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Alhamdulillaah, Milli Gazette becomes more and more popular. Ahmedabad daily ‘Gujarat Today’ had published Gujarati translation of a part of Syed Mujtaba’s article in November 2013. Maulana Habibur Rahman Matadar, Editor, ‘Anjuman Voice’ (Furja Rd., Bharuch-392001) has started serialisation of Gujarati translation of Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan’s article ‘Jerusalem of Yesterday and Today” from its current (December 2013) issue.   

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Awareness is good, Alhamdulillah MG Team.

S. K. Allauddin, P. O. Ketika Dist - Purulia , West Bengal


This issue is very informative. I got it today.

Abdul Rasheed Mohammad, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh


The USP of Kejriwal: effective challenge to Congress/BJP cartel

As the Delhi assembly elections are nearing, both Congress and BJP have gone into an overdrive to attempt and wipe out the first effective challenge to their hegemonic cartelization of Indian politics, by filing complaints after complaints with the Election Commission, in a desperate attempt to debar Kejriwal and his AAP party from the election itself. Though the Election Commission is an independent body, the pressure on it to go strictly by the rules, in the case of AAP shows how discriminatory Indian system could be when high stakes for ruling class is involved. In this context, the Muslims are still undecided if they can hazard their votes on AAP or go the traditional way of blindly voting in Congress. However, in wider perspective of this development of an alternative, that has dared to challenge the two corrupt national parties, should not be missed by them, to ‘teach a lesson’ to Congress, that they too can deal with Congress the way it deals with them. This is a golden chance for Muslim voters of Delhi, to break the logjam of political monopolization by these two Brahminical formulations, that have no regard, no respect for the people of India and are in the business of politicking merely to amass their illgotten wealth by robbing the national assets without any fear of accountability. Both parties are committed to Corporates, who are funding them openly and reserve their quid pro quo in award of opportunities to them through illegal means. For Muslims, the antecedent of Kejriwal may not be clear; whether he is a RSS man, or Congress proxy, or foreign agent and they are not willing to junk Congress. However, as long as Kejriwal with all his ambiguities and alleged warts, is giving the two giants a run for their money; he should be wholeheartedly supported. If Muslims want to be liberated from Congress stranglehold, this is their golden chance to pull Congress down to a level, that it may have to beg Muslim support for the coming Lok Sabha election and should be forced to earn their votes. There does not have to be free lunch for Congress now on. As portents are clear that Kejriwal will be made to suffer through dramatic intervention by Election Commission, neither Kejriwal nor Muslim voters of Delhi will be able to gauze their electoral strength through the polls. But if he survives, Muslim should not miss a chance to humble Congress in its den.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Tejpal’s ‘Tej’?

Had Tarun no real Tej or light? Am I the only fool who was dead sure that what had happened in Goa was absolutely impossible even though even a child knows that a spark is inevitable if a candle comes close to petrol. Are not both in the lift blame-worthy? Does not the devil remain to be the third even if the two are closest family members? I have come to know through “Milli Gazette” papers that a professor in Manipal University is the learned son of the broad-minded, large-hearted and far-sighted poetess lady Kamla Suraiya. I have also reads somewhere that Nalapat had acquaintance with Tejpal. How nice if the former advises the latter to study the Qur’an which being the latest edition of the Divine Books asks us all never to go near adultery and also to shun wine

S. A. U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Palestine: One state Solution

Apropos of Zafarul-Islam Khan’s article in the previous issue, the two-state solution, advocated tirelessly by mediocre politicians who lack historical vision, is unrealistic, unworkable and dangerous. Unrealistic and unworkable because one can’t unscramble an egg, and dangerous because genuine grievances can’t be suppressed permanently by shortsighted political decisions. Moreover, Jews, Muslims, Christians and others would be perfectly free to practice their religious beliefs and, unlike the current situation, would enjoy unfettered access to their respective holy places. And all would be treated equally before the law as citizens. Furthermore, every citizen would be free to live wherever he or she likes in accordance with the law. For example, a Jew would be free to settle anywhere in Israel/Palestine. A Palestinian would be accorded the same right. Nonetheless, the two communities must realize by now that that they have to reform and amend their old, anachronistic ways and especially their views of each other. Palestinians will have to discard, once and for all, their dreams of cleansing Palestine of Ashkenazi and other Jews who arrived in the country following WWII. Likewise, Jews must come to terms with the fact that Palestinians have at least an equal right to this land of Israel/Palestine. This vision of one-state for all, where Jews and Palestinians live equally and peacefully in a unitary, democratic, civil state is not too idealistic to be practical. It happened in South Africa; and it is practiced in many countries all over the globe.

