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I found Milli Gazette of 1 October exceptionally interesting. First article that caught my attention was about 'first cousins' marriage by Tazeen Ahmad. Muslims of Pakistani origin (or from the sub-continent) are victims of this custom. You may remember that Brother KS's youngest son suffered a terrible disease from which he died when he was 10 years old. Both Brother KS and his wife were first cousins. I remember when young... was growing up his parents were naturally getting old, they were unable to handle him. One of the contributing factors in Brother KS’s untimely death was stress from his son's illness. Same happens with other parents. Since many parents feel that some how this is an 'Islamic' practise they don't critically revisit it and continue to suffer from it. I was delighted that you gave this article a space in your magazine .Your inclusion of review of Prof. Karima Bennoune's book Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here was timely and welcome. She is coming to London at the invitation of LSE (London School of Economic) where she is expected to get a large audience. Your inclusion of an article by Stella White over 'wearing the veil' was unfortunate. People don't seems to realise that non-Muslims can get away with such behaviour but Muslim women become marginalised from the society and suffer for rest of their lives .Of course they make a powerful point but no more. Even sensible European converts realise it and avoid it because they have to come to Islam seeking ' inner values, not for outward restrictions', 'not wearing make faith invisible and strengths their personal relationship with God'.    

GUS, London  (via email)


MGhas taken very positive step by publishing and accommodating articles on page 20 of M. G. 16-30, Sept, 2013 script by Shahnaz Bemtham and Nazneen O. Sherawal. Both the articles are thought provoking, knowledgeable and worth reading. My suggestion is that now M. G. should reserved page 20 specifically and permanently for women writers which is the long felt desire of Muslim Khwateen. It is also submitted that the proforma of M. G. subscription be shifted on another page so that sufficient space be provided to more and more khwateen writers.

Faheemuddin, Nagur - 13


Difference required

Despite utmost sympathy for sexually assaulted ladies and maximum anger towards oppressor male rogues, one thinks that differentiation should be made between the cases of those ladies who do not exhibit their charm in public during day and at night, who walk on busy roads and those who roam in dark and lonely lanes and those who take extra caution about male Satans and those who accept any 'helping' lift unhesitatingly.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392 15


Shah Bano case

I have seen the letter of Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP on Shah Bano Case. His letter does not clarify fully why Muslim leadership was unhappy with the Supreme Court Judgement on the maintenance for Muslim divorcees. Justice Chandrachud's derogatory remarks about the Shariat had enraged the Muslim community. Also the judgement was legally defective because it ignored the Shariat Application Act of 1937 not to speak of the commitment to respect for Muslim Personal Law made repeatedly by the leaders of the Freedom Movement. It also ignored the exceptions made in the Criminal Procedure Code, in Section 127 in 1971 which exempted the Muslims from the application of Section 125, in case a former husband fulfills all his obligations under the Muslim personal law to the divorcee. The Hindu families were unhappy that While Hindu Personal Law had been reformed, the Government was not prepared to touch the Shariat.  Prof. Kidwai completely ignores the fact that most writers attribute Rajiv Gandhi Government's action on the Babari Masjid case e. g., opening the doors for worship, giving freedom to the VHP to make full preparations for building the Ram Janambhoomi Temple on the site of Babari Masjid, allowing VHP to begin construction of the Mandir illegally on the land close to the Masjid which was under court embargo. Most writers think that Rajiv Gandhi found that his enactment of Muslim Divorcees Bill had angered the Hindu community, and he picked up the Ram Janambhoomi issue to approve them. Historically this is not correct. The Ram Janambhoomi question had been raised even by some Congress leaders in the last days of 1949 in order to defeat the socialist leader Acharya Narender Deo. Since then it had been smouldering. Later it was taken up by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and subsequently by the BJP. What is needed is to correct this impression about what came first - the Muslim Divorcees Act or the unlocking of the Babari Masjid to turn it into a place of public worship. The truth is that Babari Masjid was unlocked in February, 1986 while the Bill was discussed in Parliament and passed in May, 1986. Also Rajiv Gandhi launched his election campaign from Ayodhya in the name of Ram Rajya! This impression needs to be corrected. 

