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MG Milli Gazette carries authentic news. I wish all the best. K. M Shekabba, JP Nagar, Bangalore   Azan: Islamic Call to Prayer Mr. Mithun Dey, in his write-up captioned “Azan - My Spiritual Friend” (MG 16-31 August, 2013) has reasonably proved the superiority of Azan, an Islamic call to prayer over other methods used by other religions to call people to prayer in their religious places. When he listens to the sound of Azan from a mosque, he is enthralled with its spiritual message and relishes spiritual solace in his heart even at jeopardy. Again he says that he hears the voice of Azan in dream and it awakens him from asleep. After all, what peace and pleasure, he relishes from the voice of Azan can not be expressed in worldly word. In fact Azan is unique in its meaning and significance. Calling people to prayer by Azan and responding to it is invariably regarded as a great virtuous act in Islam. Azan briefly expresses the basic concept of Islam in some clear meaningful words and thereby reminding a man his duty towards Almighty Allah Who has created and nourished him on earth. Unlike Azan in Islam, the ringing of bells or blowing horns to call people of other religions to prayer linguistically bears no meaning. One who has knowledge on Arabic must admit that every word of Azan linguistically means superb and meaningful call inviting people, whether they are believers or unbelievers to the divine guidance for their redemption in the next world. In the long run I would like to conclude the write-up with the following Quranic verses. “ No bearer of burdens can bear the burdens of another. Man can have nothing except what he strives for (53:38-39, 6:164)          Mohammad Abdus Samad P. B. College, Gauripur, Dhubri (Assam)   Why greatest democracy is silent? Egypt’s head of the army, General Al-Sisi, who was appointed by elected president Dr. Muhammad Morsi, has ousted and arrested dejure president Dr. Morsi and has become defacto military dictator of Egypt, pushing the Arab world’s largest country into a civil war. The corrupt and tyrant dictator Mubarak and his men are relesed. Birds of the same feather have flock together. Millions of Muslim Brotherhood followers and other Dr. Morsi’s supporters have been staging country wide democratic demonstrations against the military coup. The death toll in army’s brutal crack down is in thousands. Condemning the massacre in Egypt, the prime minister of Turkey Erdogan said “people were calling on their rulers to desist from the coup and give them back their president. But instead of listening to their people, the coup- stagers in Egypt have responded by sending their gangs with guns and bullets.” Dr. Muhammad Morsi had recently visited India for strengthening relations and mutual co-operation. He praised India for its democracy and development. Why the greatest democracy of the world India is silent on the brutal murder of democracy in Arab world’s largest country - Egypt?          G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra   Comparative Study of other religions in Madrasa True speaking, our madrasas are still adhere to the centuries old Religious teaching methodology with little scope of changing the old pattern and system or training to would be the moulvees equipped fully with Religious education.  While mushroom growing of Religious activities through expansion of madrasa at every nook and corner or each State where exists sizeable Muslim populations welcoming gesture declines standard of providing proper Religious education in these madrasa can not be denied for which various reasons could be cited and discussed separately as the same is not the subject matter here. I remember tne incident took place at Sabooo Siddique Hall, Bombay (now Mumbai ) long back which was presided by the than Rtd. Justice Tare of M.P.High Court. As per general practice Qari was requested to switchover the programme with TILAWAT-E-QUR’AN PAK who did the same melodiously.  When he was about to leave the chair after finishing his job, Justice Tare asked him to get the verses translate in Urdu but he expressed his inability.  I agree that in all cases it does not happened but the fact is that it takes place mostly. It is felt that comparative study of religions like Christianity and Hinduism feasibly found place in madrasa to provide at least fundamental briefing to would be moulvees to enable them to face the out side challenges in practical life. In and about majority of FARIGH-UT-TAHSEL of our madrasas have no or little knowledge of Christianity and Hinduism (Bible, vedas ) which are decorated with the message of arrival of LAST PROPHET (PBUH). Admittedly, comparative study and arrangement for the same is not a jok as it required huge fund and a classified library which is beyond the approach of every madrasa but the same time one can not ruled out the very fact that in every state throughout the Country exist two or three madarasas which beside sound financial infrastructure and aids from some rich Islamic nations could easily switchover the planning for comparative studies in question. Institutions like Darululoom Deoband, Nadvadululema, Jamaiatul Falah, AKal Kuwa and other madrasas or great repute functioning in each state provide facilities of comparative studies to the aspirants to inject in and infuse them with all strength and potentiality to counter the fake allegations and denial despite covered and predicted by Bible and vedas. Faheemuddin (Advocate), Nagpur   