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Thought-provoking articles

MGhas taken very positive step by publishing and accommodating articles on page 20 of  MG 16-30, Sept, 2013 script by Shahnaz Bemtham and Nazneen O. Sherawal. Both the articles  are thought provoking, knowledgeable and worth reading. My suggestion is that now MG should  reserved page 20 specifically and permanently for women writers which is the long felt desire  of Muslim Khwateen. It is also submitted that the proforma of MG subscription be shifted on another page so that sufficient space be provided to more and more khwateen writers.

Faheemuddin, Nagur - 13


I eagerly wait for the Milli Gazette every fortnight. After reading it, I learn many things and get peace. Thanks Milli. Congrats for your yeomen service.                

Mohammad Azam, Karimnager Telangana.


Muzaffarnagar: perpetrated by Political Brokers

As a human being, belonging to no religion but humanity, I'm pained to read Zafarul-Islam Khan's "Mini Gujarat in and around Muzaffarnagar" (MG, 1-15 October). It was completely political and the people of both the communities got caught up in the vortex of mindless violence. To quote Jameel Mazhari, 'Girdaab mein phans kay rah gaya hoon/ Mera zehan kabhi itna takhreebi na tha' (I am embroiled in a whirlpool / Otherwise, my mind was never so destructive). There has been a very long history of riots in India. The composite Hindu- Muslim culture has always been at the receiving end, thanks to the political brokers. Mind you, whether Akhilesh Yadav, his father Mulayam Singh, Azam Khan or any damn fool, no one has even an iota of sympathy for any community. They're all politicians to the core, knowing the language of three Ps: power, politics and pelf. Dr Khan has impartially highlighted the plight of the victims. I don't pray, but I request that each one of us must understand that we're all brethren with no difference. Remember the striking words of Allama Iqbal, 'Haqeeqat ek hai har shai ki, khaaki ho ya noori / Lahoo khursheed ka tapkay agar zarray ka dil cheerein' (The core of all creations is same, whether made of dust or dazzle / Even from the heart of a particle, the blood of the sun will ooze out).     

                Sumit Paul


ReviveMuslim India

We must revive this great magazine/journal. It is legacy of our great Shahabuddin Sir. All Muslim general people must subscribe to know about India and world, it is required to progress/culture. This magazine is for all category-teachers,students, job aspirants,libraries,schools,NGOs, charitable institutions,universities,colleges,institutions etc we will subscribe on world level.

Ajaz ahmad Aziz Rehman Alig, Alumnus of Hamdard IAS Study Circle

MG:Allah ta'ala says in the Qur'an" "Why do you say what you do not do?" (Al-Saff:2]. I am not  quoting this for you as a person but to illustrate our community's attitude to such  initiatives which are taken at great personal and financial cost. You should ponder over why  Muslim India ceased publication in the first place? Why, when I revived Muslim India and  published it for two years [2003-2004], no one came forward to buy and support it and the  magazine had to be closed down. Later, on the basis of letters and assurances such as yours,  Syed Shahabuddin saheb revived it again but had to close it down very soon for the simple  reason that good wishes and a few subscriptions do not keep a publication alive. There should  be mass consciousness and lakhs of people should buy such publications even if they personally  do not need it, they should subscribe to it for others, they should buy it in bulk and  distribute it, they should use such publications to advertise their businesses, but alas this  does not happen. We in the Milli Gazette have been seriously thinking of closing it down  since years because even when it is now in the 14th year of publication, it continues to make  losses. Our people tell our agents: "I buy Times of India or Hindustan Times"; they would  advertise in TOI/HT etc paying a hundred times more but will not advertise in their own  community's papers like Milli Gazette. This is the state of affairs suffered by all milli  publications though some survive due to institutional support like Radiance which has Jamaat -e Islami's support or Islamic Voice which enjoys the support of people in Bangalore who seem  much more conscious and committed than us here in the north. Please do not take it  personally. I only commented on the attitude of our community to show why our publications an  everything else we do is in such a bad state. Others benefit from this -- just look at how  others are now running Inquilab, Rashtriya Sahara and Azad Hind of Kolkata. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)

Ajaz Ahmad: You are 100%  right. i can understand deep feelings. We must raise this issue on AMU old boys forums. at least all Muslim institutions their staff and students should think about it. Old boys/alumni also can do a lot for our community sake. After having foundation for this magazine , general public will also see, read/advertise. now, I will write and phone to all  good associations, friends to do something for our cause.  Today i saw one young student Mr Haque of AMU running university and colleges in Assam and Megalaya. He is saying 1.5 lakh AMU alumni in Delhi can not open one school. and they are sending their children in other community institutions. They must take inspiration from Sir Sayed. Actually i plus my circle were reading Muslim India since 1983 from AMU days, i am big supporter of Shahabuddin Sir.