Syed Shahabuddin


Criminal should not be rulers

Gopal Menon and Pankaj Shankar had made documentary films of Gujarat carnage and genocide namely "Hey Ram-Carnage in Gandhi's Gujarat", and "In the name of faith" which bear testimony to the Post-Godhra state sponsored dance of death and destruction in Gujarat. The Prime Ministerial candidate of sangh parivar Narendra Modi is personally responsible for mass murders, burning alive of Mulsim houses, mosques, dargahs etc. The then Dy. Prime Minister and Home Minister L. K. Advani had praised his disciple Modi. National Humans Rights Commission, National Minorities Commission, Amnesty International, Tribunal of retired Supreme Court and High Court Judgesetc had condemned Modi etc and had demanded Modi and Co.'s Prosecution. In fact Modi had indulged in politics of hate, violence and blood shed. Modi had violated the Indian constitution, shown disrespect to judiciary and ridiculed the rule of law. Since Modi had committed heinous crimes, he should be dismissed, prosecuted and punished. Justice demands that criminals and law breakers should not be allowed to become rulers.           

G. Hasnain Kaif, Nagpur - 440013


The Media must go after police

 The news that 600 kids go missing annually in Navi Mumbai is shocking in itself. More shocking is the fact that only few are ever found and restored to the parents. Most of them are lost forever. And the worst thing about it is that the Navi Mumbai police department never takes the issue seriously. As most parents of the missing children are poor and uneducated the police tend to ignore the cases and at times don't even file an FIR. The active begging racket engulfs these kids. The media should not consider their job done by merely reporting this issues. The media may not be able to run after the abductors of these children. The media can certainly hound the seniors in the police department under whose watch this dereliction of duty takes place.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054 231013


Fading manners

Press reports say people were awed when American president went upto the gate of his house to  say good bye to the Indian president. Islamic manners require Muslim hosts to accompany their  departing guests upto some distance on the latter's path.       

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392 150

US mediation in Kashmir?

Even after annexation of Kashmir to India the people of Kashmir have not accepted the rule of India on Kashmir .The militancy and insurgency is increasing day by day .We have placed some  7 lakh army in Kashmir and ruling the state by force .The Pakistan government have deployed only 50 thousands of its army .The people of Kashmir want Kashmir want plebiscite according to the UN resolution .But the government of India declines .Pakistan sends its intruders in Jammu and Kashmir lot of bloodshed takes place so far approximately one lakh Kashmir's have sacrificed their precious lives for freedom of their state .Pakistan gives them moral and political support to the people of Kashmir .On the other hand approximately 50 thousand of our army Jawans and army officers have lost their lives on the altar of Kashmir .Our army is not serving the purpose of deterrent .The militants of Kashmir intruders and infiltrators of Pakistan continuously making their mischief .No other country like America, Russia or China cannot do mediation between India and Pakistan and solve the problem once for all. The main reason for insurgency is the history and geography of Kashmir. The people of Kashmir is Muslims .They do not want religiously that non Muslims called Mushriks should rule on them .The Muslims have their Qur’anic system of governance .The government of India should not have intervened in the religious matters of Kashmir.

Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad


Discrimination in Games

While in no way underestimating the importance of cricket and denying that it has millions of its fans among our countrymen one wished that other games especially hockey in which India has much better record of achievement and performance in international tournaments than the cricket should be ignored and step-motherly treatment should not be meted out to it and other games. One most glaring example of worst kind of discrimination is that a paltry amount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs has been given as a reward to the entire Indian hockey team which had won Asia Cup while every member of the Indian cricket team has been given Rs. 80 lakh from BCCI, 23.66 lakhs for 20-twenty prizes, a flat from Sahara parivar and free air travel from Air India and a largesse from State government and regional cricket associations. It is hoped that Mr. Mani Shanker Aiyar the dynamic Minister of Sports will do justice and will not allow any discrimination and see to it that no step-motherly treatment is meted out to hockey and other games and that the generosity in the form of handsome amounts should not exclusively reserved for cricketers.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-member of parliament, New Delhi-110091


Marriage age

As one of the ways to restrict society's moral downfall regarding sexual misbehaviour, allow  boys to marry when they have a nocturnal discharge and girls, mensus. As disallowing this  amounts to a fight against nature, such over wisdom will bring more disgrace.

Sultan A. Patel

Khanpur Deh - 392 150


Posters in Trains Leaving for Gujarat

Posters with Hindu saints, who have faced and are facing action for different crimes, appeared in different compartments of trains leaving for Gujarat. The saints shown in the poster are Shankaracharya (Shankar Raman murder case), Swami Nityanand (Sex scandals) Baba Ramdev (mixing bone powder in medicines), Asaram Bapu (rape molestation), Kripaluji Maharaj (Molestation). The text says that Hindu society is under siege and the guides of Hindu society are being harassed. In the posters Subramaniam Swami of BJP is quoted as saying that as per the verdict of his legal team Asaram Bapu is innocent. The poster says that there is a conspiracy against Hindu society; its saints are being hounded. This is an attack on Hindu culture. This poster is very inflammatory and divisive. All the citizens of the country have to follow the laws of the land. Asaram's son Narayan Sai is absconding from last several days. Nobody can be above law. The police authorities must get the posters removed and take immediate action against those who have put up these posters.

