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Rahul Gandhi on Muzaffarnagar: Mushawarat asks him to seek proof from IB

New Delhi, 25 October, 2013: The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, today took serious note of the claim of the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi the previous day that "A couple of days ago, an intelligence officer walked into my office and told me that people from Pakistan are talking to the relatives of Muslims killed in Muzaffarnagar. The officer told me that he has been trying to convince victims not to get swayed by Pakistani propaganda."

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, President of AIMMM, said that this is yet another concocted story perfected by the Intelligence Bureau which has caused 21 fake encounters in Gujarat and many more elsewhere like Batla House. Dr Khan said Mr Rahul Gandhi should ask IB to provide proof of what its officer has claimed. Failing to produce clear proof, this officer should be punished because he is simply paving the ground to fake another “IM” module in Muzaffarnagar to persecute Muslims who are already victims of Sangh violence. Dr Khan said this is the same IB whose director had faked the CD of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination site which showed that IB was in cahoots with his killers. Regrettably, that officer, long retired, still enjoys the government’s largesse.

Dr Khan said IB is an unconstitutional body which has tried to usurp a lot of powers and authority over the years. An Act of Parliament should be quickly passed to make this rogue organisation accountable to Parliament. Moreover, its huge secret funds must be scrutinised by outside auditors and by CAG. Over the years Sangh elements and sympathisers have heavily infiltrated into this secret outfit and they are using it to marginalise and criminalise minorities, Dr Khan said.


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