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Are we (Not) scared of China and other letters

Are we (Not) scared of China
Chinese incursion into Indian Border is a decades old story wherein all the times India not only remained on receiving end but failed to reply the intruders in the tough tone, why no one knows? The last two-three recent acts of intrusions by Chinese troupes certified that the act was amply deliberately to provoke India almost in the same way. However, the Indian Leadership on each occasion for unknown reasons observed complete silence whereas the claimants of true Indianness and true patriots, every time, went in hide probably gathered no courage to criticise Chinese being powerful nation. The recent incursions acknowledged fully that the Chinese troops' deliberate incursion deep in to Indian Territory did not for entertainment or picnic reasons but something to violation of Indian security. According to the Indian defence sources the Indian troops guarding the border with all alertness does not hold water. It is well known that the Indo-China border is a very puzzling area as at many parts it is not appropriately demarcated, hence for that reason, there are three type of situations prevailing along the same viz; (a) the Inter-national border, (b) the Line of Control (LOC) (c) the Line of Actual Control (LOAC) for which there is a possibility to commit mistake by the troupes of while patrolling the borders which may take place only on rare occasions and not in a regular course as the troupes while patrolling the importance duly approved by both the countries. It is therefore least or rare possibility of occurring of blunders of stepping in other's border if intention couple with deliberation is not there as clearly visible and demonstrated by Chinese regularly for which reply from Indian side should also be come out in the same way, however, nothing like that happened so far. In other way our Government condemning the incursions or Chinese into Indian Territory in a mild way as if nothing is happened or the incidents are avoidable in all the way. These incursions although vary serious in nature amounting to be a clear aggression on Indian security and sovereignty still taken very lightly couple with the intermittent announcement of the Government of India to tackle the matter at governmental level of both the countries. It is equally surprising that neither the electronic media covering the incidents on 24 x 7 basis, printing media did not consider the same a front page top news, nor the discussions, debates, seminars attending by militarymen, experts, politicians and highly places militarymen are held any time in this connection. The claimants and advocates of patriotism and faithfuls of the country served complete silence with no reaction upon the most serious matter where the sovereignty of mother land is in danger.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13

India is regarded as one of the most disaster prone nations in the world. A big chunk of its population resides at places that remain susceptible to natural hazards like cyclones, floods, droughts and even earthquakes. So far India has witnessed a number of natural hazards in the recent years wherein around 76 % of coastline is vulnerable to tsunamis and cyclones, whereas 59 % remain to earthquakes, 10% to floods and river erosion and lastly 68 % to droughts. Whenever you see any tragedy hitting people simply start blaming God or nature without realizing the root cause behind these calamities. As per the 'India Disasters Report,' it's high time that people understand that these acts (from God or Nature) are not the ones that are responsible behind wrecking these calamities; however, these also occur due to several developmental projects, which sprung up in different places. Moreover, the report also talks about infrastructure projects, which are being carried out for better economic growth including construction of dams and unsafe buildings. But all these prove to be the main responsible for placing people and the environment at greater risk. The study also brings to the notice of the central government and other stakeholders to implement stricter action to avert future disasters and also construct a system of 'zero tolerance' about safety and disaster management issues. Though, over the last decade India has come forward in tackling these disasters by establishing national law and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), however, despite all these efforts it has failed to reduce risk prior to the actual havoc. So, in India it's high time to build and improve cyclone shelters, and early warning signals to avoid massive destruction in future. After all you have an old axiom, "Prevention is better than cure."
Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440012

