Urgent Appeal for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims


The communal violence against the Muslim community in Muzaffarnagar district and adjoining areas since 27 August has taken its heavy toll. About 50 persons have been killed, thousands of homes have been looted and burnt and some 50,000 people have fled their villages and are now sheltered in madrasas, schools and other places while some gone to their relatives in other villages.

According to our reports, bodies are lying in villages which are still inaccessible due to curfew or fear or the marauding mobs. These people had to flee their villages as mobs came to attack them. Dozens of villages have since been reduced to ashes. Besides various town areas, at least two dozen villages were attacked by mobs incited by RSS-BJP-VHP goons while the police, local and state administration stood by silently.

A relief camp at Budhana

A relief camp at Budhana

Though violence has abated belatedly due to some government action and curfew, attacks and burning of villages continues until now and so continues the streams of the uprooted who are moving to safer places and taking refuge in madrasas, schools and in Muslim-majority villages.

This is the first time in UP that rural areas too have been targeted and Gujarat-like riots have been attempted here to uproot and marginalise Muslims. Because of continuing curfew, a clear assessment is still not possible but according to our information, there are 10,000 uprooted persons in Jola village, 4000 in Shahpur village, 250 are housed in the Madrasa Gulzar Muhammadi in the same village, 1,000 in Mohalla Qasaban, 125 in Jamia Arabia Imdadul Uloom in Harsoli, 10,000 in Budhana and 600 in the RJ Public school in the same village, 4500 in Loee village, 1500 in Kheda, 2500 in Mandwara, 2000 in Asaara. There are also groups in Kerana, Kandhla, Kalyanpur and Dabedi but their numbers could not be ascertained. These people had to flee their homes with their women and children at least warning and they could hardly bring anything with them. They are in urgent need of all kind of help. Their quick return to their villages is necessary because past experience of Gujarat and Assam shows that if uprooted persons do not return quickly to their homes and villages, their properties and agricultural lands are occupied by others who do not allow them to return.

Jhola village graves where eight person incl one woman and her infant burnt, Mahmood Madni visiting
JUH's Mahmood Madni visits Jhola village graves where eight person were buried including a women with her baby still clinging to her chest. Both were burnt alive by a mob

These people require urgent help to survive in their temporary camps and also to rebuild their homes which in most cases have been looted and burnt down. Your urgent and generous help will go a long way to help them survive and rebuild their lives. Our all-out help is necessary also to frustrate the communal forces’ plans which if allowed to succeed will be repeated elsewhere.

Donations may be made online here or offline here.

I am planning to visit the area on Saturday, 14 September, insha Allah, and will brief you again after my visit.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan Chairman, Charity Alliance Editor, The Milli Gazette    
Women of uprooted families

Women of uprooted families   List of Martyrs

The following is an incomplete list of people killed by the rioters since 27 August 2013, according information collected by Jamiat Ulama-e Hind (Mahmood Madni) upto noon, 11 September 2013. More bodies are being discovered in fields and from burnt houses etc.:

1. Salman alias Saddam s/o Muhammad Umar - Village Toera, PS Kakroli 2. Nazar Mohammad s/o Moosa - village Kheri Firozabad, PS Kakroli 3. Latafat Ali s/o Mustafa - village Kheri Firozabad, PS Kakroli 4. Maroof s/o Ayyoob - Gram Macheda Sadat, PS Meerapur 5. Muhammad Shareef s/o Shameem Ahmad - village Soltabhavna - PS Meerut 6. Rauzuddin s/o Basheer Ahmad - village Mukundpur, PS Muzaffarnagar 7. Haji Sirajuddin s/o Eidoo - vill Jahra, PS Mansoorpur 8. Waheed d/o Sirajuddin - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 9. Nasruddin s/o Kareemuddin  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 10 Azeemuddin s/o Gainda -  village Lasadh, PS Phugana 11. Asghari d/o Hakeemu  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 12. Haleemun d/o Azeemuddin  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 13. Wakeela d/o Yameen  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 14. Umar Deen s/o Siddeeq  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 15. Hakeemuddin s/o Banda Hasan  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 16. Choti d/o Banda Hasan - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 17. Showee d/o Bannoo  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 18. Kalloo s/o Balla  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 19. Hajee Naseebuddin s/o Naklee Dhabee  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 20. Sukkhan s/o Manoo  - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 21. Hakam Deen s/o Balul - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 22. Karmuddin s/o Kamaluddin - village Lasadh, PS Phugana 23. [Unnamed] - village Basi Palree Shahpur PS Afsana 24. Shahnawaz s/o Saleem Pahlawan - village Kawal PS Jansath 25. Nawab s/o Akhtar - village Navlagardhi PS Mansoorpur 26. Saeed s/o Akhtar - village Navlagardhi PS Mansoorpur 27. Qari Umar Daraz village Bad Adda, PS Babri 28. Ameeruddin s/o Maqsood Qureshi - village Mansoorpur 29. Shamshad s/o Habeeb Ahmad - village Katba PS Bhora 30. Muhammad Faiz s/o Muhammad Sulaiman - village Katba PS Bhora 31. Khatoon d/o Kadamuddin - village Katba PS Bhora 32. Muhammad Ibrees s/o Kadamuddin - vill Katba PS Bhora 33. Muhammad Turabuddin s/o Sameera - village Katba PS Bhora 34. Abdul Qayyoom s/o Abdul Azeez - village Katba PS Bhora 35. Abdul Wahid s/o Barfuddin - village Katba PS Bhora 36. Abdul Hameed s/o Makboola - village Samalkha PS Shamli 37. Aas Muhammad - village Phogana PS Phogana 38. Islamuddin - village Phogana PS Phogana 39.Mehar Deen s/o Rasheed - village Lakh PS Bhora 40. Shahzad s/o Meher Deen - village Lakh PS Bhora 41. Abul Hasan Saifi s/o Ismail - village Lakh PS Bhora 42. Waheed Lalgar  - village Lakh PS Bhora 43. Tahir Hasan s/o Wahid - village Lakh PS Bhora 44. Sister-in-law of Tahir Hasan - village Lakh PS Bhora 45. Daughter of Tahir Hasan's brother (baby)  - village Lakh PS Bhora 46. Qasim s/o Jeevan - village Lakh PS Bhora 47. Aas Muhammad s/o Iqbal - village Lakh PS Bhora 48. Maulana Jan Muhammad – Shamli