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You serve no purpose

Reading this newspaper for past few years and seriously saying that it has been of no real benefit. If we compare the Saamna newspaper and its content then we can simply find no other difference than religion. The way they speak and write is same as yours. And the way some people are their regular fans is the same as yours. Many such MG type newspapers and magazines have come and gone, and nobody cared, and why should anyone care if something doesn't even concern them. On the surface MG shows itself as working for all Muslims, and the Mushawarat relays statements and resolutions declaring itself as the representative of the Muslims, but who gave you or the Mushawarat the authority to do so. Stop being self proclaimed leaders. The Muslim community doesn't care for these shallow gimmicks that proclaim to be their saviour.

Abdul Nasser


Discontinue with immediate effect

Please discontinue sending me Fortnightly "The Milli Gazette" with immediate effect as I am not more interested in subscribing it.

Abdul Mueed,President, Hamdard National Foundation, Delhi 110002

MG: Thank you for your letter No. 1052 of 13 November 2013 in which you have asked for the discontinuation of your subscription with an immediate effect. We have complied with your order. A cheque for Rs 135 being the unused balance of your subscription is enclosed herewith. With best wishes.


May Allah save Muslims

Havoc caused lies

Lies cause cries

They include telling untruth

And also half truth

Telling only one part of a saying.

Keep in the mind

Muslims are also not behind

In this devastating game

Which has put us to shame

About our Holy Prophet’s sayings

Thus attributing things to Islam

Which have nothing to do with Islam

May Allah guide Muslims

May Allah save Muslims.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


The Muslim who bats for Modi

Zafar Sureshwala is a representative of business class people from Gujarat, who are not very deep into any ideology except when it translates into hate and revenge stages. There is an invisible tug of war going on in Gujarat and even all over India, between an ideology of Hindutva pitched against Islam and Muslims. Though it will appear that Modi and Zafar both are the two end of a tug of war, Modi's deeper ideological commitments, especially while in power which he is ruthlessly misusing, cannot be matched to Zafar's commitment of Islam and its wider impact on India and Muslims of India. His tabligi background, nurtured in the backdrop of British colonial efforts to wean Muslims from Jihad and restrict them to 5 times prayers, has no matching power to pull Modi in the tug of war to Muslim side. The result is obvious. Zafar and the people like him do not represent the existentialist-threatened-Muslims of India, who had lost to British and then turned inward to keep their religious identity intact. Muslims are once again are faced a similar threat from Modi and his Hindutva and again their response will be to close the ranks against this threat. People like Zafar will be left out of the community consensus, enjoying their AUDI distributorship windfalls. The battle this time will last much longer, as unlike British, Hindutva is not going anywhere and Muslims will have to be prepared for a much longer period of trials and tribulations. Those that value their faith and their religious identity, will condemn Zafar Sareshwala for breaking the ranks and submit to a worldly power that is in essence grounded in a quagmire of hotch-potch of racism, caste-ism, pseudo-nationalism. Good luck to both, Modi and Zafar. Let the best side win.           

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Narendra Damodardas Modi owes his position to the Constitution of India. In 2002 he failed to honour his pledge to protect and serve the people of the state he still rules over. The use of official apparatus to spy on a private individual shows that he considers Gujarat to be his personal fiefdom. This is a feudal attitude which has no place in today's world.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Media not ready to divulge full facts of terrorism

In Ahmedbad bombs were hanged on trees and in Patna bombs were sown in earth despite 30 CCTVs, and despite the presence of Bihar police, Gujarat police and thousands of BJP workers and volunteers present at the place in Patna. Police trapped Ayesha, a converted Muslim married to a beedi merchant, and accused her of supplying the money used for the serial blast in Patna. Every national daily mentioned Ayesha and her husband for the money used in Patna serial blast etc but agencies mentioned Vthat ikas Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Ganesh Kumar and Suresh Sachu were arrested by police for Pak money trail from Lakhi Sarai. They had 215 ATM cards and 35 passbooks and many incriminating documents etc. This is the reality of media -- it is never ready to divulge full facts of Hindu terrorism.   