The Religious Spirit Of Yaseen Bhatkaly
Now it has come to the fore that Yaseen wants to fight with NATO forces in Afghanistan to oust the foreign army from Afghanistan which is Muslim country, He is following a suit of Osama bin Ladin. Osama was an Arab national. To participate in Jihad and achieve the Martyrdom he migrated to Afghanistan to Fight with Russian invaders. Osama was not a pauper but was a millionaire. His only desire was to participate in Jihad (holy war) finally hold the title of a Martyr and enter into Heaven. The life is everlasting in Heaven. The worldly life is purely temporary it may end without any notice. Prophet Mohammed has said every Muslim should aspire to become a Shaheed or Martyr. Whoever does not have this intension he will be treated a hypocrite (Munafiq). Those who have deep knowledge of Islamic fundamentals and practice them will surly try to seek the chance of getting martyrdom. The prophet has also told that no one who have been sent into heaven will desire to come out from the heaven but only a Shaheed who will prefer to come out from Heaven and die the death of a martyr and again enter into heaven once again. This is the psychology of a true Muslim.. It will be a moment of joy and happiness when the spirit detaches from the body. If Yaseen is a true Muslim he can aspire to get the honour of martyrdom while fighting with pagans of NATO who have invaded Afghanistan on the behest of America. When Osama was fighting with Russian forces the US was patting his back and giving him all help. When succeeded in ousting Russians. The same US thought Osama as its foe. as the American did the same mistake as Russian did. Osama fought with US forces. Now The US forces are desperate and in search of safe exit from Afghanistan. But US Killed Osama and rewarded the honour of Martyrdom. According to Islamic view his spirit is in the bodies of green birds and now flying in Heaven eating the fruits of paradise till the day of judgment. If the findings of the security agencies are true Yaseen cannot kill innocent people by conducting blast The government should allow him to go to Afghanistan to fight with NATO forces, along.. with Taliban ,Now India needs help of Taliban To Indians working in Afghanistan or if Yaseen can be convinced to fight with the Chinese intruders in Laddak it is will well and good. But to kill him branding as Terrorist it will be a great mistake. Allah will surly become anguished and may send a calamity in its worst form. India being a largest democracy should decide morality and immorality. It should not follow blindly US and Israel We are Indians not Red Indians. Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Congrat justice Mehta for speaking from hearts
Oppressed persons see judiciary as last shelter for justice. But now judiciary gives decision on astha and the pronouncement of decision based on to satisfy collective conscience and judges keeps enquiry report pending for years till its importance fades out. Arun Jaitley opposition leader has said that "judiciary failed to attract talent" (28/07/13 / B. K. Ray Memorial lecture) Justice Mehta who plainly refused to accept the Lok Ayukta post in Gujarat explaining reasons that in Modi's dictatorships rule even judges were not safe. So think of general people. Congrats justice Mehta.
S. Haque, Patna

Secularist don't dares saffron brigade
Are secularist only tiger? As they announce schemes & programmes but don't implement similarly secularist just dares saffron brigades but never practically challenge or take saffron brigades to court. Because secularist are only show boys just announce like Bihar strong minister Nagendra Singh only announces to sacrifice for secularism and he wants centre to book RSS chief for his communal statement. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had said to build a strong India with hindutva as its core. Mr Bhagwat said in Bihar why not Bihar govt take him to court Where as on the other hand so-called secularist are taken to court by saffron brigade as recently at Digvijay Singh tweet "bachha bachha ram ka raghavji ke kaam ka" FIR registered against Digvijay Singh. This is the difference between secularist (so-called) and saffron brigade.
S. Haque, Patna

NDTV splendid programme
NDTV has aired a programme at 6 p m on "Muslims least representation in jobs" in which Md Adeeb tore the establishment conspiracy keeping Muslim out of main stream as he explained in Parliament on a question he asked in Rajya Sabha 156 employees are working and only one Muslim among 156 employee. Then this statics struck out by chairman. I observed from debate that when education issue comes both BJP & congress said they had done much for Madarsa. This means in the guise of Madrasa. Muslim education is dumped. Now Madrasa has become tool for politicians. Beware!
S. Haque, Patna

Welcome the positive endeavour
Congress has PhD degree in instituting commission & committees to deceive Muslims as it one Fatmi Committee instituted to boost Muslim education etc. Al-Millat Education Society, Raja Bazaar Patna has published Fatmi Committee report. It is a positive endeavour welcome this. Muslims are fed up of commission & Committees please stop these gimmicks to food Muslims. Muslims need equality. Give us equal status not as concession but as our right. We will built our future. Once Muslims get equal status, we would reciprocate much in the development of India.
S. Haque, Patna

Media turned Durga Shakti into Durga goddess
National print & electronic media blankly hid the rule & automatic act of demolishing of Masjid wall by IAS Trainee Durga Shakti Nagpal and one sided displaying her cracker of sand mafia. Janab Azam Khan Hon'ble minister U P said "The media has turned Durga into Hindu goddess Durgaji unnecessarily" (08/08/13) This is the real character of India media who projected (L. K. Advani) as Iron man after demolition of being projected as most able & efficient, favourite P M candidate because 4000 innocent Muslims butchered in Gujarat under Modi's rule. The saffron mentality dominated media is the biggest threat to solidarity of India.
S. Haque, Patna

