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Al-Hamdulillah! Pray Allah (s.w.t.) keep us all Muslims united like a leaded-wall and bestow upon our “Supreme Guidance Council of the Mushawarat” the strength, will and wish to act upon this opportunity, as it is envisaged to be acted upon for the welfare of all Muslims and ultimately to have a peaceful social ambiance, all over. Ameen!

Shafiq Ahmed


Muzaffarnagar violence

The spirit and zeal shown by the community in helping the riot victims of Muzaffarnagar is laudable. If the same enthusiasm, spirit and unity is maintained during normal times for the uplift of Muslim society many problems of the people can be solved. The Holy Qur’an says: “Give to the near of kin his due and also to the needy and the wayfarer. Do not squander your wealth wastefully” (17 : 26).   

                Prof. Shaista Bano, Aligarh


Shah Bano case

I have seen the letter of Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP on Shah Bano Case. His letter does not clarify fully why Muslim leadership was unhappy with the Supreme Court Judgement on the maintenance for Muslim divorcees. Justice Chandrachud’s derogatory remarks about the Shariat had enraged the Muslim community. Also the judgement was legally defective because it ignored the Shariat Application Act of 1937 not to speak of the commitment to respect for Muslim Personal Law made repeatedly by the leaders of the Freedom Movement. It also ignored the exceptions made in the Criminal Procedure Code, in Section 127 in 1971 which exempted the Muslims from the application of Section 125, in case a former husband fulfills all his obligations under the Muslim personal law to the divorcee. The Hindu families were unhappy that While Hindu Personal Law had been reformed, the Government was not prepared to touch the Shariat.  Prof. Kidwai completely ignores the fact that most writers attribute Rajiv Gandhi Government’s action on the Babari Masjid case e. g., opening the doors for worship, giving freedom to the VHP to make full preparations for building the Ram Janambhoomi Temple on the site of Babari Masjid, allowing VHP to begin construction of the Mandir illegally on the land close to the Masjid which was under court embargo. Most writers think that Rajiv Gandhi found that his enactment of Muslim Divorcees Bill had angered the Hindu community, and he picked up the Ram Janambhoomi issue to approve them. Historically this is not correct. The Ram Janambhoomi question had been raised even by some Congress leaders in the last days of 1949 in order to defeat the socialist leader Acharya Narender Deo. Since then it had been smouldering. Later it was taken up by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and subsequently by the BJP. What is needed is to correct this impression about what came first - the Muslim Divorcees Act or the unlocking of the Babari Masjid to turn it into a place of public worship. The truth is that Babari Masjid was unlocked in February, 1986 while the Bill was discussed in Parliament and passed in May, 1986. Also Rajiv Gandhi launched his election campaign from Ayodhya in the name of Ram Rajya! This impression needs to be corrected. 

                                Syed Shahabuddin


Narsimha Rao was utmost failed leader

Narsimha Rao was HM in 1984 when Indira gandhi was murdered by his Sikh body guard and in one day more than 3000 Sikhs were killed in Delhi under the nose of HM. Even then he was given PM post. During his PM ship horse-trading of MPs started and the government was run with financial conspiracy (JMM episode). In Rao’s PM ship the historical Babri Masjid was demolished withtacit support of Rao. Where it stood 400 yrs to nation. But Brahmin professor in kings college London Harsh. V. Pant eulogises Rao (Brahmin) as successful leader who rescued India from economic crises in 1991 not mentioning Rao pyre episode which is lesson for the world.           

S. Haque, Patna


HM advisory - Congress conspiracy

Congress led UPA H. M Mr Sushil Kumar Sindhe sent an advisory to all states not to harass / arrest innocent minority youths in terror cases. This advisory is just mere an eye wash to grab minority (Muslims) votes because since 10-15 yrs thousands Muslims youth are languishing in jail for years without any trial. When Muslims pain became unbearable Congress came out for lip service as in 45 of Congress rule after independence Muslims condition deteriorated and Muslim deliberately ruled out of govt jobs. Then Congress instituted Sachhar Commission for lip service. Congress diluted minority character of AMU and Jamia Millia University. UPA coined AMU campus at Kishangaj and establishing of 5 minority universities at different cities of India. Road track of Congress is instituting commission after riots and Sachhar, Ranganath Mishra Commissions fake announcements and useless advisory etc are modus operandi to grab Muslim votes. This is the mentality of congress dominated by Brahmanism. 