S. Haque, Patna


Union home minister Shinde on minorities

Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s 30th Sept. 13 letter to the chief ministers calling upon them to see that no innocent Muslim youth is detained in the name of terrorism appears to be shedding crocodile tears coupled with political gimmick. Such fractured notices/letters both by Central and state governments with no impact are very common during election times with the only object: to garner Muslim votes and subjugating them after victory. The Home Minister understands and knows fully well that all those linked with terrorism and some of whom were murdered in fake encounters were never involved in any way in anti-naitonal activities and that the saffronised elements occupying big and small positions in the security agencies and police throughout the country conspicuously made them to suffer indefinitely by framing them under the draconian UAPA.                

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


Worth Praising

Media must be congratulated for its 48 hours relentless telecast of one alleged rape story. Political stalwarts, legal experts, office bearers of protection of women's right at national level and so many others who claim themselves as champion of Human Rights, especially of women, have been very actively taking part in debates and discussions, issuing statements and are coming out with their novel suggestions. They should also be congratulated and commended from Aam Aadmi (General Public) because they have done wonderful jobs, worth appreciating and rewarding. Same role was played by the afore said individuals and organizations apart from Media in another rape case last year in Delhi and recently in Mumbai. However, countless raped in Muzaffarnagar, Gujarat, Kashmir and other parts of the country don't have any importance to them. Because they are poor people and probably don't qualify to be seriously thought by the above mentioned big guns. Perhaps it is below their standard and wasting their precious time and energy in giving some serious thought about them will lower their stature. Why the same importance was not given other cases?            

Afzal Ahmad Khan,Lucknow


Patna serial blasts and judges concern

Justice-loving people of India must congratulate Syed Muhammad Mahfooz Alam, retd. judge of Patna High Court, who raised pertinent questions and asked investigative agencies to solve these questions related to serial blasts in Patna at the BJP in Gandhi Maidan. A series of blasts occurred killing six persons and injuring hundreds. Justice Alam quoted HT news published on 28 Oct & 31 Oct in which GRP and RPF catching the suspect denied that CCTV picture could be helpful to find the fact in which RPF Astt. Security commissioner B. K. Markatiya arrested Imtiaz and denied recovery of any bomb from him. According to HT (1/11/13) Inspector Ram Pukar Singh filed an FIR in which he said that the whole meeting continued without any stampede and disruption. Retd Judge Syed Muhammad Mahfooz Alam asked a question: just one day before Modi's Hoonkar rally a suitcase was recovered and why forensic investigation was not done? The wrapper of crude bombs bearing a Gujarat company's name and where the watch used as timer brand was manufactured?  Pankaj was arrested in Gandhi Maidan on 27 Oct, public beat him up and he was taken by police but this was not mentioned in media! Many such questions must be closely analysed and circumstical evidence etc must be scientifically tested, otherwise media has created a consciousness and on the basis of majority consciousness courts deliver their decisions which cannot be called "justice".

S. Haque



Not Feasible

I beg to differ with Mr Sultan Patel that 'As one of the ways to restrict society's moral downfall regarding sexual misbehaviour, allow boys to marry when they've a nocturnal discharge and girls, menses ' (MG, Letters, Nov. 1-15). He should be knowing that generally the first menstrual period or menarche starts among the girls at the age of 11-12, though the starting period is anytime between 8-15 (at times, even 7, though rarely) and nocturnal emissions or 'wet dreams' (aitelaam) among boys start at the age of 13-14 (nowadays, even 12). Is this the age of marriage? Advent of sexuality cannot be equated with proper sexual awareness that comes much later. To be able to produce and conceive offspring doesn't mean both (girl as well as boy) are ready to shoulder huge marital responsibilities. Moreover, there's no guarantee that married men don't and won't rape just because they have wives to satisfy their lust at the drop of a hat. Mind you, many men who choose to stay unmarried never rape or indulge in the defilement of a woman. Sexual misadventure is precisely a socio-psychological problem which's less biological in its impact, outcome and ramifications.

Sumit Paul


Is "Allah" different from "God"?