235 AP jawan sacked for lapses but….
The police H/Q terminated the 23 sp. auxiliary police jawans for alleged lapse & dereliction of duty during Maoist attack on the camp office of a road & brigade construction company in Aurangabad (2407/13)
S. Haque, Patna

Repair & colouring of Gyan Wapi Masjid banned
In the name of development, jungle, mountain, earth & rivers are badly & excessively / misused. Then nature fury to take revenge. In the spats of blood mass conspiracy devastation Uttrakhand faced, Hindus sacred (Pilgrimage Kedarnath was immediately swang into action to renovate Kadarnath for but when Muslims wanted to repair colour the old Gyan Wapsi Masjid of Banaras, local authorities don't allow the maintenance work they say it was order from top. What is top-secret? Muslim NGO must apply RTI to expose the top secret order.
S. Haque, Patna

Are incompetent & sycophant Muslims given political posts?
Urdu daily "Inquilab" which is not given government ads has published a report about the government nominated body meant for the development of Urdu. The caption is so touching "The chairman of Urdu Moshawrati Committee doesn't want development of Urdu. The caption is touching "The chairman of Urdu Moshawrati Committee doesn't want development of Urdu / The body is concerned of only hefty pay, ministerial benefits and sycophancy of CM and nothing than this" The conditions of other committees mean for minorities like minority commission / minority financial corp / Waqf Boards etc. Political parties select most inefficient and bag carrier of political leaders are given posts in such bodies for just name sake there incapable & inefficient 24x365 beat drums for parties to keep posts safe for themselves.
S. Haque, Patna

12 yr student saved 5 kids lives
Razi Khatoon class VII std student of Phalka Black of Katihar district studying in Morsand Middle School save 5 kids life from drowning in a pond. Razi Khatoon was in a paddy field then she heard screaming & shouting of kids when the kid were sinking in the near by pond. She ran and jumped into the pond to save the kids lives. While saving the five kids lives she felt unconscious. She felt sorry for not saving the sixth kid who died in pond. Government & Muslim organisations must suitably honour her courage. Shabash Razi Khatoon!
S. Haque, Patna

Akhilesh and the Noida Jinx
We hear that Akhilesh Yadav is fighting shy of visiting Noida even for the most important state functions like inaugurating Yamuna Expressway. There is a jinx attached to Noida that any Chief Minister of UP who visits Noida loses his chair soon after such a visit. Now, Akhilesh is the alumnus of a military school and holds a Master's degree from Australia in Environmental Engineering. One does not feel very proud of a young dynamic highly educated man not to be spunky enough to defy such superstitions. Mayawati had shown better courage than Akhilesh has. She did go to Noida to break the jinx in 2011 to inaugurate Dalit Smarak Sthal. The fact that Mayawati soon lost power should not deter Akhilesh from gathering courage to visit Noida and demolish the jinx.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054 080913

Sonia Gandhi And Summon Of Us Federal Court
For the first time in the Indian history a celebrity of India has been called by a federal court in US. It is not only ridiculous but against honour of an independent country. The very next moment the Indian court must have been called the US president Mr. Barak Husain Obama on the charges of Drone attacks on Vazeeristan. How Mr. OBama and other European countries would feel.? It is a matter of great concerned that no political, social or any other party has raised any objection on this summon. Even the print or electronic media could comment on the issue. The BJP which make uproar in parliament seems tongue tied. The communist parties also mute. Mr. Sitaram Yechuri and Prakash Karat, AB Berdhan, Das Gupta all are in deep sleep. It seems all are hand cuffed. With this unprecedented calm one can assess the political scare of the super power. It was the opportunity for Mrs. Sonia Gandhi decline to accept the summon and come back to discuss the issue. Now where are our senior lawyers of supreme court and legal experts of International Law persons like Kapil Sibal, Solisorabji, Arun Jaitely, Shanti Bhushan etc should have open their mouth and issue a daring statement on this matter. Being a journalist I felt insult on the Summon of federal court on the issue of genocide of Sikhs in 1984.The Muslims of US can send a summon to Narendra Modi who was a mastermind of genocide of 2000 innocent Muslims. The US administration has declined to issue visa to Modi, a clear acceptance of Modi as a rogue
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