MG: I pray to Allah ta'ala and hope for your endeavours to succeed. It is a good thing to know that you have been reading Muslim India since 1983 but do you know how many paid subscribers this magazine had when Syed Shahabuddin closed it down? Merely 300!  Rest were getting it free. Does any magazine survive on 300 copies sold? It does not survive even if it sells 3000. It has to have paid subscribers of at least 30,000 to survive. You pay Rs 10 or 15 for a copy but how much profit a magazine makes on this price: merely 2 or 3 rupees. Advertisements augment this loss but our community cannot care less. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


Shinde's letter

In his letter to all the Chief Ministers Sushil Kumar Shinde's Centre's Home Minster (30, 09, 2013), wrote that they have been receiving complaints of harassment of innocent Muslim youth by Law enforcement agencies. He asked the state authorities to ensure that no innocent Muslim youth is arrested or wrongfully detained in the name of terror. The letter also suggests that if such wrongful act has been done it should be duly compensated. This phenomenon of arrest of Muslim youth has been observed from last several years after the acts of terror. In most cases, Malegaon, Ajmer, Samjhuta Express and Mecca Masjid blasts many Muslim youth were arrested and as there was no evidence they were released by courts. During this process their careers were ruined and their families were socially ostracized. Shinde's letter is belated but welcome step in the direction of justice. The BJP's criticism of this letter shows its communal bias. As it is true that it is due to the prevalent biases that more Muslims youth have been victimized in such a manner. We welcome the letter by the Home minister and hope that it will be followed by state authorities in letter and spirit.    

                Ram Puniyani, Powai Mumbai 400076


Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde's letter to all the chief ministers asking them to ensure that no innocent Muslim youth is wrongfully detained on charges of terror is a welcome move but the timing is reflective of the dirty tricks played by the Congress party to woo Muslims. As the 2014 General elections are drawing closer, the Congress wants to ensure that its traditional vote-bank is retained. If Mr. Shinde is really serious in what he is telling, he needs to do only two things - first, to appoint special courts to dispose-off the terror related cases on day-to-day basis which prevents wrongfully arrested persons from languishing in jails for years together - and second, to take strict action against the police officials who are found to have arrested innocent persons with a communal mindset.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin,KADAPA - A.P



Now that creation of separate Telangana, after bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, is imminent and sure focus should be on creating an amicable atmosphere between the two states. Cooperation is the key to the development of the both. Geographically and administratively Andhra and Telangana cannot be independent from each other. An agreement on the division of water, electricity and other resources is a must. Similarly, the Centre must pay heed to the apprehensions of the protestors against the separate statehood.        

                A. Hameed Yousuf, Siddharthnagar, U.P.


Political expediency for the Congress party seems to have weighed over the genuine concerns  of the people of Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra who have been agitating for more than two  months over the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state.    Hyderabad has become the hub of  development due to collective effort of all people of the three regions.  The income  generated there is a vital source to nurture many employment-generating but loss-incurring  organisations like the State Road Transport Corporation.  While aligning Hyderabad with  Telangana, the Congress-led UPA has not thought of declaring which place would be the future  capital of Seemandhra and who would provide huge funds required for building its  infrastructure et al.               

                                 Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa - A.P


Time for Introspection

Muslims must be butchered in this manner, then they will realise need of the time. There is no any grief, agony, torment, suffering in my soul for the act of Saffron Community. When They have to take up arms and ammunitions in their hands as defensive measure, they play cricket, entertaining themselves by Chennai Express. They don't realise worldly circumstances and dire need of the hour. First be affluent person, snatch power and post, then think about security. Muslim community is leaderless, visionless, missionless, directionless community without any foresighted wisdom. our community has become ideologyless community, directionless community. We wiil have to pay cost for that. We have to introspect our flaws. Our community is prey of backwardness, poverty, unemployment, non education, etc. Will entertainment solve these menaces ?Will entertainment suit to a vagrant and pauper person ?Furthermore, We are victimised by Government's step motherly treatment. Our political power and governance of almost 750 years have been snatched by saffron Community.  