This has reference to Dr. Sumit Paul's write-up on the above subject (MG 1-15 November, 2013). A product is known by it's ingredients. Similarly, certain terms have specific and unique denominations. Allah is God with some very specific and exclusive attributes, one of which is "He begets not, nor is He begotten" (Qur'an 112-3). Now if a Christian writer were to refer Allah to be the father of Jesus then it would amount to compromising with this specific attribute of Allah's and therefore it would be incorrect from the point of view of Islam. Similarly if some idol worshipper were to refer his deity or idol as Allah it would amount to compromising with still another attribute of Allah which is described in the holy Qur'an "No thing is like Him" (Laysa ka-mislihi shaiya) Allah resembles no thing and therefore His image impossible to be made.               

Abdulaziz Vohra

Bhalej Road, Anand - 388001 (Guj.)


Barkha Dutt v/s Arvind Kejriwal - who is communal between the two?

In a NDTV interview with Arvind Kejriwal, on her program, the Buck Stops Here, the usually cheerful and poised Barkha Dutt pounced on Kejriwal, accusing him of playing communal politics by meeting with the Muslim cleric Maulana Tawqir who is member of a 100-ulama committee that deliberates and issues guidelines/advisories to Muslims in Fatwas and a fatwa has been issued against Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi citizen and a pet of the Left Liberals. Taslima raised a storm, thus clearly meddling in the internal affairs of India, especially in a very sensitive area of India's democratic elections. Kejriwal responded, first by explaining that he was not aware of any such antecedent of the Maulana when he met him; though in one of his speeches, Maulana Tauqir has come out to be very secular, very inclusive, very peaceful. Arvind promised to give Barkha a CD of Maulana's speech and asked her to telecast that positive side of people, rather going always for negatives. Kejriwal further countered against the media that he has been going around to all religious places. He visited temples. Media never objected. He visited gurdwaras. Media never balked. He visited churches. Media hardly took notice. However, as soon as he visited a Dargah and met a Muslim cleric, all hell broke loose with the media. Now, let the people decide, who is communal - media or Kejriwal? Needless to add, Barkha Dutt's face turned white.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Legalizing prostitution

If the suggestion of the supreme court to legalize prostitution- the world's oldest profession as the law has failed to curb it is accepted, crimes like the all-pervasive corruption, thefts and dacoity should also be legalized by the same logic as laws have completely failed to curb these crimes. Legalizing prostitution is bound to bring the country to complete moral anarchy and disintegrate our social fabric.

Dr. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi-110091


Firoz Khan - a great son of soil

According to Prabhat Khabar (20/10/13), Firoz Khan died for the country on the border on 15 Oct when Pakistan shelling killed him. Army informed his family about death but not with "Eid Mubarak". Prabhat Khabar writes: "Media did not give importance to Firoz's great sacrifice for saving the country”. This is the real mentality of media dominated by saffron ideologues.

S. Haque, Patna


Al-Hamdulillah. Pray Allah (swt) keep us, all Muslims united like a leaded-wall and bestow upon our "Supreme Guidance Council of the Mushawarat" the strength, will and wish to act upon this opportunity, as it is envisaged to be acted upon, for the welfare of all Muslims and ultimately to have a peaceful social ambiance, all over. Ameen!

Shafiq Ahmed:


Arab Spring

One of Arab Spring's most dramatic and traumatic offshoot was Saudi Arabia's rejection of Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt and getting its own small Salafist party to side with the anti-Muslim Brotherhood Army. The news had shocked the Islamic world. Some could not figure out what went wrong between the two foremost Islamist power centres. One guess was Saudia's need for a strong Arab Army to defend its and other sister Arab countries' interests, now that US is more or less out of the boots on the ground style of invading Arab land to save or change regimes. However, there is not yet any clear-cut public explanation as to what forced this parting of the ways, that has more consequences for Saudia than for Muslim Brotherhood. The following article is possibly the first analysis in a prime Western media. It has to be read with all the caution this sensitive subject would demand in Muslim world.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Assembly elections

The constitution of India has been designed by human minds .So far it has been modified and rectified 133 times for our benefits. We can make further amendments for our facility .Now we are conducting assembly elections just 5 months before the general elections .If we can amend the constitution and postpone the assembly elections we can save at lest 100 crors and time of govt servants .at the most we can take the help of president of India to essue a presidential order to postpone the assembly elections . Congress party wants to ban on opinion pole .but it should know that assembly elections serve the purpose of opinion pole and also exit pole . The important point is that the party MLAs jump for getting ministries turn upside down ridiculed by the people .They are mad after power .dance like puppets. The people abroad feel guilty on the character of our politicians they are narrowly focused but in general elections such things are minimized any way this the proper to think about the defective and corrective mode of our constitution We should declare that we are not slaves of the Indian constitution We can mold and amend whenever we need to Only the divine Constitution which has been framed the Creator which is sacrosanct cannot be amended .We have to face the brunt of its applicability

Dr. AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad


As the political parties as busy campaigning for the forthcoming Delhi Assembly polls, the fact is the parties should realize that the percentage of youth voters has increased from 0.7 percent to 3 per cent of the total voters in Delhi. Youngsters' choice may turn out to be crucial for political parties in the upcoming Delhi assembly polls as the number of first time voters has more than doubled from 98,000 during the municipal election in 2012 to over 3.5 lakh this year. However, it is not going to be easy for the political parties to woo the youngsters as they feel the parties have not been sincere in keeping their promises and addressing key issues. Their issues are also not different from that of an average middle class person. Corruption, inflation, unemployment, social and financial security are some of the concerns which a number of students from leading universities say pervade their mind. For them, inflation does not come only in the form of rising onion prices. It is reflected in rising house rents, higher cost of education and rise in public transport fares as well. The coming time for both the ruling and opposition party would be difficult, unless they genuinely promise benefit the society at large they will fail to woo the youngsters of Delhi.

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur - 440013


An Attempt To Slight Mohammad Rafi

All you guys are stupid. Rafi was great but lata was at least equal if not more than rafi. Otherwise, I can easily say that you dont understand music. This Sumit Paul or whatever is such an idiot with all stupid muslims immediately running to fight her just because rafi is muslim.I doubt milligazette or these so many haters would be interested in this if rafi was by chance not a muslim. Guys.just try to understand rafi just happened to a muslim. Dont try to pull religion into everything.

Neil Kash- (comment on MG website)


Mass murder of Muslims celebrated in Hyderabad & Ka’taka

What really hurts today is that though so-called Muslim leaders and Ulema never raise the issue and educate Muslims about atrocities done by communal-mided Vallabhai Patel and Indian army when they occupied Muslim-ruled Deccan state.

Hyderabadi- (comment on MG website)


Puppet Indian Muslim leaders are real problem

Muslims must keep a unbiased attitude towards all Muslim leaders belonging to any party or group. They should not be allowed to go out of scan. If they are found regularly scarifying Muslims merely for their own interest they be silently ignored. Do not make it a issue in public else they will use it again for their own game as the notorious BJP leaders do.

Md Zahiruddin

(comment on MG website)


Raghuvanshi’s rampaging kin in Muzaffarnagar

Sanjay Dutt ne to weapon use bhi nahi kiya phir bhi jail mein hai, aur ye Raghuvanshi ke khaandan wale khule kaise ghoom rahe hain?

Amir Khan - (comment on MG website)


"Rihai Manch further said that many riot affected Muslims told the RM

team that two members of Mumbai ATS chief K.P. Raghuvanshi’s family in

this village, Pintoo and Nitoo, were equipped with modern and dangerous

weapons as shown in films (possibly AK 56 or 47) were spreading panic

and terror in the village" -- this is very alarming. I do not think there is anything different between Congress, BJP, SP or any other party. Things do not change under them unfortunately and always RSS calls the shots. P.V Narasimha Rao himself was a RSS supporter.

Hakeem Baig - (comment on MG website)


Media highlights such Muslims

Muslims who try hard to get media attention follow the path of Hindus like those Muslims who do puja of Ganesh, tie raksha bandhan or do other Hindu worshiping. Media elaborately reports their worshiping and publishes their photographs. Though RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat asked Hindu youths to shun and forget devi-devtas for 50 yrs (Ahmedabad, 17/10/13) and Modi had said "shouchalya first, devalya later". Such Muslims are hungry of publicity and media exploits them.

S. Haque, Patna