S. Haque, Patna


Stamp on Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Apropos of the news item published in MG (16--31, October 2013) regarding the stamp issued in memory of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. According to MG, a special stamp has been brought out by the Govt. of India in memory of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan had taken part in freedom movement. He was known as “Frontier Gandhi”. After creation of Pakistan, he chose to remain in Pakistan. Thus, he became a Pakistani citizen. Indian National Congress (INC) celebrated its centenary inn 1985. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was invited as one of the guests at the INC centenary celebrations. INC gave him red carpet honour. He was also awarded Bharat Ratna in 1987 by Govt. of India. He was also honoured with Jawaharlal Nehru award in 1967 for International Understanding. My humble submissions are as follows: How can INC invite a Pakistani citizen or an enemy country’s national?. How can a Pakistani national be given a red carpet honour? Why should he be given highest award by Govt. of India? Why should special stamp be brought out in memory of such a person who was not citizen of India? What has he done for India in general and Indian Muslims in particular? Will the givers of International Understanding award please explain his contribution in this particular field? Will the givers of International Understanding Award kindly define the terminology used? Muslims living in India are killed, persecuted, discriminated, raped, harassed, humiliated, suspected day in and day out, whereas foreign nationals are given VVIP treatment. Why? I, a disciple of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) do not approve the decisions of INC and Government of India. Muslims of India have never forgiven and will never forgive Khan Abdul Ghaffar for the damage he has done to the Muslims.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani Rajkot Gujarat


What India got or lost by invading Kashmir and holding on to it

Now that there is open discussion about how the crucial decision to send troops into Kashmir (Patel alternative), instead of treating the hold-out state with international code of behaviour and bringing in democratic play into any voluntary association with India, a trial balance could be charted as to what India gained or lost, by opting for Patel Option. That small contingent that landed on Srinagar airport that historical night, was not the end of story, but beginning of a saga, that entailed wars, terror attacks, insurgency and torture regime of insurgents, beside cold-blooded murders, heavy defence outlays, and constant vigil against the neighbour's ongoing agenda of the thousand cuts. The list is incomplete. The Nehru option though aborted and derided as impractical and infantile, do have its supporters. Just as Modi recalls and asserts that Patel as Prime Minister would have been better than Nehru, a similar comparison could be made to find how Nehru option on ‘no-war’ could have benefited the normalization of relations between the new neighbours. Could wars have been avoided? Would the arms race be minimized? Whether both the neighbours may not have been compelled to develop nuclear options? Would the minimization of defence outlays, helped both neighbors divert the resources for the welfare of their people, uplifting them out of poverty and destitution? The analysis will chalk the derivatives from the future course of events that may have to be chosen in view of clear cut alternatives between Nehru and Patel options.     

                Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Modi’s misleading statement

The B. J. P’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi while addressing his first public meeting in Kanpur U. P. on October 19 said “India has only one religious scripture - the Indian Constitution.” This statement of Modi is false and misleading. As a matter of fact the saffronites have never accepted the secular and democratic Indian Constitution drafted by unity and which has stood the test of time. Mr K. S. Sudarshsn, the RSS chief, just after taking charge had declared in a press meet in Nagur that present Indian constitution should be scrapped and replaced with a new constitution based on “Hindu ethos” i.e. RSS brand “Hindutva”. Infact the safronites don’t believe in secularism and secular an democratic constitution of India. On the contrary they are bent upon subverting and destroying it. Since India is a multireligioius, multi cultural, multilingual country the concept of “Hindutva constitution” and “Hindu Rashtra” is detrimental to the peace, progress, prosperity, unity and integrity of our motherland.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Nagpur


Ram Rajya Versus Khilafat

The Gujarat Chief Minister Mr Narendra Modi said he believes in Gandhi’s Ram Rajya. When pressed Modi explained that Ram Rajya meant a welfare state The late Rajiv Gandhi(former Prime minister of India) inaugurated the Congress party 1989 election campaign from the vicinity of Ajodhya with a promise to usher in Ram Rajya which was also Mahatma Gandhi’s dream. There have been and still are many politicians who wish to give Ram Rajya a concrete shape in their own shape in their way But was their any period in Indian history where we had a glimpse of a golden period or an ideal society? In fact 17th century Santh Tuka Ram extol Chhtrapati ShivajiMaharaj’s reign as Ram Rajya in which ruler and subjects were all equal and there was all-round welfare. However it is to be noted that legend of Ram whose exemplary characters and governance more than 10000 years ago makes the more popular text book on moral living and righteous polity. In post colonial India Ram Rajya as a concept was first projected by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi announced that Ram Rajya would be brought once independence arrived When he was asked the ideal state he talked about Ram Rjya. By using the Ram Rajya slogan Gandhi implied an ideal Rajya without being communal, Where values of justice, equality, idealism, renunciation and sacrifice are practiced. It is not a rule of Hindus said Gandhiji.   