A false Compensation to Kashmir or a tribute to Afzal Guru
In continuation of my article "Afzal Guru a Martyr or Terrorist" and my all the articles and letters addressed to the Judicial, Government and Administrative authorities of India, wherein I am concerned and anxious the way in which Muslims are being targeted and trapped in the legal terrorism of India. Fact is always bitter and no power in the Globe can change the fact. And fact is Indian Government and President swam away in the sentiments of Hindu Hardliners in case of Afzal Guru. Because crime on Afzal has not been proved in the court of law but looking at the sentiments of crores of the people of India he has been hanged to death. Now question arises if Afzal was not terrorist and the way the punishment executed hanged to death to him and he was projected as terrorist, then who is real terrorist, whether system of India where politicians decide the fate of human or people of India, who if with common voice loud "death penalty", whether, crime has proved against criminal or not, but he has to move to the gallows. Because whatever Supreme Judicial Authority of India admitted "the Supreme Court admitted that the evidence against Afzal was only circumstantial, and that there was no evidence that he belonged to any terrorist group or organisation. He was subsequently meted out three life sentences and a double death sentence." If Afzal was not terrorist as alleged by the Indian Government Authorities and police intentionally arrested him and send him to the gallows then what would be the compensation to the people of Kashmir and to his family members specially an innocent son of 12 years. Because the evidence against Afzal included his confessional statement, which was recorded by the DCP, Special Cell was proved as statement given in the pressure, because DCP had asked the policemen present there to leave the room. After that he had warned and explained to Afzal that he was not bound to make the confessional statement and that if he did so, it could be used against him as evidence. In the interview given to several media houses, Afzal openly confessed the crime which he had not committed. As per the senior Lawyer of the Supreme Court Ms Kamini Jaiswal revealed that these confessions were made under duress Ms. Kamini was representing him in the Supreme Court of India. Sushil Kumar, Afzal's advocate later claimed that Afzal had written a letter to him where Afzal said that he had made the confessions under duress as his family was being threatened. Indian Government always ahead to distribute the charities "Bheekh" whether it is in the form of Article 370 special status to the Kashmir, in the year 1948 to calm down the rage of the people of Kashmir against the joining of Raja Hari Singh to India. What is the current status of Article 370? Or after 6 decades it is again Government of India pacify the rage of the people of Kashmir against hanging of Afzal Guru and recommending the name of Parvez Rasool in the Indian Cricket Team. Such types of attitude can not apply the ointment on the wounds of the Kashmiri people. If Afzal Guru has been wrongly executed, then it would be irreparable loss to the Kashmir and it would not be heal up merely given a chance to a Kashmiri cricketer to the Indian cricket squad. Afzal was the icon for the independence of Kashmir if at all he is wrongly convicted and his death can be compensated anything would be the liberation of Kashmir from Indian occupation or absolute autonomy to the Kashmir. If at all Afzal Guru was a Jihadi and he has given correct sentence. Then it would not halt the Jihadi activities in India, Government has to reform her act towards the Muslims.
It is prayed
1. Callback the Indian Army from Kashmir & Remove the controversial Law AFSPA.
2. Implement the intraocular report on Kashmir.
3. Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.
Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai

Path of peace and progress
It is the need of the hour to inculcate the values of tolerance, amity, non- violence and peaceful co-existence amongst he countrymen. Intolerance, hatred, violence etc are not only against the democratic way of life but are harmful to the development and progress of the country. Without peace, unity, rule of law no social and economic progress is possible. Communal and caste riots, terrorist acts, strikes and bunds etc retard all type of progress and developments. We are citizens of a secular, democratic, republic. There is no place for violence, hatred, intolerance, etc in a set up like our's. We must try to save democracy, judiciary and constitution from destruction. We should adopt peaceful and democratic methods of mutual understanding, parleys and discussion to achieve our objectives. The spirit of brotherhood, tolerance, love communal, lingual, regional, racial harmony are essential for harmony, national unity and progress.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Nagpur - 13