Ram Puniyani, All India Secular Form


Moily's outburst against Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb

The worst part in Moily's effort to come to the aid of Birla in the coal-scam investigation by CBI, is that Moily – trying to be original or scholar – has brought in Russia and Aurangzeb. He projected India on a pedestal by comparing with models that are highly controversial. Putin faced a palace coup by new billionaires that made their money through Putin's economic liberalization. Putin had to act tough. Mercifully, that role is not yet visible in the footprints of our robber-barons, who are too busy milking the Congress system of crony capitalism. Though some may suspect, the support to Modi by the Corporates, can be seen as first steps towards a decisive regime change agenda. So how come Moily is helping them? On the matter of Aurangzeb, Moily might have other political goals, trying to snatch some Hardline Hindu voters from Modi's onslaught. Nobody can now say that Congress is not stirring the communal pot to polarize the nation. Moily seems to have fired the first salvo bringing in Aurangzeb. His mention of Aurangzeb to defend a corrupt Congress by comparison with Aurangzeb, who used to be widely known for not touching anything from the national treasury and survived on meager income that he earned through stitching of skull-caps and writing of Qur’an. Can Moily put any Congress leader to match Aurangzeb in being above corruption? By bringing in Aurangzeb, Moily has deliberately turned the spotlight on Congress corruption.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi's dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India will not come true. He is a tyrant man. Thousands of the Muslims were killed during his reign as the chief minister of Gujarat. Thousands of the Muslims have been rendered homeless. How shameful it is! History will never forgive Modi, for he is a tyrant man, and he is an enemy of the Muslims. It was his moral duty to protect the Muslims of Gujarat by all means. If Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister of India, I will leave India forever.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (U. P.)


Creating fear or realizing the threat?

Mahmood Madani's statement (16th Oct 2013) that fear is being created by Congress against Modi for winning Muslim votes seems to be part of Madani's own political ambitions rather than a reality. What Modi has done during his tenure as the Gujarat Chief Minister speaks for what he stands for? The massacre of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat, aided and supported by the state led by Modi, carried out by organizations which are associates of Modi is just one part of the story. This carnage was followed by the lack of rehabilitation efforts and then denial of justice to riot victims. Matters did not stop hear, a series of fake encounter were carried out on the pretext that some terrorists are coming to kill Modi, this was the standard line. Vanzara's letter, though a bit vague, is forthright about these fake encounters. Modi's refusal to distribute the central government scholarships to Muslim students is an act, which speaks of his mindset. Modi lately, has been trying to woo Muslims by distributing Burqas and caps to those being made to attend his rallies. The news is that the person who refused to wear the cap from Muslim cleric is planning to wear Pathani suit to change his image. Hope Madani is not the one, who has fallen to the electoral antics of Modi!

Ram Puniyani, All India Secular Forum Mumbai


Helpless Syrians may see more bloodshed and sufferings

 In September end only naiveties were saying that Putin (portrayed as man of peace) has carried out a diplomatic coup on USA by getting UN Resolution (of September, 27 regarding chemical weapons) adopted, which averted imminent limited military strike on Syria by USA & Allies in the wake of August, 21 chemical attack on Syrians in which ~ 1450 civilians were killed. But perspicacious observers at that time also said and knew better. USA deferred military strike for the simple reason that USA did not want Russia to gain diplomatic advantage through chemical weapons surrender offer of Syria to UN regime (which was hailed by entire gullible world as desirable peaceful solution). Moreover USA saw great strategic advantage (through this September, 27 UN resolution) that now USA & Allies have already entered Syria physically and with all chemical weapons of Syria practically in the knowledge and some control of UN. Now proverbial US camel has entered the tent of Syria through this UN resolution and will come out only when Assad is removed and transition government is installed for ensuring elections in Syria. Russia committed this mistake due to simple fact that Putin and his team first failed to give any solution to humanitarian catastrophic situation in Syria and then failed to understand the implication of Obama's claim of 'US-Exceptionalism'.

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru - 560078.