Tunda, Bhatkal, Akhtar of IM Recently Indian police was successful in arresting 3 Indian Mujahideen operatives (Abdul Karim Tunda, Yaseen Bhatkal, Akhtar) from the India-Nepal border. All three have confessed to being operatives of the terrorist Indian Mujahideen group and have confessed to planting bombs in several locations in India in the last few years. Tthey have provided detaiedl accounts of the operation of IM. For several years now people were saying that IM is a fictitous name as no organization by that name exists. Now police has provided all the evidence thst is needed. All of these IM operators were funded by Pakistan based terrorist group LeT. Since the Batla House encounter people were saying that the encounter was false. But now Shahzad has been convicted in a New Delhi court in this case. Now defenders of Shahzad are silent. We must realize that defending Pakistan sponsored terrorist groups is very harmful to the human rights and the best interests of Muslims in India. Pakistani terrorist groups are hell bent on creating problems in India. They will never stop because that is the reason for their existence. We Indian Muslims are jeopardizing the welfare of our people by defending these criminals. If we keep on doing that we will loose the support of many secular Hindus and we will become a laughing stock. The Muslims of India do not want to defend any instances of terrorism. Remember how Muslims of Mumbai reacted to the Pakistan organized terrist attack (26/11). Those of us who live outside India can say whatever we want, but it has a direct reaction on our people in India. Think of their welfare, not just become emotional.           Kaleem Kawaja   GIO case against Mumbai Police Jamaate Islami has taken a very correct, though long delayed action against rogue elements in Police and Media, who have played havoc with the lives and reputation of 200 million Indian Muslims, and had long had a field day without any accountability for their acts of commission and omission. Jamat action is very proper and legal and would get the judiciary on their side, as and when their stand is vindicated. Jamate Islami has shown a right direction to all other Muslim and Human Rights organizations to approach courts to get their grievances addressed, as both executive and legislation are patently against them and their rightful causes. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   Why no protest in Lucknow? Everybody is stunned to see the absence of any significant public protest on the streets of Lucknow against the mayhem and bloodshed that continues in MuzaffarNAGAR since 27 August 2013. As per the reports, most of the violence which sparked spate of violence took place so very near to the police stations. Enough of administrative complicity. News-reports are increasingly making it clear as to how do these communal riots and polarizations are going to extend electoral benefit to the ruling dispensation at Lucknow. The AMU Teachers’ Association is yet to open its mouth; it is so very swift in opening its mouth against its VC, but that is an aspect I should better maintain my silence. I can’t afford more of hazards. The stories coming from the survivors of the victims are too horrendous. Professional politicians, and petty [aspirant] politicians desperately seeking votes are the only ones paying some lip service, and in exchange making disproportionately high degree of self-projection. It is disgusting and painful.           Mohammad Sajjad, AMU (on worldofaligs)   Humans or toilet worms? What can be said about the dirtiest torcherers of Dr. Irfan Khan except that all, from top to bottom, who employed pigs in human forms must await the Almighty’s never ending severest chastisement. May God’s curse be upon all the liars and oppressors in every form. 1st Aayat of 6th Surah allows condeming oppressors is loudly S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Facts about Shah Banu case It is very unfortunate that the constant and consistant propaganda of the BJP and anti-Muslim lobby has succeeded in misguiding a number of political leaders, journalists and intellectual and that is why they blame the Congress for unleashing the process of communalism culminating in the highly deplorable demolition of the Babri-Masjid. They contend that the late Prime Minister Rajic Gandhi had capitulated before the Muslim fundamentalists for undoing the judgement of the Supreme Court in Shah Banu case through legislation and that it was the first Act of the tragic drama leading to the demolition of the mosque, but they do not say a word about the yatras taken out by the Hindu Chauvanists and the highly inflamatory anti-Muslim speeches made during the early eightees unfortunately unchecked by the State Government which aroused religious passions of the majority community and the formation of the militant Bajarang Dal and the highly provocative activities of VHP. Had the Shah Banu case been decided and Muslim law of divorce had not be questioned, there would have been no Muslim reaction. Muslims of all shades of opinion not only fundamentalists grew apprehensive about their personal law when there law of divorce was questioned. As early as in 1931 the Karachi Congress through its resolution on fundamental riots had assured Muslims that they would have the freedom to follow their personal law and this had been reiterated during the Prime Ministership of Pt. Nehru and Smt. Indira Gandhi. After the judgement in Shah Banu case, Muslims strongly felt that a legislation based on the rights bestowed on Muslim divorcee women by the Shariat should be passed the Parliament to allay their fears. Insistance on this that Muslims should have the freedom to follow their religious laws in matters of divorce, marriage and inheritance is neither communalism nor fanaticism. It is completely forgotten by the critics of Rajiv Gandhi or the Congress over the Muslim Women Divorce Act that the Act has not in any way incroached upon Hindu or any other communities interest or had been at its cost. It was entirely a Muslim issue. The intiative that the Central Govt. should get a legislation based on the provisions of the Shariat passed by the Parliament was taken up by Congress Muslim M. Ps in July, 1985 when under they had urged the Prime Minister to pass such a legislation and earlier the Prime Minister had sought the opinion of all Congress Muslim M. Ps about the Supreme Court judgement on Shah Banu Case, Muslim personal law through Mr. Fotedar his - political secretary and the consensus was that a legislation containing the riots given by the Shariat to Muslim Divorce Women be passed by the Parliament. Can the Congress Muslim M. Ps be called fundamentalists. Muslims of all shades of opinion were behind this demand. Adherence to once religion or the demand that what has been gurantee to them by the law or by the commitmant of the Congress can by no logic be called fanaticism. The Supreme Court had struck the Bank nationalisation and the abolition of privipurses of the princes Acts, but critics of Muslim Divorcee Women Act of 1986 do not say word about the Acts of Parliament passed on these two matters after the Supreme Court judgement. Dr. Muhammad Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP,  New Delhi   Terrorism in the name of Islam I’m terribly pained by the shocking massacres in Peshawar and Nairobi, perpetrated by Muslim fanatics, who don’t even have a scintilla of knowledge of Islam’s humane spirit. Such nincompoops besmear the image of Islam and prompt the detractors of this exalted faith to hurl abuses at it. Islam and for that matter, no religion advocates killing anyone. It defies all logic and flays the words and diktats of god. Violence has never served any purpose and done no good. Why can’t we all live peacefully, shunning even a streak of violence from our hearts and minds? We all need to be further evolved to be completely emancipated of violence and bloodshed. Sumit Paul, Pune   I am simple person with an engineering background and have designed a website maqsoodview. com keeping in mind Muslim students who wish to have professional education but because of inadequate number of colleges in their states they are facing lots of difficulties. Our website includes all Muslim colleges of India. Colleges are listed state wise for easiness. We have designed the website on the philosophy that ‘ A picture worth thousand words]’. Large full size photographs of colleges and their facilities are given.                Maqsood Ahmed   Muzaffarnagar riots The trust reposed by the Muslims in Samajwadi government has tattered once again. Dozens of innocent lives are lost and thousands had to flee their homes when Muslims were targeted in and around Muzaffarnagar. As the irony would have it, the Muslims across the State of Uttar Pradesh are being virtually left to fend for themselves between the parties who propagate hatred against them and those who promise to protect them. The cancer of communalism is spreading in rural areas as it is found as an easy route to garner votes by dividing the society instead of treading the difficult path of development. The hand-in-glove liaison between the Samajwadi Party and the Saffran Brigade is quite palpable. We are passing through a difficult phase, where the very tenets of secularism which form the backbone to our constitution are at stake. The UPA government has failed in its promise to bring-in an effective bill to prevent communal violence. It may blame the principle opposition party BJP for halting the passage of the Communal violence Bill, but it did never show seriousness to mull-over the promised bill as it has shown eagerness to push through the Food Bill by discussing with all political parties. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, A. P   Muzaffarnagar riots Apropos of the news that BJP MLA Suresh Rana has been arrested in connection with the Muzaffarnagar violence, it is a welcome step. Rana is said to have played a crucial role in inciting innocent minds to violence. Hopefully, other accused too, including those against whom a NBW has been issued, will be soon within the reach of the law. As a matter of fact, these leaders are responsible for poisoning the members of Jat and Muslim communities who would otherwise believe in peaceful coexistence. We also expect that the arrest will not be just an eye-wash and to satisfy the public anger. A tough stand against the communal elements, especially the politicians, will send them a clear message that the culture of exception will no more be practiced.                