PA Mohamed Ameen (via email)


Patna Serial Blast-other side

Bihar cabinet minister Mr Ramai Ram while inaugurating Sonepur Mela on 16-11-13 asked why bomb exploded in Narendra Modi’s rally? This simple question made saffron-minded people angry. Bihar agriculture minister Mr Narendra Modi Singh explained that Narendra Modi is biggest terrorist and BJP was having close links with Patna serial terrorists and to gather public sympathy, BJP created hue and cry. He said in Patna serial blast benefits to the BJP was hidden. BJP has slapped a case against Congress for fake propaganda in election campaign in MP but BJP is silent and just rebutting and not ready to drag Narendra Singh in court. Why? (Jagran 18 11-13)

S. Haque/Patna



I am a permanent subscriber to The Milli Gazette. Not only that but I have made so many subscribers to this magazine. We have a regard for this magazine because of the fact that you have treated all the sects of the Muslim community whether Sunni or Shia as Muslim Ummah and always raised their problems as Muslim Ummah’s problems. Till date this magazine was far from Shia-Sunni controversy but now it is not so. I have before me the issue no. 332 (16-30 November 2013) which has an article by Abida Rahmani under the heading “Celebrating the Muslim New Year” under “Islamic Perspective” column. In her article she has raised a controversial issue claiming that holding lamentation and mourning ceremonies in the memory of the martyrdom of Sayyidna Husain has been forbidden by the Prophet for any person and the authentic jurists are unanimous that the mourning of this type is not permissible. Abida Rahmani is  free to her views because she has a very limited knowledge but my question is whether you have changed your policy of desisting from controversial issues and whether you will allow series of debate over this controversial issue and annoy your readers who do not like to see controversial issues in our esteemed magazine. The decision will be yours. Please inform me about your policy whether you want to continue with this controversial issue and if so, please allow me to give proper reply to Abida Rahmani in next issues but then your magazine will be a battle-field of controversial issues which will yield no result rather than defame the magazine.

Alim Husain, Shivala, Varanasi - 221001

MG: We apologise if we have hurt your sentiments. Abida Rahmani has expressed her views in a civilised manner and you too are welcome to do the same. As for the MG, we steadfastly stand by our policy of promoting the unity of the Ummah and we discourage controversial issues raised with a view to widen the gulf. MG will lose its raison d’etre if we stray from this considered policy. We will rather shut down MG than make is a vehicle of disunity among the Ummah (Zafarul-Islam Khan).


Combat communalism and fascism

Aggressive communalism is the biggest challenge before India. It is the greatest threat to the communal harmony, national unity, peace and progress of our motherland, India is a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-lingual country. The ideology of “Hindutva” is based on ideology is detrimental to the peace, prosperity, unity and integrity of India. We should learn a lesson from history. Hitler’s anti-jews Nazism had destroyed Nazi party and Nazi Germany. Recently world’s second super power Soviet Union, due to its colonialism, totalitarinsm and dictatorial undemocratic ideology was disintegrated into 15 independent states. We are not super power. Rampant HImalyan corruption has weakened our country. If we fail to see the reality, God forbid, India’s disintegration will be faster. More over, today’s second super poer is aggressive Maoist China Mao’s slogan is “political power emerges out of the barrel of the gun”. Chinese dragon had swallowed entire Tibet. IN 1962 it had invaded India and had occupied our vast lands, Kailash and Mansarvar are in China’s possession. It show Arunachal Pradesh as China’s territory in official map. Maoist Naxalites are waging a war in India’s 89 districts of 9 states. In such a situation communal harmony and national unity is the need of the hour.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Nagpur - 13