Unless Modi apologizes For Gujarat Riots…

With the parliamentary elections nearing all political parties are trying to attract more and more voters in their favour. In the race are also the M. P. s who warmed their pockets with the money meant for public welfare! Though, in the process common people were left gasping with troubles. These politicians in the guise of MPs are in fact a gang of looters, there are certainly some exceptions, who need to be treated as criminals. Lalu Prasad Yadav has to face the consequence of his complicity in the fodder scam. In the same way we hope that soon these looters, too, will meet their end. Anyway, amidst the election buzz there are also the voices favouring a certain person for the post of Prime Minister. It is strange that a section of the media and also public has gone so mad as to become ready to accept the 'Nero' Modi as the next PM! The question arises whether they have forgotten Gujarat's genocide of Muslims! A man who is allegedly behind murder of around 2,000 people should never be acceptable to us. Before pressing the button which may be helpful in brining Modi in the center stage we should think thousand times. Otherwise, there is no guaranty that he will not polarize and ruin the whole country as he did in Gujarat. Don't we recall that a cat cannot be a friend of mouse? We will be gullible enough if we favourably hand over the rein of the country who is not trustworthy, against the cosmopolitan nature of the country and before anything else is a hardcore Hindutvadi.

Abdul Ahad, Siddharth Nagar, UP


Congrats - Maulana Wastanwi

Former Head of Darul Uloom Deoband and great thinker and real torch bearer of Ummah Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Wastanvi who is heading many educational institution established by his endeavour in Akal Kua (Maharashtra) including Engineering MBA, B. Ed, Colleges etc along with Madrasa. Now this year under his guidance Modi Col College has got recognition and started session Maulana WAstanvi must be congratulate because Maulana Wastanvi must be congratulate because he is following the basic tenets of Islam i. e. Ta'leem as Allah descended The Holy Qur'an with first word "IQRA" means Read but Ummah has forgot this that is why Muslims are being kicked up in every parts of world.

S. Haque, Patna


Overwhelming majority of terrorists is non-Muslim

The minister of state for home, R. P. N. Singh in a written statement informed Lok Sabha on August27, that 65 terror groups are active in India. Manipur 34, Assam 11, Nagaland 4, Meghalaya 4, J&K 5, Punjab 3, Mizoram 2, and Tripura 2. He further said government has banned 36 out fits and 9 organizations in the country. He said 5 Muslim terrorist groups are active in India. According to this written statement in Lok Sabha overwhelming majority of terrorists and terrorist outfits comprise of Non-Mulsim i. e. Hindus, Christians and Sikhs. Almost all the Naxalites are Hindus who have been waging war against govt in 85 districts of 8 states. L. T. T. E., Tamil Naidu Liberation Army, Sanatan Sanstha, Abhinao Bharat, Kamatapur Liberations Organization, Ranvir Sena are all Hindu. In North East, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram all terrorist are Christian. In Punjab all terrorists are Sikh. But the electronic and print media try to give impression that there are only Muslim terrorists in India.

G. Hasnain Kaif

Nagpur - 440013


When Hashimpura martyrs will get justice

CBI court ordered 10 yrs imprisonment to SSP Preet Pal Singh and punished 2 police inspectors and 3 policemen in kidnapping of Tejandra Singh of Amritsar in 1993. The CBI court gave a landmark decision on 11 March 2013. But what about the 42 innocent Muslims who were killed on 22 May 1987 in Hashimpura. Twenty six years have passed in search of justice and the killer policemen are still roaming free though many investigation commissions and committees were set up but no justice. SC called the beating of lady by police in Taran Taran and lathi-charge on contract teachers in Patna as Jalianwala Bagh. If lathi charge is Jalianwala Bagh, then killing of innocents then what was jumping on the chest of the dying person at Forbesganj?   

S. Haque, Patna


A party with a difference

The BJP boasts of being a political party quite different from al other Indian political parties and this is quite correct. The glaring example of this is the way and the manner in which the party has been trying to enlist the support of Muslims by fabricating the real face and image of Narinder Modi and projecting him as a secular leader and resorting to token secularism by trying that Muslim men wearing skull caps and Muslim women in burqas should attend his rallies and these caps and burqas are distributed among Muslim men and women free of cost by the BJP workers. Is there any difference between the policy of BJP and minority vote bank policies of Indian Political Parties and is not this a clear negation of BJP's non pluralistic Hindu nationalism. What else than worst kind of political opportunism and clear deviation from ideology.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP

Delhi - 110091