going to demand Katju PCI chairmanship to be taken back? Now the nude photo of Amartya Sen daughter uploaded on face book by the flag bearer of Sabhyata Sanskirti & Sanskar.
S. Haque, Patna

Modi Is Not A Perfect Diplomat
His Hyderabad show was a grand success. All his allegations levelled against UPA government are 100% true But he did not reveal the anti Muslim stance of congress party. Roughly about 10000 Muslim youths are in jails. 99% of them are innocent. They were apprehended only to suppress the Muslim community at large. Muslims now are 25 to 30 crores in India. No party can come to power without the support Muslims. Modi and BJP think that they can come to power it is sheer a folly ,Every one knows better the role played by Modi in the genocide of Muslims in the year 2002.The Super power of the world has denied visa to Modi to enter into United States. It is by itself a Certificate of US. He thought that a great number of genocide will have a great effect on Muslims. But his experiment failed. The Muslims became more daredevils. Hyderabad being a city of Muslims Modi should have promised that if his party comes to power will release all innocent youths. The Muslims will surly hope and extend their support to the BJP In the same way he should have promised that the BJP has done a great mistake by demolishing Babri Mosque. I apologize Muslim brothers. With these two promises the chances of winning will become bright. Only those fanatic and Fascist Hindus which are not more than 2% will dissociate from the party. The Muslims which are 20% will support. If Modi is a perfect diplomat will take a calculated risk and will gain the power in the centre. He knows perfectly well the religiosity of his party stalwarts..
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

No Policy of Restraint Should Continue Further
Since many years India has adapted the policy of restraint as against the provocation of Pakistan and China. In case of China it is somewhat feasible as China is stronger than India. It can retaliate India and smash its army as it did in the year 1962.therefore the policy of restraint is the only resort from our side. But we do not know why India is following the same policy. Earlier the Pakistan army beheaded our two army men and took away their heads. It was a great insult to our defence forces. )n 26/11 the ten Pakistani terrorists caused mayhem in Mumbai They killed 160 innocent people and killed three of our ATS officers. In addition to our woes the terrorists came in a motor boat from Pakistan. Non of our security personals could apprehend them. It was a good opportunity to attack Pakistan and wage war against the tiny country. But India being more powerful could not give a befitting lesson. Pakistan should not have think of further provocation. However India’s restraint stimulated Pakistan to ambush in Ponch sector and kill our 5 Army Jawans. No nation on this globe will think it fit to forget and forgive the enemy but India did We cannot understand this timidity of India what benefit it wants to take. Pakistan is a Muslim country. The Hindus of India become enemy of Muslims. The RSS and other fascist parties will kick start riots against Muslims. Muslim youths can be apprehended on the false charges of terrorism. Their shops can be looted and gutted, their ladies can be gang raped. Our rulers succeeded creating an atmosphere of hatred towards Muslims of India and Pakistan. If this is the factual object the rulers are rally successful but at what cost? They are gaining benefit only at the cost of our national honour. The people of the country will surely not like this menial goal. The ruling junta should change their mindset and think a morel policy to be adapted in future. Muslims are 1/5th of the total population, in distress they can join hands with Naxalites
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad 11/08/2013