No Regards Of Mr Zubin Mehta In Srinagar
Zobin Mehta might have received cultural award. and expert in Sitar play and western classical music. This character is not praised in Islamic teaching. Islam has forbidden music, dance, acting. and all such games which repel and remove from the servitude of God. Islam gives certain obligation to fulfill. and gives the object of life. All activities and businesses responsible to seduce and mislead a man are forbidden. Hot drinks and narcotics have ill effect on man's behaviour therefore are strictly banned ,Kashmir is Muslim Majority state. The majority of Muslims are religious minded. They have not accepted heartily the annexation of Kashmir with Indian government, The Indian rulers are continuously intervening in the following of Islamic system of life. The insurgency of Kashmir people is doubled when the rulers neglect the religious temperament of Muslims of Kashmir. The has to depute 7 lakhs of Indian army to frighten the residents of Kashmir India is a secular state where all un-Islamic practices such as music, dance and acting is permitted. The misfortune is leading actors are Muslims. They had married Brahmin girls. being a secular state no objection was raised from any Hindu organization. the actors are millionaires. It showed that Hindus can sell their faith if exorbitant amount is paid. ,There are famous musicians, singers sitarwadaks Shahnaiwadaks Jugal Bandists are in Muslim communities. The earned name and fame and millions or rupees and died. Their name and fame and wealth will not be of any use they will be sent to Hell as they have annoyed Allah. They should not have abide by the Islamic rules and instructions. This world is purely temporary. According to Islamic faith all men and women have to give their complete account of their lives. Hindus differ with this belief. They want enjoy this worldly life. they do not mind involving themselves in music and dance and acting. they don't care for divine guidance and abstain from all such banned activities. Rahman a renowned Musician embraced Islam to abide by the Islamic injunctions but unfortunately fall prey to the agents of Music and dance by the way he is destroying eternal life after death his embracing Of Islam is meaningless Now Mr. Farooq Abdulla has taken to task Hurriyet Leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani on the issue of Zobin Mahta. Being a Kashmir he is unaware of the Islamic sensitivities. The Best thing is to curtail insurgency in Kashmir India should allow Kashmir's to form their own government India should protect their sovereignty and solidarity. So far %0,000 of Indian army have died and approximately on Lakh died to fight for AZADI.The killing of Militants and Army men is going on the rulers in Delhi are living in security. What a morality and spirituality?
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Bodh Gaya blast
Just before Karnataka assembly election (2014) a bomb blast took place out side of BJP head quarter at Bangalore it was mild bomb blast. After 47 yrs of long partnering BJP was thrown out of government & alliance was broke by JD (U) in Bihar BJP staged protest & observed "Vishwa ghat diwas" against JD (U) & Bihar govt. On 7th July 10 mild bomb blast in the very wee hour when Budh temple was empty exploded and just minor injuries to 2 person. Then media oozed many Muslim names as perpetrator of blast and media floated theory that Muslims took revenge for Myanman riots. NIA is clueless after one month of Bodh Gaya blast. Investigating agencies must not follow the dictated path of media and if wanted to nab perpetrator NIA should use sixth sense then only bomb blast can be checked.
S. Haque, Patna

Arrest of "IM" operatives
Recently Indian police was successful in arresting 3 Indian Mujahideen operatives (Abdul Karim Tunda, Yaseen Bhatkal, Akhtar) from the India-Nepal border. All three have confessed to being operatives of the terrorist Indian Mujahideen group and have confessed to planting bombs in several locations in India in the last few years. They have provided detailed accounts of the operation of IM. For several years now people were saying that IM is a fictitious name as no organization by that name exists. Now police has provided all the evidence that is needed. All of these IM operators were funded by Pakistan based terrorist group LeT. Since the Batla House encounter people were saying that the encounter was false. But now Shahzad has been convicted in a New Delhi court in this case. Now defenders of Shahzad are silent. We must realize that defending Pakistan sponsored terrorist groups is very harmful to the human rights and the best interests of Muslims in India. Pakistani terrorist groups are hell bent on creating problems in India. They will never stop because that is the reason for their existence. We Indian Muslims are jeopardizing the welfare of our people by defending these criminals. If we keep on doing that we will loose the support of many secular Hindus and we will become a laughing stock. The Muslims of India do not want to defend any instances of terrorism. Remember how Muslims of Mumbai reacted to the Pakistan organized terrorist attack (26/11). Those of us who live outside India can say whatever we want, but it has a direct reaction on our people in India. Think of their welfare, not just become emotional.
Kaleem Kawaja, Washington, US