The Delhi Assembly election has now given birth to a new political party called Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which offers an all together new platform to the masses to opt for alternative politics. The impressive debut of AAP display that the common man (aam aadmi) of India is now more interested to put their trust on Gen-X politics. Arvind Kejriwal the AAP chief, not only defeated CM Shiela Dikshit in her own constituency wherein she has won the election battle for three consecutive years, but his party was just less than BJP tally in terms of popular votes and seats. This is indeed a rarest of rare feat that too achieved in not less than a year, something that has never seen or heard in the last three decades. An amateur party, which is barely one year old in political domain, has accomplished this incredible feat facing two Indian political bigwigs from parties like Congress and BJP. The same assembly polls results also displays that the AAP vote has cut across different sections of societies where most of its candidates have consistently won from middle class colonies as well as from upper class elites. The success of this newbie party goes beyond the simple count of votes and seats. The real significance of its rise simply lies in the challenge that it has put forward against the most powerful political outfits in the country. Anti-corruption movement being its root cause of coming into the main political scenario, AAP has turned this into a battle against the corrupt political system. The party put forward a systemic alternative by the way of fundamental political decentralization. Not just this, the campaign of AAP’s election showcases a feature for financial and political transparency. For the first time in the Indian history, a political party collected white and ethical money for politics, made full revelation of all forms of donations received, and refused to take any more donations once they met the target that it had set.

Farzana Z Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur -440013


Come election time and you see politicians and political parties taking unfair means to prosper in the elections results. Today, when we live in Social Media Era, we see these people misusing these platforms for their own vested interests. As per the recent sting operation called Blue Virus carried by an online media company disclosed how Politicians especially from the BJP have been hiring IT companies to malign the image of their rival politicians. As per the investigations carried out by the news portal called Cobrapost a majority of IT companies caught posting defamatory content using IP addresses of others by hacking into them point out to none other than Narendra Modi. These companies are seen dealing with reputation management service over a number of social media platforms by offering these politicians fake number of fans.  More than two dozen companies have been reported by the sting operation who has been working for Narendra Modi and his party to build his image and ruin their competitors in different election constituencies in the country. A couple of years ago a British company too revealed the same story about so-called development Messiah - Modi for having more than 60 percent of total followers over Twitter as fake. Ironically a man aspiring to become the PM of this country seems to be using all unfair means to boost his image in the nation by maligning others. Can we really afford to see such a man to be our next Prime Minister, think again?

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur - 440012


India ranking third in black money outflow

It refers to shocking report published by the international watchdog Global Financial Integrity (GFI) that black money outflow from India increased in the 20111 by 24-percent of the previous year when it was estimated to be rupees 4 lakh crores accounting for one-third of India’s total budget-spend with India ranking at number three in the global world only after Russia and China. This is despite the fact that Lokpal movement was at its peak in the year 2011 exhibiting our over-courageous black-money earners affording to do so even more vigorously in an atmosphere charged with public-anger against corruption. UPA government with only a few months left in its tenure should try to regain public- confidence by brining a white-paper on the crucial aspect and expose some biggest Indian names involved in the menace by proper and effective utilisation of our intelligence authorities which if utilised properly can do the desired job in a few weeks only. Even GFI can be requested to further assist in giving such biggest Indian names making black money outflow from India. Such people needs to be ashamed by public disclosure of their names unlike hiding their names under excuses like often given in case of Indians having secret accounts in foreign banks. 

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi  110006


Lal Batti

Welcome initiative from Supreme Court on red-light beacons on car-tops: Other reformative decisions necessary: What about cars with Supreme Court stickers violating traffic-rules (see also attachment) It refers to welcome Supreme Court verdict on stricter and most restrictive use of red-light beacons on car-tops, an aspect mostly misused by politicians. In most of the states, even street-level politicians not only use red-light car-beacons on car-tops but even run these without number-plates or with fancy number-plates. But practicability of Supreme Court verdict will remain doubtful in states where political community thinks itself to be masters above all without caring for verdicts even from country’s highest court. Chief Justice of India should ensure fast decisions on other such important matters involving malpractices of political rulers, especially towards complete ban on photo-publicity of political rulers and other living personalities in advertisements and materials at public- expense both in centre and in states. Presently an unhealthy race has developed amongst Chief Ministers of different states for giving multi-page advertisements in newspapers and extra- long advertisement-films on TV channels. Only recently Delhi Lokayukt had sent a hard-hitting report on photos of Chief Minister and another minister of Delhi on application forms. Such nuisance in public life can only be corrected by reformative Supreme Court verdicts like the one restricting use of red-light beacons on car-tops. But at the same time, it is also noted that cars with Supreme Court stickers are seen parked in ‘No-Tolerance-Zone’ in various parts of the capital city where rupees 600 rather than rupees 100 is the fine for parking cars. Such a car-number DL8CBG-0009 with a Supreme Court sticker was parked outside jewellery-market Dariba around 2 pm on 16.10.2013 (on government- holiday of Eid) with Delhi Traffic Police not clamping tyres of the car like is done for other cars parked at Chandni Chowk.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal,  Chandni Chowk Delhi  110006