                Faiz Imam, Adv., Patna high court


Shiv Sena chief attacks Islam un-necessarily in worst words

The first thing I shall do on Monday is file a case against Shiv Sena Cheif Udhav Thackrey  for attacking Islam un-necessarily..What ou want to do is left to you & your Ghairat-e-Imaani & the Taufeeq from ALLAH... Today Udhav Thackrey wrote an editorial in Saamna over the controversial remarks by Narendra Modi "Toilet first and temple later"... Now the real issue was about Mandir first of Toilet first... But the Khabeeth Udhav Thackrey instead of commenting on topic un-necessarily dragged "Masajid and Madrasas" into his editorial and called them centre of TERRORISM & said it is in the best interest of the Nation to demolish all these Masajid & Madrasahs and construct Toilets in their places... This is not done. Muslims of India and the whole world shall not let this enemy of ALLAH get away. I, We and the whole world shall do all possible to protest the comments he has made against Islam and Muslims...

Dr Yusuf Choudari


Bangladeshis in India

Bangladeshi not a threat to security but Advani like persons are threat to communal harmony  and Peace in India. With the installation, idol of Ram in the Mosque he breached the Peace  and Communal amity. Advani knows pretty well about lakhs of infiltrators from Nepal (Hindu  Nation) in India nad they are living with full rights to engage in business acquire property  seek employment, travel anywhere in the country with our passport visa and to marry the  Indians. Likewise lakhs of Sree Lankans, Tibatans, Budhist, Burmeses Myanmar which full  support of State and Central governments are settled in India. People from Bangladesh are  working hard as zari workers, Riksha Pullers Vendors etc. No problems from man them except  they are Muslims. But Nepalees settled in India are struggling for separate viz Goorka land.  Advani may not make more riots in such issues.               

Rajmohan, Kochi


Content Verification of a TV show!

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the content of  a T.V show "Jodha Akbar" on  Zee TV . The TV is a medium which connects to millions  and anything it is shown to common  people is bound to be accepted regardless the truth. The manner in which the current popular  show is portraying Muslims of past and glorying the deeds of people from other communities ,  it is creating a sense of mistrust in the mindset of people from other communities regarding  Muslims. As we are unsure what really happened during the period of Akbar's rule, so It would  be grateful if you people equipped with knowledge and truth bring out the misrepresentation. Kindly take this matter as grave serious since this may pave a way for the others to point  fingers towards Muslims if not taken up now.

Nehal Ahmed


Suffering with Dignity

For ethical and practical reasons legitimize the euthanasia is a diabolical idea. What else  can we do to reduce the pain of the serious and terminal sick? Everyone has the right to pain  treatment: we must eliminate the suffering, not any mortal who suffers from the pain. The confidence in caregivers is very advisable to reduce anxiety. It is necessary nobility  and share information and decisions in order to gain the confidence. In this way, the sick  increases the feeling of having everything under control and thus reduces pain. The last hour of life has been depersonalized, dehumanized and technified. The result is that  the terminal sick experience an acute loneliness before death. Euthanasia is a medical  technology response to grief and death. However, in an ethical society, the solution is not a  lethal injection. We must see what the serious or terminal sick need to be considered respected. Harvey  Chochinov, an expert psychiatrist at the University of Manitoba (Canada) in the care of  terminal sick people, has developed a treatment called "dignity therapy". It identifies the  factors that cause the grief of sick and shape aids to thwart it. ope is essential to reduce pain. Leaving a legacy is also a link with the future. For a sick  agonize with serenity is essential that its existence has a meaning, that its life was worth  living.         

Clemente Ferrer, Spain


  Lalu's Well-Deserved Punishment

Lalu Prasad Yadav deserves the punishment of 5 years in prison and 25 lakhs as fine. It's the  first remarkable step towards the cleansing of the proverbial Augean stable of political  sewage. There's a Persian proverb, Der aayad, durust aayad (loosely translated as 'It's  better late than never'). Though it took 17 long years, justice finally caught up with this  clown of a minister. This will be a setback to RJD as the verdict renders him disqualified to  contest as a candidate. But this manipulative man can still be (politically) active by making  his wife the leader and dictating the terms from the jail. This time he mustn't be given any  chance or leeway to use his clout from the slammer. His rather stringent punishment should  serve as a deterrent to other corrupt politicians.               