Sikh Riots And Muslim Riots
After 27 years the Sikh for Justice (SJF) has filed a case in a federal court of New York. This no doubt is a historical summon which like passed to India like Intercontinental rocket from one continent to another continent ,It clearly indicates the psychosis of a judge of federal court. He too has join into the lobby that India is nothing short of colony of US , The top ruling Junta of US might be in impression all countries like Afghanistan Pakistan, Bangla Desh Nepal Sri Lanka are all allies cum slaves. Now after the receipt of summon to the congress president we can come to the conclusion that India is also enlisted. There were two major faults of Sikhs one is their insurgency. The demand of Khalistan in Punjab. Bhindranwale was the leader. Indira Gandhi to safeguard the integrity and solidarity of the nation ordered bombardment of Golden temple to smash the insurgents. hundreds of Sikhs were killed. After this tragedy Srimathi Indira Gandhi was murdered by Sikh security person After this great tragedy the Sikh community was targeted and thousands of Sikhs were killed in NOV 1984.. The congress ministers who were actively involved must have been shielded by congress president. It was her moral obligation to safeguard them. Now the SJF has raised the Issue in US. The US judges has hashed up the case but the mischievous rulers of US ashed the court to take up the case of Sikhs. The Sikhs who are well off might have remitted exorbitant fees of the court and sent a summon to Mrs Sonia Gandhi ,the president of the ruling congress party. Now let us see the reaction of the Government and the party plus electronic and print media and the other political and social parties Gujarat chief minister also made genocide blaming Muslims hand in Godhra Kand. He killed about 2000 innocent Muslims. No action against Modi was taken He was shielded by the central government. If Muslims of US appeal to the American judiciary to nab Modi or his protectors. The US has banned already the visa to Modi. Muslims and Sikhs are both minorities. Muslims are more than Sikhs in USA. even now there are few Sikhs who are in favour of Khalistan. The Sikhs are now a favourite community of Hindu rulers. but not Muslims.
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Why DM & SP not be suspended after riots? Bihar govt. Irrigation Department through its 849 dt 11/07/13 conveyed its decision to immediately suspend the overseer & incharge Engineer under whose jurisdiction Embankment of Canal breaches because breach causes loss of crops & government money etc…. For the maintenance of embankment & to keep intact they are deputed. Then whose Prime responsibility are to maintain Law & order and to protest human precious lives & properties? Of course the DM & SP has sole responsibilities. Then why DM & SP not be suspended if Law & order breaks & human lives lost? More human lives perished in riots & properties destroyed in man made disaster i. e. riots then Nature disaster & In 'India' no. of riots reached to shameful height of 40,000. Despite & Laws & constitutional rulings human lives cannot be saved in riots because No DM & SP even suspended ever in worst kind of riot. So to save precious human lives suspend the DM & SP for the dereliction of constitution duty.
M. Ahmad, Mumbai

Asaram And His Devotees
It is a pity that almost all Hindus are being exploited by sadhus sanths, dharam gurus, pandits, pujaris. purohits pandays and god made, self made and god made mischievous persons. The Hindus are good doctors, Engineer, professors, scientists, administrators, politicians ,ministers even prime ministers. But all are naives if some question about religion is arises. None of them is able to answer correctly. The answer defers from one pundit to another. The followers do not bother about the correct and truthful practice. All are Hindus but divided in number of caste and sub castes. Their practices are quite deferent from each other. The main reason is they do not have divine guidance or any holy book to guide them in every walk of life. They even defer in the concept of God ,Like Muslims They do not believe in Monotheism. They believe in polytheism. Hindus follow strictly the cast system. The highly knowledgeable persons such as Supreme court judges and lawyers' class journalists believe in worn ashram. In this age of science and technology they believe that Brahmins have taken birth from the head of God and Dalits have taken birth from the feet of God. each individual pray in his own style. If you ask any Muslim boy he will express the method of Namaz as Muslims have been rewarded by Divine book. Prophet Mohammad is the role model. No Molvi or Maolana can misguide any Muslim. Hindus need help and guidance of pundits and pujaries to worship. There is no any temple or Ashram we do not see middle men. But in Islam we do not see single middle man in Mecca where cores of Muslims turned up for prayers Islam has given complete jurisprudence. It has ordered to kill a rapist by stoning to death. The order was passed 1400 years before. It has allotted share to daughter half of the son in the property left by father. this law is in practice since last 1400 years. . All the holy books have been tampered with But The Qur’an is as it was revealed to the prophet Mohammad.. The proof of truthfulness of Islam is It spread in all the world Muslims are in power in 60 countries.. My plea is the educated masses should compare Hinduism with Islam with open and unprejudiced mind. they will find all the teaching are more superior and superb. They can solve all social, political, economic problem\s which they are facing. Islam is a panacea for all evils. Islam has prohibited monasticism. No man like Asaram can misguide Muslims as Asaram and number other so called God men doing.
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad