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Muzaffarnagar riots: Conversations of rioters prove planning and high-level support

Lucknow-based Rihai Manch (RM) on 10 October released audio records of conversations on mobile phones between some rioters in Kutba-Kutbi village alongwith their transcripts. Both the audio records and their transcripts are in Hindi. Following is a translation of the full released records.

Shamli / Muzaffarnagar / Luckonw: Rihai Manch, while releasing to media the intercepted conversations of a rioter on his mobile phone. This rioter was involved in the anti-Muslim communal violence of which Katuba-Katubi village was among the worst victims. RM demanded a CBI enquiry into the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, Shamli and Baghpat. The Manch said in its statement that it has got proofs which prove that the mass murder of Muslims had taken place under a planned conspiracy and that attempts are being made by the administrative staff now to conceal and destroy proofs in order to protect the rioters. The Manch said that it will soon place these facts at a suitable platform. In this statement, members of RM’s investigation team (Asad Hayat Advocate, general secretary of Awami Council for Democracy and Peace, Shahnawaz Alam, Rajiv Yadav and Ghufran Siddiqi) said that the administrative staff of the state government itself was complicit in this conspiracy, hence there is no use or justification of the inquiry being made or ordered by the state government.

Members of Rihai Manch’s investigative team demanded an inquiry by the CBI on the basis of intercepted conversation on the mobile phone of a rioter who was involved in the riot and violence in Kutba-Kutbi village where eight Muslims were brutally killed.

In the intercepted conversation, the rioters were talking among themselves about the killing of Muslims, setting their houses on fire and asking PAC/CRPF to reach the village a bit late. They were also telling each other how PAC etc were made to agree to reach the village a bit late so that they could get enough time to kill Muslims and burn their homes.

Rihai Manch further said that many riot affected Muslims told the RM team that two members of Mumbai ATS chief K.P. Raghuvanshi’s family in this village, Pintoo and Nitoo, were equipped with modern and dangerous weapons as shown in films (possibly AK 56 or 47) were spreading panic and terror in the village. They also said that from the information obtained from the audio recording, it was found that a girl (whose mobile no. is 9917731428) had told a boy named Anuj on 8 September on mobile, the day when riots had erupted or rather when the riots were excuted, that she had, after talking to “Uncle”, made the PAC agree to reach the village late.

Rihai Manch demanded that the person whom the girl was referring to as “Uncle” should be identified and an enquiry should be made about him and his role in the riots. Advocate Muhammad Shoaib, head of Rihai Manch, and Hare Ram Mishra said in a joint statement that the complicity and close relationship between K.P. Raghuvanshi, a person notorious for falsely implicating innocent Muslims in acts of terror and Col Purohit, the mastermind of bomb blasts in Malegaon, Makkah Masjid, Samjhauta Express etc, indicates an active role of Hindutva forces in the violence of Kutba-Kutbi village which is the native place of K.P. Raghuvanshi. This proves that Hindutva forces and top bureaucrats were hand-in-glove in playing an important role in fomenting the anti-Mulsim riots in this village where at least eight  Muslims were killed, their houses and shops burnt and their businesses were completely destroyed. They demanded that K.P. Raghuvanshi’s role in all this should be enquired into and the whole matter should be entrusted to CBI for investigation.

Below is an English translation of the intercepted conversation in Hindi obtained by Rihai Manch team in which first of all mobile number, date and time is mentioned. Thereafter, description of conversation and in place of some mobile numbers, names that have been saved can be seen.


+ 919917731428 - 2013-09-08- 10.38.112021392617

1. Caller (a lady): Hello

Receiver (R): Hello

Caller (C): Tell me one thing.

Receiver (R): What is that?

C: Did those (or their) people in the village die or not?

R: They died.

C: Is it confirmed news (pakki khabar)?

R: Yes confirmed. Houses have been set on fire.

C: Pakka (confirmed)?

R: PAC is coming. It looks like PAC.

C: PAC is coming? That’s what we were talking about just now. Has it come just now or will come a bit late. And do you know why it has come late?

R: Yes.

C: It was made to come late. Uncle was requested to stop it for some time. On my request, it was got stopped because the entire team had come to know that riot has erupted there. It was asked to stop for 10 minutes only.

R: Five or six have died?

C: OK, chokha (local language, it means ‘very good’). And Kutba?

R: Five or six died in Kutba; the rest fled.

C: Yes, ok. Have all died in Kutba?

R: All had fled.

C: ok, nice.



+ 919917731428 - 2013-09-08-09.36

Man (M): Hello.

Woman (W): Hello

W: So, what’s going on in the village?

M: The village is on fire. You protect yourself.

W: It is on fire, only then I am phoning you. (Not clear)

M: Not clear at all.

W: Should I tell you one thing?

M: Yes.

W: Don't bring dishonour to us.

M: Yes?...

W: Don’t cause dishonour to us. The entire police force has hailed us and stressed that if nothing is done this time, it will be a matter of shame. The police won’t say or do anything or prevent anyone even if you kill too many of them. The entire police force is saying that Hindus are not doing anything.

M: Yes.

M: Now you must have understood everything.



SIM 120130908-2138

Caller (C): Hello.

Receiver (R): Hello.

C: Ummer speaking. Was held up in Kheda. Killing was going on.

R: Yes, going on between Hindus, Muslims.

C: Received some bruises.

R: OK, all is ok.…. You don’t worry.

C: Where are the remaining ones?

R: Six are there. We have surrounded them.

C: OK, my mother?

R: Your mother is at one place.

C: OK.

C: And have men fled?

R: No, no. They are chasing the men.

C: OK.

Other voices are not clear….




C: Hello.

R: Are you sleeping?

C: No.

C: Do not sleep.

(Some conversation not clear…).

C: Why should I sleep, no question of sleeping.

R: Wherefrom you got this number? OK…. Might have got from him….

(Again some conversations not clear….)

R: Got some news?

R: Yes, Ghayoor’s house set ablaze

(…. Again many things not clear….)




Woman: We are in Kutbi, ji. What is going on in Kutbi?

Man: Kutbe mein baj rahi hai (in local language: that they are being beaten up).

W: Yes? Are they being beaten up?

M: Yes.

W: Who? 

M: Some had fled, only a few were left. Houses of all of them were burnt. Killing, fighting etc is going on in full swing.

W: OK.

M: Yes.

W: (Many conversations are not clear…) I thought of finding out on phone what is going on.

M: Yes, this is going on.

W: Same thing going on?

M: PAC is coming, in large number.

W: Were Hindus hurt?

M: No, they were not. Two villages are on our target: Gharsoli and Basi. We know about these two villages where we are attacking. Sisoli and…. (rest of the conversation is not clear)



D. K. 2013-08-09-10.52.401386049590

C: What is the condition there?

R: Everything is OK. Everyone is ready.

C: Have they taken up arms also?

R: Yes, whatever is being given, we are taking.

C: Are there some in your house also?

R: Yes, one pistol and two bullets.

C: Only this much?

R: Yes.

C: What can you do with one pistol and two bullets?

R: Onepharsa is also in my hand.

C: If you have got pharsa, why were you using bullets?

R: No, I had not used the bullet yesterday.

C: Didn’t you use the bullet yesterday?

R: Give me the bullets. You gave me the bullets yesterday.

C: OK.

R: Arrange for the bullets.

C: OK. It will be done.

R: From anywhere.... (Not clear)…. Arrange 2-4 belts [of bullets]…. Get them ready.

C: Where it is available?…. (Not clear)…. If someone has got it in stock, he can give.

R: Pradhan…. (Not clear)…. Should I phone?

C: Yes, try.

R: Did you set some houses etc on fire in the riots?

C: A mosque was set on fire but the pigs [used for Muslims out of contempt] had fled. They will be set on fire subsequently.

R: Subsequently or later is a different thing.

(... Again many things not clear…)




C: Hello.

R: Hello.

C: Is Pappu speaking?

R: Not Pappu but Anuj speaking, what is the matter?

C: Which Anuj?

R: Which Anuj should I tell you? I am the only Anuj here.

C: From Kutbi?

R: Yes, from Kutbi, who are you?

C: I am Pappu speaking.

R: From Delhi?

C: Yes. Tell me what is the matter?

R: Was there any quarrel or riot?

R: Yes, quarrel/riot had taken place and is over now. Force has arrived.

C: (Voice not clear).

R: Yes, got 6-7 killed.

C: OK.

R: (Voice not clear)…. 6-7 were killed and the rest were taken away by the military in vehicles. In both villages, there is no Muslim; neither in Kakday nor in Hadoli. All have gone.

C: Now there will be peace, I suppose.

R: Yes, it is peace now but force is camping there.

C: Yes, force would be camping there.

R: ….



RASS.. babuu-2013-09-08-20.49.471708753

C: Hello.

R: (Woman): Hello. What is going on?….

C: Muslims have been cut to pieces [killed].

R: Cut to pieces?

C: Yes, eight of them.

R: OK.

C: In the village….

C: Kutba wallas chased and cut them to peices. Baoli wallas have thrashed [or killed] them…. In all villages of Barot: Daha, Nerpada... (Not clear)… Everywhere we are thrashing them.

R: Don’t know what will happen?

C: Nothing will happen. These Muslims will be destroyed. They will go [be killed] - ten, twenty hundred, fifty thousands will be killed  now. This is all that is possible now.

R: Hindus too will die.

C: Why Hindus will be killed, ji. When the force comes, and if Hindus are seen being killed, it [force] will automatically shoot them [Muslims]…. (Not clear) has said this.

R: OK.

C: And Hindus in the force have themselves told us, “Catch hold of Muslims and give them to us.” It [force] told us “what was the need for you to call us? Why didn’t you kill them?”

R: …. (Not clear)….

C: They have been ordered not to kill.


Issued by Shahnawaz Alam and Rajiv Yadav A. Rihai Manch - 09415254919, 09452800752, Office: 11/60, Harinath Bannerji Street, Naya Gaon Poorv, Latouche Road, Lucknow -  rihaimanchlucknow@gmail.com

(Translated from Hindi by The Milli Gazette)