A.Hameed Yousuf   Is boycott of elections the only option before Indian Muslims? No need to go into the details, but the reality is now well established that Indian Muslims stand as the most hapless and helpless community in the country. For the last sixty years it has been ruthlessly squeezed between naked fascism and fictitious secularism. They have sacrificed their everything just on the false slogans of security which too has been a mirage for them, so much so that the voting percentage of different parties is calculated according to how many Muslims have been massacred, how many Muslim girls have been raped, how many have been displaced, and how much sense of terror is created in their minds. We have tried every experiment but what emerges in the end is the fact that the condition of the community is going from bad to worse and no glimpse of hope seems to be in sight. Our intellectuals come forward with long thesis on the community’s predicament and prepare a charter of demands, without realizing that they have no leverage to get it implemented. Many may disagree with my observation that there is not the slightest difference between Hindutwa forces and these hypocritical secular parties. They are complementary to each other as all are the beneficiaries from the Muslim blood. All whom Muslims have been voting for in the name defeating B. J. P. are the same. The realities are known to all and, therefore, need no detailed analysis. We are today standing at the most precarious cross roads of history, with every passing day threatening to offer a further frightening scenario. In my view, the only option before the Muslim community is to boycott the election without caring who wins and who loses. When all are same, the victory or defeat of any party means nothing to them, but their decision to boycott the elections is the only way to declare their frustration to the nation. Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow, U. P.   Lack of quality education Our community is getting education, not quality of education which is really a matter of concern. Firstly Our seminaries are needed to be overhauled. Our youths should not be devoid of Science and Technology. Our community is stagnant, not dynamic ,leading a sedimentary life. We can never compete with rest world so long as we are not of acceptable nature. Contractors of Islam are more responsible for worst days of our community. They are not only playing with calibre of our youth ,but they have made our youth impotent also. They want to establish Muslim State here, they want to implement Shariah in India. Is it possible to be realised in so diversed State?, when they can not implement same in their own home. When a person is impotent in home ,Can he be potent in Brothel ?Conservatism and perfectionism are two different ideologies, which could not be understood by our so called spritual scholars. Revivalism is totally different from Reformism. Reformism is misguiding ideology. Our Community needs Revival, not Reform. Our youths are being remotely controlled by untrained, unskilled, unadepted so called spritual leaders. They are pundits and experts neither in spritual affairs nor in worldly affairs. A spritual life can never be perfect without worldly life which is not being comprehended by them. You can never alienate worldly life from spritual life, if you have to be perfect person. They are focusing only upon spritual life, eliminating worldly life.     Faiz Imam, Adv. Patna high court   When Rome Was Burning, Nero Was Fiddling It is rather ridiculous the ISRO scientists have sent a satellite worth of 450 crores to Mars .was it so essential to invest such a heavy amount in these days inflation and falling the value of Indian currency .. India being a poor country should not take up heavy investment project .The rich countries like USA, Russia, China etc are capable to undertake such adventures . We need not take interest .The results are farfetched .The prime minister of India should have permitted such luxurious experiment .The scientists of ISRO may be able enough to conduct such expensive experiments .but the nation cannot tolerate and feed crores of rupees in view the poor and down nation.         Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Sympathy for sex workers In a recent judgement, the Hon’ble supreme court has expressed its deep sympathy for sex workers and has observed that they are forced to enter into flesh trade by horrible poverty. It has directed state & central government to frame schemes for their vocational training to lead a dignified life. One wished that similar sympathy and deep concern is expressed by the Hon’ble court for the unemployed of the country and direct the central and state government to give unemployment allowance to the unemployed. Dr. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP,  Delhi   Secularism - A Unifying Force Secularism and democracy are foundations of our constitution. Secularism in the Indian context means the state should remain impartial and neutral regarding all religions and communities. According to the India’s constitution all are equal irrespective of caste and creed. Our’s is a rnulti religious, multi cultural, multi lingual country. The architect’s of India’s constitution were men of wisdom who believed in “Unity in Diversity”. Moreover Hindu brothers are not homogeneous. There are diverse creeds, cultures and traditions in Hindu society. Some Hindus are vegetarian while some eat meat. Some Hindus practice different customs and personal laws. Even gods and goddesses of different regions are not common. Secularism is necessary to accommodate peacefuly such diversities in Hindu society. Hence secularism is essential for harmony and peaceful co existence. Infact secularism is India’s destiny which stood the test of time. Secularism guarantees unity and integrity of our country and of our plural society. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra