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MG It is pleasing to see such noble work by Milli Gazette to enlighten the people by the true news of muslims around the world. Especially with an unbiased angle of presentation.                  Anees Ansari   Progeny of Yahood? Now that Shah Saud has, reportedly advocated full support to the U.S.-trained Egyptian killers of the Ikhwanul Musilimun, can "Ibn-e-Saud" not be condemned as "Aal-e-Yahood" who stabbed Ummat-e-Islami by being the dagger of the Britishers for snatching Holy Haramain from our loyal Tarkish brothers?                               S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Memorial to three Congress former presidents Hakeem Ajmal Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali and Dr. M. A. Ansari the three former Congress presidents and national leaders occupy a distinguished place in our Nation History. These three lived in Dehi. Hekeem Ajmal Khan belonged to famous Hakim Sharif Khan's family of Delhi and Hakeem Sahab presided over the Ahmedabad session of the Congress and the Khilfat and had duiged these organisation. A number of important meetings of both these organisations were held at his palatial Haveli Sharif Manzil at Ballimaran in Old Delhi  while Maulana Muhammad Ali alongwith Gandhiji and his elder brother Shaukat Ali were the most important leaders of the non-co-operation Khilafat Movement which was the first non-violent revolution. He was the president of the Congress in 1923-4 and was the moving sprit behind attempts to bring about Hindu-Muslim unity which had suffered a serious set-back on account of Shuddhi-Shan-ghatan and Tabligh-Tanzeem movements of 1923-24. It was at his house in Kucha Chelan that Gandhiji had undertaken fast of 21 days to bring about Hindu-Muslim unity in September 24. Dr. Ansari had been the Congress President in 1927-28 and at his palatial Kothi at Daryaganj Daras Salam stayed Congress leaders and Congress working committee meeting were held. It was here that the Congress working had approved of the Ganchi-Irwin Pact in March 1931. In recognition to great contribution made by these leaders to national freedom, their residences should have been converted into national Monuments. It is unfortunate that nothing has been done in this direction by the Central Govt. so far. During the teure of my membership of Rajya Sabha I had urged the Govt. through my questions and special mentions on several occasions to do so but unfortunately nothing was done. Time has come that Govt. should take necessary steps.    M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M. P., New Delhi - 110092   Hamare bhi hain Rahnuma kaise kaise. I appreciate the most impressive, bold, free and frank piece of writing penned by Janab Nafeez Nomani (M.G.Aug:1-16) through which he highlighted the historical facts about the establishment of Musafir Khana at Lucknow built and developed by benevolent and practicing Muslims for Haj pilgrims which was later on taken over by the selfish Muslims for their own gains as commonly seen amongst Muslims throughout the Country. Now the said Musafir Khana is administered, managed and lookaftered by the selfish and persuasive elements amongst the Community having strong political patronage. Though not elaborately stated but from the contents of the article it appears that Mr. Sayeed Khan a sincere, honest, hard-working, self-less and devoted KHADIM of Musafir Khana must have tried to check some surfeits from their iniquitous designes resulting to face the wrath of Janab Mohammad Azam Khan who unreasonably directed police for his immediate arrest probably with the object to teach lesson  to Sayeed Khan and to make him realise that honesty today is the bad and unacceptable phenomena in our society. Since the time Samajvadi Party graded the power in U.P. on the strengthen of Muslim votes its every member started behaving like a dictator without realising the importance and contribution of Muslim votes in the State and Janab Mohammad Azam Khan is not the exception. This was/is the reason since the day the inexperienced Mr. Akhelesh Yadav tookover are the CM. of the largely populated biggest State of India the Hinutva forces with the object to teach lesson to Muslims flaredup frequent communal frenzy at every nook and corner of the State allied with members of SP ( most of them Yadavs) under the nose of Janab Mohammad Azam Khan who despite knowing all the facts remained silent or mute  spectator. Janab Izzat.Ma'aab powerful Minister of State has full knowledge about the plight of helpless poor parents of innocent well settled Muslim youths of the State who have been implicated false, frivolous, fake   anti  National activities and languishing in  jails for years together. Youths like Khalid Mujahid and others are being killed frequently at the free will of police in the name of fake counters or some other reasons even under the police custody or youths like Dr. Irfan Khan are being tortured most inhumanly under the hypothetical charges but Janab Izzat-Ma'aab Wazir watching the whole episode with closed eyes without initiating any proceeding of their release or issuing orders for the action and arrest of policemen,bureaueratits and the Partymen involved in engineering communal riots or involved in heinous  crimes against Muslims because they are all belong to other Religion and Janab Azam Khan has to maintain his secular- democratic credence in the eyes of Hindutva forces, so what is wrong  if Sayeed Khan is sacrificed?      Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13   Apprehension of Muslim youths: a pseudo-satisfaction The security agencies and the media are making much hype on the arrest of two Muslim youths ,Yaseen of Bhatkal and Asadullah Akhter of Azam Gad .The apprehension of these two terrorists is being considered as great success .The government and the security agencies are giving the impression that whole country is free from terrorism, and there will not occur any blast in any part of the country ,the distressing period is over .The rulers can calmly Jap Ramnam. The government instead treating the deadly disease of cancer just giving the patent some pain killer pills and asking the patient to sleep for a while .The nation is very much desperate due to the intrusion of Chinese army in Arunachal, Pakistani army is also continuously firing on our border Choukys. Our forces are not in a position to give fitting retaliation to both our mischievous neighbouring countries .The unabated devaluation of our currency ,Modis blatant criticism on congress rising prices of essential commodities .Diminishing Muslim vote bank. Stealing of important files, health problem of Sonia Gandhi. Low prophase styles of Rahul Gandhi etc. These are some the pinching problems of our rulers. The security agencies in the fanatical madness have claimed that Yaseen is responsible for all 40 blasts done in the country .It also means that they may not be assigned further for the hunt of Muslim youths .the main culprit has been apprehended and the game is finished now.    Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad    Ban cyber pornography It is a known fact that easy access to cyber pornography has extremely negative impact on the viewer, especially the minors and younger persons. Pornography corrupts the minds and projects women as sex objects. It also encourages sexual assaults and sexual crime against women and children. If pornography can not be sold on the road even to an adult, if a minor I can not watch an adult film in the theatre, how can the government allow its easy access on mobiles, computers etc to all including children? Pornography is a threat to the fabric of our society because it is also causing psychological problems and marital disputes. Hence complete ban be imposed on cyber pornography and on pornography on mobile and strict action should be taken against  sale of porn CDs and DVDs. a                             G. Hasnain Kaif, Nagpur - 13   30 August 2013 The Supreme Court of India has been doing strange things. Not so long ago it tossed up the idea of a "collective conscience of the [sic] society", which incidentally stood the notion of conscience on its head. On 6 May 2013 it pronounced nuclear energy to be "clean, safe, reliable and competitive". It is my understanding that courts of law are meant to interpret and apply laws made by humans, not the laws of nature and of physics. Now all the courts in the land, from the highest to the humblest, will be compelled to act in favour of something that is questioned the world over. Perhaps physicists will study for law degrees to even the balance. Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091    The Arrests of Tunda & Bhatkal The arrests of alleged terrorists Tunda and Bhatkal raised some questions as the Police and Agencies have lost much of its credibility due to many lies have been proved in Courts: (1) It is being said proudly that influence of USA on Pakistan to handover terrorists to India is the key factor in these arrests! This is a ridiculous  idea of Pro USA lobbies in INDIA. USA is yet to get Hafiz Saeed from Pakistan. David Headly the main culprit of "26 / 11" is still beyond our reach. Just to divert attention from Headly USA is spreading such rumours. (2) The time of arrests of terrorists, on many occasions the original time of arrest and the time declared have been proved different and these timings were having difference of days and even weeks ! (a) It is possible that now UPA Govt. wants to prove its will and vigour to fight so called " War of TERROR", to counter BJP, in view of 2014 Elections. (b) It is likely that these two guys might have been in custody of authorities for quite some time and the declaration is made at chosen time. (c) At present we are facing a great financial crises, falling value of rupee decreasing reserves of Foreign Exchange etc, so it is just divert attention from these issues the arrests of this type are always very handy and useful. The rest is done by our crazy TV Channels! (3) The question of proving existence of "Indian Mujahideen" is now being seriously raised, hence these arrests are just face saving attempts, however the arrests of one or two terrorists cannot prove the existence of such a terrible net work (as claimed by Govt) (4) The investigation in respect of involvement of " HINDUTVA" in ant terror activity seems to have been abandoned because of fear of losing Hindu Votes. and fear of BJP making most of it. (5) It is also being thought that like Abu Jandal Tunda and Bhatkal are too men of our agencies and are being utilised by Govt. as Trump Cards. (6) In 2005 we spent lakhs of US Dollars to bring back Monica Brdi and Abu Salem. At that tine there were great celebrations but what we got? We could not get any useful information. Bedi is now a free bird and we cannot punish Abu Salem as we want! Then what benefits we would get from the arrests of Tunda and Bhatkal. They could be