                                Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad


Salute to Vibhuti Narayan Roy, ex-IPS

Hindi national daily (15 Sept ‘13) brought a full page about riot under title “Dango ka Dansh” in which two Hindu (AJNU Prof analyst) article is worth and the rest of three are cosmetic superficially penned. Mr Wibhuti Narayan Roy clearly wrote that if riot continues more than 24 hrs means either government failed or government wants riot to prolong. He suggested to punish the officers (magistrates & police offices) whose responsibilities wee to protect the lives and properties then only riots can be checked finally Mr Roy penned to pass the anti riot bill and compensation policy should be uniform. On behalf of MG I salute to Mr. Roy Finally media distributed sugar coated poison by writing that 58 karsevaks were burnt and riots broke in reaction in Gujarat in 2002. It is exactly the sangh’s voice because how Hindi national daily reached o conclusion that karsevak in bogie were burnt. The justice U. C. Banergee commission concluded that fire broke out from inside. And the national Hindi daily justifies the riot because it was reaction This is our national media character that they utilise every opportunity to push Sangh’s agenda justice loving people must hammer the character of media.             

                S. Haque, Patna


Hypocrate Americans

Awed by America? Who among world leaders has guts to ask the American rulers: since when they (who killed millions throughout the world) have become sympathetic towards Syrian people and why?

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Akhilesh has a job on hand

It is alarming to learn that the recent riots in Muzaffarnagar may change the demography and the land holding pattern of the region unless Akhilesh government acts with some alacrity. Thousands of Muslims have left their land with ready to harvest crop of sugarcanes standing in their fields. It is reported that the Muslims’ former neighbour Jats have given a call that the one who harvests the crop will own the land. Naturally it will be Jats who will harvest the crop in the absence of Muslim owners of the land who have fled to the relief camps. Also new locks are seen on some Muslims’ houses, placed by Jats thereby appropriating the land and homes of the displaced people. Hopefully these are isolated cases but the authorities should be alert to the possible jungle raj in the offing. Akhilesh Yadav should take up the challenge head on. He must act with promptitude to see that the rule of law is not usurped. There is a danger, otherwise, of the temporarily displaced population becoming permanently displaced. Also restoring the legendary communal harmony between Jats and Muslims will have to be given great effort. The central government should extend both moral and material support to the state government towards these ends. Yes, criticizing Akhilesh for not being able to prevent the violence is justified but the need of the hour is to heal the wounds and the restoration of status quo ante. Muzaffarnagar should not be allowed to become Gujarat post 2002.  

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054


Is Allah different to God?

Mr Sumit Paul is mostly right but partly wrong. Chapter 112 of the Holy Qur’an says: “In the name of God the most gracious, the most merciful. Verse 1: Say: He is God the One and Only. Verse 2: God the Eternal, the Absolute. Verse 3: He begets not, nor He is begotten. Verse 4: There is none comparable unto Him (Holy Qur'an, Sura 112, verses 1-4.  If the Malaysian Christians accept the above definition of God, they can use the Arabic term Allah to indicate one True Almighty God. But in the case of the Christians they say that the one and only son of God is Jesus Christ. This goes against the above definition of God given by the Qur’an. That is God is not the son of anybody nor God is the father of anybody. When the Malaysian Christians translate the Bible from English to Malay language, whenever the Bible uses the word God in English, they can use the name Allah (in the Malay Bible). But when the word FATHER is used in English Bible, the word father as Malaysian Muslims argue should not be translated into Malay language as Allah. This is because the Malaysian Muslims beleive that Allah is not the father of anybody. Also whenever the name of Jesus (or son or similar word) comes in the English Bible, Malaysian Muslims argue that it should not be translated as Allah. This is tantamount to deceiving the less-educated Malay Muslims to make them follow Christianity without misgivings. Christian missionary work using financial incentives is very strong in Malaysia and Indonesia where tens of thousands of poverty-stricken Muslims fell victims. Malay language has a word for God: Tuhan. So when the Bible is translated into Malay language it is correct to translate it as Tuhan, not as Allah. But when Bible is translated into Arabic language, the Malaysian Muslims say, of course by all means use the term Allah because in Arabic language the word for God is Allah. In the same way, Muslims may feel hurt if, say, Hindu scriptures are translated into Arabic language and the word Allah is used as synonymous with Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Kali etc. This is certainly wrong because the term “Allah” in Islam is incomparable, Allah has no plural or no feminine form; Allah has no parents, no incarnation, no sons or daughters. But when the Hindu scripture uses a word like Bhagwan, it can be translated into Arabic as Allah. No problem there.

The problem is we cannot use the name Allah for what other religions consider as incarnations regardless of how great their lives had been in religious history. For instance, we cannot use the term “Allah” for Jesus Christ, because according to Islam Jesus was one of the mightiest prophets but not God the Creator nor the saviour as believed.

PA Mohamed Ameen (via e mail)



“Azan: Islamic Call to Prayer” (MG 1-15 October 2013) is very informative and thought-provoking write-up. Azan is unique in its meaning and message. It is also the most commonly heard call (voice) across the globe.

Prof. Shaista Bano, Aligarh



The Reality about The Politics Of Power Not Welfare

The reality of Mr. Modi is different from what he is saying in Patna about Hindu-Muslim that the two communities should be fighting poverty instead of each other. “Hindu poor should be fighting the poverty in their community instead of Muslims just as the poor among Muslims should be fighting their poverty rather than Hindus,” Modi said, adding that Hindus and Muslims needed to unite for the sake of growth.(Times of India, Lucknow, 28 Oct, 13) But the reality is different from what he is doing in his electoral state because “Muslims, who used to live across Ahmedabad, are now increasingly flocking to ghettos, mostly along the city’s fringes” as written b in article “Worlds apart in a divided city “ by Darshan Desai, The Hindu,dated 28 Oct, 13. Above all Muslim clerics have different reasons to support Mr. Modi and what common Muslim is thinking no one cares about. Now, it is the time for Muslim to think on the issues which is above all Politics, which is about growth and development for all. Think about it!!!

Aiman Siddiqui(via email)


A Fool’s Errand

Sense finally prevailed and the truth dawned on ASI (The Archaeological Survey of India) that the ‘seer’ Shovan Sarkar took the entire country for a ride. No gold was found from the excavation of an old fort at Unnao in UP. The whole drama wasted taxpayers’ hard-earned money and dented the exchequer. That it made the country a butt of ridicule is obvious to all. The Government must take a cue from the laughable episode that the words, ‘prophesies’ or dreams of no seer in future will be taken seriously and such people will be behind the bars for their irresponsible acts like this one at Unnao.

Sumit Paul , Pune


Hang all rapists

The hanging of every rapist of every age should be telecasted. But then, something should also be done about the shameless women who continue to attract mischievous male eyes by exposing, rather exhibiting, their bosoms and bellies, especially in big cities.

S. A. U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Curse the liars

Even if the blatant lie about Hindus being persecuted by Muslim rulers is ignored, is it not a shining truth that upto the end of the 18th century, both Hindus and Muslims had not only lived peacefully with one-another but had also helped mutually in uplifting one-another religious Faith. Hindu publishers had served The Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. Likewise Muslims had served Ramayan, Mahabharat and Panchtantra etc. But in the 20th century poisonous politicians fomented hatred for capturing chairs of power. So let us, unanimously, pray to Allah Almighty for the total annihilation of such satans.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392 150


Mushawarat on Rahul Gandhi’s Muzaffarnagar statement

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, you are absolutely correct. Mr. Rahul is aware of the facts and I am sure that he knows the game. If he is really sincere about his and his colleagues’ promises made to the minority, then he should immediately seek proof from IB and make it public without any hesitation. Otherwise, he too shall be one of the political pawns of the true enemy (you know Wwo) of India. Pray Allah (swt) guide you and your team on the Right Path and give you all the strength, good health and wisdom to tackle on and overcome the enemies of Islam in India and abroad. Ameen.

Shafiq Ahmed, Pune


Vote bank & Muslim appeasement

Feudal-minded people love the word “vote bank” and “Muslim appeasement” and they propagate these two words to cover up the perennial injustices inflicted upon the minorities especially Muslims. Because they ask why Muslims demand equal shares in proportion to their population in the resources of India. The sick feudal mindset is not ready to answer the questions that Muslim Indians have rights to cast their votes at their choice or not? And Muslims constitute 16-17% of India’s population but in education and jobs, Muslims representation fluctuates between 2 to 4% Why? Muslims are languishing in jails at approximately double the rate of their population. Why? Is this justice? If Muslims demand justice, feudal minded people start beating drums of vote bank and Muslim appeasement.

                S. Haque, Patna