“Governments are unable to reign RSS”

Rumour speeding society in concise form RSS hold spread shortage of salt supply rumour in Bihar created panic among people and Salt Shortage rumour led low and order problem but Bihar government immediately could not control. As rumour reached in remote villages where salt sold at  150 to 200 per KG. In UP fake afghan video uploaded in net and riot erupted in which at least 65 innocent lives lost and government was mere mute spectator rumour spreading society had shown its strength in 1948 just after independence of India when saffron brigade placed idol in historical Babri Masjid in winter night by breaking door (FIR) and spread rumour that Ram Lila appeared and Indian society (Administration, Publics and Judiciary) silently appreciated the rumour spreading society misdeed. Now the RSS has gone out of Hand and ever governments are unable to control it.

 S. Haque, Patna


Indirect support for Islamic Law

Inconsequence of infamous rape committed against para-medical girl in a moving bus by the gang of anti-social elements at New Delhi some time back a tremulous effected situation engulfed the whole country which forced people in lacs to be on roads in each and every corner of the country, voicing for reconsideration of suitability of the present Law to deal with such barbaric hooliganism against fair sex. All top to bottom leaders of BJP joining hands with different cadres of Hindutva forces got panicky of the accident by grapping the matter by way of allround agitations across the country with common slogans and demands for hanging the culprits at the earliest possible time as any delay may be beneficial for the wrong doers. Mrs. Sushma Swaraj of BJP, the opposition leader in Lok Sabha kept the thread tight almost all the occasions while condemning the accident and kept on pleading that the culprits must be dealt with iron hands (handing) with punishment awarded vigorously. The demand for hanging of accused was not restricted with BJP only but all the political parties as well as social and public organisations too joined hands with the same platform as far as quantum of punishment for the rapists was concerned which glared that though not admitting directly but indirectly every one of them admitted the suitability, veracity and righteousness of Islamic Code of Criminal Law for dealing quite satisfactorily with the heinous and barbaric crimes against humanity.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 440013


Supreme Court And The Divine Laws

It is a good news that the Supreme Court if India has banned homosexuality .But on the on the other hand earlier the high court has permitted homo sexuality .Here the question arises the judges are able and efficient persons but on what basis they can defer on the same subject .If it could be vice versa also .In such case the people of the country would have been in dilemma. The other aspect of the problem is God has created men and women .with deferent anatomy and physiology, psychology and anatomy .The natural and scientific intercourse is possible and both the partners can enjoy each other no adverse inferences took place .The family can get the offspring’s out of this union .This legal contact can be achieved by marriage The marriage system is in practice since centauries together ,There are some men and women may seen perverted and gone astray due to psychological reasons or abnormal sexual organs .such men and women may be one in one lakh. They can be treated medically and surgically and make them to the normal form .But they should get attention and mercy of the society. But if they are neglected by the society they can knock the door of the high court or supreme court.

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


AAP must form the govt

The Congress party has suffered a humiliating defeat in Delhi. It is reduced to 8 seats in the house of 70. Its best interest now lies in convincing the Aam Aadmi Party to form a government in Delhi pledging an unconditional support from outside. A mute and unflinching support for five years with full freedom to the AAP to carry out its programme. The Aam Aadmi party also should be pragmatic and give up its obstinacy of not accepting any support because here without compromising any of its principle it is offering Delhi a stable government. Kejriwal should not forget that his MLAs will be happier sitting on the treasury benches and his party will be more effective in carrying out its programme. From Congress’s point of view it is best not to let BJP use Delhi assembly a launching pad for parliament.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali,  Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054


Urdu Media lacks courage?

When we find reports like “wireless House could be completed in five years “or After so much amount a road is not complete etc. But Urdu Media could not dare to write “After 12 years minority hosted could not be completed” or After 17 years “Maulana Mazharul Haque University could not get its own building” or After 7 years “AMU Campus could not be established” and just before election “UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi is going to lay foundation without fund allocation” etc. Is Urdu lacks courage or don’t have sensitiveness of Ummati’s seal positive issues?

S. Haque/Patna