acquitted by want of proof. as happened in many cases in the past. Finally I am worried about Dist. Darbhanga of Bihar, it is being projected as another Azamgarh! Allah might save Darbhangavies, I have many friends from Darbhanga. Rasheed Ansari, Hyderabad   India is second most dangerous country for mediapersons As per reports, India is among the second most dangerous nation for journalists and media people this year. Since January this year, many journalists were seen losing their lives unlike what we can notice in any war-torn nations like Syria. According to the International News Safety Institute (INSI) survey, revealed that around six journalists and support staff were killed in India within six months of 2013 (January to June). With the most recent Mumbai gangrape incident of a 23-year-old woman photojournalist has once again raised a very important question, are the journalists particularly the women feel safe in this country, wherein we see lots of untoward incidents taking place each year. Indeed, the rape incidents of Mumbai are a big question mark over the state machinery and law and order situations at important cities like the state capital of Maharashtra.   Indeed, the world today is at risk with the Fourth estate of most of the countries often getting targeted by evil hands. It's time for the state and our country to wake from the deep slumber and act tough, so that their actions become a deterrent factor to heinous crimes like rape and murder. Hopefully, with such a media attention given to this rape case, the state would set an example in nailing the culprits behind this shameful act.  Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440012   Congress is pushing media propaganda to woo Muslims In the election year at hand congress just started pouring announcements for the welfare of Muslims. For this paid items are aired in media. Media has been airing & printing the congress announcement but these all mere an eye wash because congress led UPA didn't sanction amount to AMU campus in Kishanganj. 16 central universities, 7 IIT & 5 IIM thousands school established but with much propaganda to establish 5 min universities were announced. In budget for minority scholarship only 1 lak 20 thousand crores allocated but for dalits 9 lakh 5 thousand crores allocated. Congress announced 101 minority girls hostel 15 degree colleges in minority dominated areas. Just before MP election such announcement are old net to catch Muslim votes.            S. Haque, Patna    Is Pranab Mukherji responsible for India's economic woes?  Finance Minister P. Chidambaram was explaining the Rajya Sabha why the Rupee had a free fall losing its value by nearly 12% in as many days in August, why our Current Account Deficit [CAD, whatever it means] is swelling, why the stock market is sinking and, above all, why international rating agency Standard and Poor was mercilessly predicting down grading our sovereign rating to junk status. His words left the discerning listeners a bit flabbergasted. He put the blame for India's economic woes on "certain decisions that we took during the period 2009 to 2011". He was referring to the tenure of Pranab Mukherji and was putting the onus of India's woes on him. Are we being given to understand that all decisions taken by Pranab Mukherji [or any other minister, for that matter] are taken by him sitting alone in his cabin without consulting anybody else? Mukherji had two economists [P. C. and Man Mohan Singh] available for consultation. Did he take the decisions of stimulus etc without keeping them in the loop? It cannot be. Aren't all major decisions cleared by the cabinet? That is how the government works, we understand. So, why make it appear as if Pranab Mukherji took all economic decisions arbitrarily and on his own and place the onus of economic woes on him? If, indeed, as it is being made out, Pranab Mukherji is sole author of all the decisions of 2009-2011 it becomes the case of too much power in a single person and there is a need to have a hard look at how our democracy functions .               Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054 Riots in UP I would like to express my complete agreement with the views you have expressed in your letter re Muzaffarnagar and the SP govt. Bahut hi khatarnak khel khela ja raha hai. Subhashini Ali, ex-MP II The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat must be congratulated for demanding the dismissal of the Akhilesh Yadav government in Uttar Pradesh for utterly failing on the law and order front. The Mushawarat's demands that political parties indulging in communal politics should be derecognised and individuals found guilty of indulging in communal politics and stoking violence should be barred from contesting in elections are highly laudable and should become the consistent policy of all Muslim organizations throughout India. Muslims have a much greater stake in upholding secularism than we seem to realize. We should be the advocates of genuine secularism and we should reject any attempts to appease us or to treat us as a vote bank. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York 12804 (via email)   US against Syria American military intervention against Asad regime for the alleged chemical attack on its own people has little logic. Moreover, military intervention without United Nations' approval will be considered aggression of power. The silence of world countries in common and nod of Arab world in particular, under American pressure, that Syria be caned is setting a trend that would leave other tiny nations vulnerable for similar assault. Significantly, since the last one decade American unilateral military intervention has destabilised several countries in the West Asia mainly due to its imperialist foreign policies. This also indicates that Nobel laureate Obama is no different from his predecessor Bush. Shafaque Alam, Jamia Nagar, Okhla New Delhi - 110025   Hyderabad blasts The twin bomb blasts in Hyderabad in the crowded place of Dilsukhnagar area is highly condemnable. Once again, innocent people have been targeted by those motivated by hate and a twisted worldview that is devoid of basic compassion for fellow humans. The fact that the nation continues to suffer such senseless loss of life shows that our responses to earlier terror attacks have been deeply flawed and severely inadequate. The Law enforcement agencies should conduct a thorough and transparent investigation before pressing charges against any individual or group. Ironically, few of the media outlets have started sensationalizing the incident by naming specific groups even before the investigation has progressed, which is highly irresponsible. As experience with several terror acts in recent years has shown, attempts to stereotype and scapegoat an entire community can devastate hundreds of innocent lives, ruined by having to spend years behind bars for the crimes of others, only to be found innocent later.               Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 13   Egypt "Yaum-e-Ghazab" in Egypt turned out to be "Youm-e-Shahadat" for Muslim Brotherhood where the army displayed such a horrible example of inhumanity that it is hard to find a parallel to it. After the ouster of first democratically elected President Muhammad Morsi, the army recklessly used force to crush the peaceful demonstration at such a level which reveals that power has turned the Army completely blind and there is no respect for humanity left in them. The incident of firing teargas in a truck full of prisoners refreshed the memories of the gas chambers of the Nazi days. Unfortunately the global community that is being called upon from the first day to intervene and the international organizations, whose responsibility is to intervene, even if not out of reasons of humanity at least for the sake of their image, have constantly observed criminal silence and are not ready to say or listen to anything.  Even some of the Muslim countries are s cheering these crimes against humanity. The reasons are self-evident. The fire, ignited internally or externally, that is spreading in Muslim countries one after the other is burning down everything to ashes because despite understanding this game of fire, neither anyone opens his mouth nor any arrows are shot from diplomatic bows. How will the eyes open when the conscience is asleep and why would there be any need to wake up or make a move! When the agitation of the demonstrators who assembled on Tahrir square bore fruit in February 2011, and the sun set on the Hosni Mubarak government, the Egyptian people were hopeful that it will pave way for a democratic government. Abdul Haque Khan, Kasganj-207123    Syrian ambassador's claim Those in the media, who have published verbatim the allegation of Syrian Ambassador to India, about Indian Muslims being allegedly involved in Syrian civil war, should use caution in first verifying the allegation, asking for proof as well as getting a parallel response from Indian Foreign Affairs Ministry on the subject, as the news is very disturbing in the delicate communal situation prevailing in India, and media should not deliberately cause further deterioration of the situation by publishing unconfirmed propaganda from foreign countries that amounts to interference in India's internal affairs.        Ghulam Muhammed II By using terms misused in India like Jihadi etc, the Syrian ambassador is showing the level of confidence his country has. While the Muslims of India have been mature enough to support democracy in Egypt and are against use of petro-dollar against the Syrian government, the lack of understanding by him is sad to say the least. While the West is using civil war as tool to dismember Muslim countries, fools like this ambassador are trying to show that they are more secular than the Crusaders. Nothing will accrue to Syria by this foolish propaganda. While the regime is killing indiscriminately in competition with rebels, the so called humane West is always worried about its 'interests' in West Asia. They are always and openly defending their illegitimate child Israel while the  fools of KSA, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait are paying for it. By using the so called secular card, does the ambassador thinks India will take some stand. The slumping INR is not able to motivate taking any bold decision, how on this earth is Syria going to achieve anything? What way was Saddam treated and how India and most Indians reacted to his hanging showed who has been friends in-deed.                M Naqqaad (on MG website)   A heinous race indeed What a continuous race Female beauty exhibition breaking all words Despite rapists overtaking rapists Drunkards leaving behind all drunkards Gamblers jumping over all gamblers Liars envying  liars all around What a heinous progress in our race course That we have travelled miles and still want to cover many more miles? Sultan A. U. Patel Khanpur Deh - 392150