   Sumit Paul


Three shades of communalism

1. Wholesale arbitrary arrests of Muslims, preferably young and educated, possibly already  on police watch list --- after every incident of bombings, later proved to be the handiwork  of Hindutva terrorists. The police action is one shade of communalism. 2. Union Home Minister writes a letter to all state focusing on the communal prejudice  behind all such arbitrary arrests of Muslims that are invariably freed by courts, after their  illegal incarceration for years under specially devised laws that in essence are the very  manifestation of gross communalism. BJP calls it communalism of Congress. 3. BJP is incensed that Union Home Minister should publicly mention Muslims as victims of  communal treatment by police and security agencies. BJP ideology sanctions victimization of  Muslims.  That is another very intense shade of communalism. Please take your pick of the shade that is most dangerous for the integrity of Indian nation!

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


It is all for Modi

Mr. Modi roared on Pak and Rahul Gandhi at Delhi election rally on 29 Sept. He held Rahul Gandhi responsible for the humiliation of Manmohan Singh at New York, from Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief. But there was no humiliation at the part of Manmohan Singh the Indian Prime Minister.  Pak Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharief denied the allegations and comments which have been endorsed by the Modi in his speech at Delhi.  Further Sharief replied this is very unfortunate and the comment has been created by Media.  Modi was looking to protect and shows sympathy with the Prime Minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh at Delhi rally, but his act and wordings was looking like making a prank of Manmohan Singh more rather showing sympathy with Mr. Singh. People like Modi can go to any extent for the votes even they would not hesitate to drag the foreign dignities it is become clear after the Modi's fake allegations on Sharief.

Zuber Ahmed Khan, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai


First cousin marriage

You have reproduced an article by Tazeen Ahmad from Daily Mail about the genetic consequences  in first cousin marriage.  But there was no statistical data.  The writer has depended on a single case of genetic deformation. There is no comparative statistical record on genetic deformation in the British population  as a whole, or among the Muslims living in UK, or Muslims in India and Pakistan where first  cousin marriages are quite common.  There should be a reliable statistical survey on this  point covering a representative sample of the British population, as well as of Muslim  population in the Indo-Pakistan Sub-continent and other countries in the world.  The writer  claims that there are 70 scientific studies on the subject in Britain; the question is  whether these studies are limited only to Pakistani segment of British population or there is  a comparative study of various ethnic groups. I request the writer to publish comparative data regarding frequency of deformities in various social groups and communities.       

                Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP, New Delhi


 BJP demand

The demand made by the Bharatiya Janata Party president Mr. Rajnath Singh is uncalled for. There is no wrong if the home ministry issued an advisory to the states as to take action against the police officers guilty of 'wrongful arrests' of 'innocent Muslim youth'. Rather it is the need of the time. The acquittal of many Muslim youth arrested in various terror cases like Hyderabad's Makkah Masjid and the confession of Swami Aseemanad regarding involvement of Hindutva men in various terror cases are evidence enough that the arrests made in the blast cases were not correct. To keep a vigil over the suspects in no way means arrest and harassment of innocent youth.

A. Hameed Yousuf, Domariaganj Uttar Pradesh PIN: 272189


BJP needs riot

BJP desperately needs a major communal riot or a terrorist outrage or a Pakistani Army  action --- come election time, to make a wave for it to consolidate its Hindu vote bank from  27% to over 40% --- so says BJP's latest mastermind, Subramanian Swamy in an interview with  Bloomberg TV. Excerpts:  Live Mint - Bloomberg TV - (September 26, 2013) Subramanian Swamy /BJP: " ….BJP should strive for an absolute majority on its own. It can be done by a clean  sweep of the Northern states … there is an issue in this country which is troubling lot of  people … that the Hindus are being put up  on. There is a lot of consolidation going on.  Already BJP has got 27%. If this consolidation comes, some event happens, something which  Pakistan does or some terrorist activity, suddenly you will find that there will be  groundswell and the BJP could easily get majority."     Needless to add, like Muzaffarnagar, there can be a made-to-order terrorist attack to  create that groundswell. Or even Pakistan could oblige with a wink from their foreign  collaborator. People now should know that the blood, be that Muslim or Hindu, will be on the  hands and face of the winner that is so desperate to grab the national kitty.

    Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai