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MGteam Zindabad

I was very glad to see in Dec. 6, 2013 issue of Ahmedabad daily 'Gujarat Today' Gujarati translation of MG's Sister Nilofar Suhrawardy's analysis of India's 2014 parliamentary election. It is mentioned in 'GT.' that Sr. Nilofar Suhrawardy's analysis had appeared in 'Arab News'. Long live MG team.

S. Akhtar Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Judicial murder of Abdul Qadir Mulla

Sad Very Sad But the Hatred today has gone to a level that the Government of BANGLADESH herself is committing the atrocities hanging ABDUL QADIR MULLA will have serious implication for peace not only in BANGLA DESH but also for SOUTH ASIA. There are over 33 major movements in INDIA for the freedom from the central government how will these be tackled? How the struggle of Kashmiris be considered? After Simla agreement and Coming into power of Sh Mujib Ur Rahman the question of such cases never arose. Sh Mujib in his five years tenure did not target such leaders. Why this is being done Now raises a big Question?


Worries for media

Israel army fired plastic bullets on press photographers who were taking photographs of scuffle between Israeii army and Palestinians in Ramallah and Jerusalem. Israeli army in full glare knowingly targetted international press photographers. World media and press organisations kept silent. In Mexico, mainstream media is lost due to the drug mafia. Similarly, in our country media has surrendered in front of the saffron brigade. There are  glaring examples of press subjugation but world media and press organisations are not ready to raise their voice against strangulation of media

S. Haque, Patna


Drama in the name of secularism

CPIM observed black day on 6th December. They called it anti-communal protest. Other secular parties too organised a token protest march. On this day Congress targets BJP though on 6th December 1992 it had kept mum and after demolition of historical Babri Masjid, Narsimha Rao as PM had promised to build the Babri Masjid at the same place. This is the character of our secular leaders and parties that they deliberately collapse at crunch time and later they start chest beating to engage Muslims.

S. Haque, Patna


Mulayam Singh On Relief Camps

The statement of Mulayam Singh that people living in Muzzaffer Nagar Relief Camp are BJP and Congress agents and Anti-Social elements is very unfortunate. Mulayam baokhla gaye hain, he does not know what to say. He is having all the resources so let him give the names of those who are agents of BJP living in Camps. SAPA wants the victims to return to their homes so that it may claim that every thing is fine. When the killers of innocent Muslims and Rapist are freely roaming without any fear and are being Honoured in public meetings then how could these victims return to their homes. SAPA is seeing Mungeri Lal ke Sapne ,expecting 60 Parliamentary seat and occupying PM seat. ACCORDING TO PRESENT POLITICAL SCENARIO AND MUSLIMS ATTITUDE it is not going to win more than 5 seats.   Prof. Shamim Ahmad, Ph. D.(IIT Roorkee)


Shah Bano Case

This refers to Syed Shahabuddin Sahib's comments on my letter entitled Shah Bano case (The Radiance, Nov 1-15, 2013). I quite agree with Syed Sahib that supreme Court judgement was quite against the Shariat and had completely ignored the Shariat Application Act of 1937. Under the leadership of Maulana Asad Madni Muslim MPs across party lines had met the prime minister and urged upon him to get a law based on the rights conferred on Muslim women by Islam passed by the parliament and this had been done. It was Arun Nehru the powerful minister of his state for home affairs in the union cabinet through his prodigy - the then chief minister of U. P. got the lock of Babri Masjid unlocked through the judgement of Law Court in U. P. which paged the way for collective pooja. Rajiv Gandhi sacked Arun Nehru from his cabinet and removed Vir Bahadur from the chief ministership of U. P. Acharya Narendra - the great socialist leader and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia and other prominent leader of socialist party of Indian and godfather and mentor of Mulayam Singh Yadav the supreme of Samajwadi party did not utter a single word against on installing murties in Babri Masjid and neither they condemned Pt. G. B. Pant the then chief minister of U. P. for not removing the murties from Babri Mosque.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M. P., Delhi - 110091


Aam Aadmi Party

With all said and done, the Aam Aadmi Party is now forming a government in Delhi. As the party's campaign to elicit a 'yes' or 'no' from people in the capital on government formation entered its final phase, the AAP said that most voters favoured an AAP government. This was one of the first and unique ways of engaging the common man in Government formation. With trends like these, the political landscape present in the country can likely get to change. Though Kejriwal is a former Indian Revenue Service official who has a good exposure in running the show, however, running a government the first time would be all together a new road to tread. Kejriwal and his party have been claiming to implement all the things said in his manifesto when it comes to power. There are many incredible promises that have been made by AAP, however, if they choose to remain corruption free, which they seem to be at the moment, the time is not far, when such third fronts would turn up as first front and set trends in the country in good and corruption free governance. With his final nod to form a government, hopefully Kejriwal and his party would deliver the things he has promised all these years before the people of Delhi. Best of luck to him and his team!

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur - 440012


Bhagapur riot victims are political issue

During Congress regime Muslims of Bhagalpur were destroyed, then Congress lost ground in Bihar and the CM of 1989 Satyandra Narain Sinha wrote his autobiography in which he said that many Congress veteran leaders were involved in the riots (Bio - meri yadein meri bhulein). After 24 years, the riot victims are still a political issue for political parties. Muslims should know this hard fact that the claim of Nitish Kumar, CM of Bihar, that 18 Muslim riot victim families of Garhotia village of Bhagalpur were settled by his govt is absolutely wrong. Mr Chourhry said that those 18 Muslim riot victim families were given land and Indira Awas in 1980. Muslims agony and pains are political issues for political parties during elections.               S. Haque, Patna


Let the greenhorns do their thing

Not only did the Congress offer support to the AAP to form Delhi government without negotiating any conditions but also cajoled it to accept the support. Time and again the newly appointed Delhi Congress chief Arvinder Singh Lovely tried to impress upon the minds of the leaders of the AAP that Congress will only be there to see that the government is formed and it functions freely to fulfill its promises to the people. Still Kejriwal went through the exercise of eliciting people's consent. Now since the government of the AAP will be in position by 26th December, the least the BJP and the likes of Kiran Bedi can do is watch from the sidelines and let the rookie party do its thing. Their boos, barbs and criticisms should wait for a few months at least.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054 231213


AAP should take responsibilities head on

The AAP which won 28 seats and fell eight of the majority mark in the assembly polls. BJP won which 31 seats and couldn't succeed to get clear majority by 5 seats. The Congress offered to Arvind Kejriwal to form government by taking its unconditional support. But Kejrival said that the country was burdened by the corruption of booth these parties and the common men formed the Aam Aadmi Party ,in such a scenario, how con AAP form government with support of either of these parties. He also said after receiving the reply of his letter that was sent to Congress president Mrs: Sonia Gandhi, "AAP asked the people of Delhi to form government with the support of the Congress or the BJP". The leaders of BJP and Congress have accused the AAP of trying to avoid forming a government as they know he can't fulfill their "unrealist" poll promises. Roughly 70-80 percent people 'who have taken part in the referendum, want Kejrival to become the Chief Minister and to form the government with outside support from the Congress. Hence AAP is rightly taking it the responsibilities head on. Now Arvind Kejriwal and his party should try to keep their promises to the people.

                Shams Tabrez Qasmi, Deoband


Importance of peace and tolerance

It is the need of the hour to inculcate the values of peace, tolerance, mutual amity, and non-violence amongst Indians. Hatred, violence, intolerance are harmful to progress and development of our motherland. It is elementary that without peace, tolerance, Unity and rule of law no social or economic progress is possible. How the country can proceed on the path of peace and progress and prosperity communal flare-ups and riots erupt, human beings killed, property is gutted and looted and places of worship demolished and desecrated. How peace will prevail when bomb blasts, violent agitations, terrorist acts etc become every day features. There is no place for hatred, violence, terrorism in a secular and democratic set-up like ours. We must try to save democracy, judiciary and Indian constitution from destruction. We brotherhood, cooperation, communal, lingual, regional and racial harmony and peaceful coexistence are essential for national unity, communal harmony and progress. We should then our motherland will become a place to live in.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Nagpur - 13


Anti-riot & Waqf Amendment bills

Congress instituted Sachar Committee but was not ready to accept its vital recommendations. Congress brought MSDP schemes but this scheme lacked mechanism so failed to serve the minority development. For Kishanganj AMU campus without land allotment Sonia Gandhi laid down the foundation. In 8 years AMU campus could not be established. Telangana, womens reservation, Lok Pal, SC & ST promotion, anti-riot, Waqf Amendment etc are pending in parliament. Many important bills could be cleared but anti-riot and Waqf Amendment bill was brushed under the carpet.       S. Haque, Patna


India-US tussle

Indian government deserves compliments for being tough against hyper-power US for deliberate humiliating insult of Indian diplomat: But more is required Indian government has given at least some tough reply to world's most powerful country when took a series of steps to attack extra-ordinary privileges till now enjoyed by US embassy and its staff in India for a deliberate inhuman insult to Indian diplomat in US Devyani Khobregade when the young lady was paraded handcuffed on streets, strip-searched, DNA-tested and even subjected to otherwise rare cavity-search before being detained with hard-core criminals like drug-addicts, all this in direct contradiction to Vienna convention when she had gone to take her daughter from the school. Already our Union Ministers and former President have been denied diplomatic immunity to enter US without immigration checks. But steps taken by India are not enough. What was done to Devyani Khobregade was even violation of human rights for which this self-acclaimed US democracy needs to be ashamed because all such treatment to the Indian diplomat was done without even preliminary investigation, being the reason for releasing her just a few hours of her detention. India should get US ashamed in US itself by approaching US Human Rights Body. Matter should also be raised before UNO and UN Human Rights Organisation. An apology from US President with a written assurance of not repeating such incidents should only satisfy India. It is absolutely clear beyond doubt that US has done all this only and only to insult India by targeting India's young lady-diplomat in US. Is it fair for US that a young lady is targeted in such inhuman manner only to exhibit its supremacy on a developing nation like India?

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006


The ire shown by the government of India is abrupt and uncalled for .Previous to Devyani our Ex president of India Mr. APJ Abdul Kalamand the Ex defence minister Mr. George Fernandez were also mal treated .The government of India did not protest in an strong manner .Now when Devyani made mistake the US authorities acted against her as per the law of the land. Indian diplomats know very well that US is the super power and has hegemony on all the countries including India .India did nit protest when US attacked on Iraq and Afghanistan. killed thousands of innocent people and toppled the governments and deployed its army .Was it not a barbaric attack on the weaker Asian countries. India never uttered a single word against US .It might have been glad that they were Muslim countries and ignored all moral obligations .India is mute when US is making Drone attacks on Pakistani India had developed brotherly relations with Pakistan it would favour India's reaction against Us ' US being a Super power can retaliate India by requesting China to make mischief's on the lengthy border in Laddak .It had arrested few Indians in our territory .or make intrusions in Assam or POK .Or it may try to rake up Kashmir problem by instigating Pakistan .US may not tolerate our present insurgent stance as it is new treatment from us .If India wants to keep up the present stance it should go further and make friendship Iran and hostile countries .but we are lacking boldness and courage .Now we should have to build up this character. We should call back Devyani and punish her as per our law of the land.    Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad 18/12/2013


Muslim new year

This refers to "Celebrating the Muslim new year"(MG, 16-30 Nov 2013) As a Muslim first, then as a MG reader, I heartily thank Abida Rahmani for writing this outstanding and informative article. I found it clearing all basic concepts related to Muharram. She conveyed the message that lunar Islamic year is 10 day shorter than commonly used solar (Christian) year and that is why we Muslims like to pay Zakaat as per Islamic calendar because paying Zakaat as per Gregorian calendar loads us 10 days every year which goes to 360 days after 36 years and we become sinful by not paying one full year's Zakaat. Now, this is December, people all over the the world celebrate 31st as "happy new year". But Muslims should keep themselves away from it because as she mentioned how our Prophet SAW guided us to distinguishly fast for two days of Aashura comparing to one practiced by Jews than how can we celebrate the new Christian year bypassing the original teachings of Islam. May Allah guide us on the right path. Aameen.     Dr Sameeullah Khan, Buldana, Maharashtra.


What is Modi after all?

In print and electronic media we are coming across all the times the speeches Narendra Modi we are rather vexed to listen his political speeches based on criticism on the ruling congress .The people might have decided to make him the prime minister of India .The minority specially Muslims might support him as congress has done much harm to Muslims .Thousands of youths apprehended and sent to jails .the president and vice president of the party the PM and senior leaders seem careless about this heart rending problem of Muslim youths .The congress bosses might be thinking that they are losing the parliamentary elections why they should release the youths .If they are released Muslims will become dare-devils and their attachment with Islam will increase which may result in conversion of Hindus will become rampant . The famous poet Allama Iqbal has said about the Muslim orators Iqbal Bada Updeshak Haiy Man Baton Mein Moh Leta Haiy Guftar Ka Ghazi Ban To Gaya Kirdar Ka Ghazi Ban Na Saka Kirdar means character. To become an orator is easier but to become a character person is difficult .we can apply this famous couplet on Modi .. Presently he is nothing but an a class orator .We shall have to see how he can solve the political problems of the nation Apart from political problems we have number of social, moral, and spiritual problems .Being a political leader it is not possible for him to solve these problems take for example Corrupting , Deference between rich and poor Exploitation of rich of poor Mal treatment of women abduction, honour killing Suicides daily hundreds of men and women students and specially farmers Caste barriers exploitation of higher castes Irresponsibility of media Nudity of young girls Trend of separatism in states Kashmir problem relations with Pakistan and China Rising prices and Naxalism Babri Masjid 0ppression on Muslims and Christians. Innocent youths who are in jails Relation with Israel etc Instead of doing oratory Modi should explain how he solve all these vexing problems and make the nation peaceful The BJP should publish a detailed manifesto concluding all the above problem and methodology of their solution    Dr A H Maqdoomi Hyderabad


Emperor has no clothes

Out of the 589 seats in Delhi, MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh assemblies the results of which were declared today The Indian National Congress has one 126 seats, approximately 21%. This is the mother of all debacles gifted to the Grand Old Party by Rahul Gandhi. Even today the traditional sycophancy in Congress was visible in various panel discussions where some Congress leaders were bending backwards to place the blame on anything but the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. The need of the hour is for some Congress to stand up and announce that the emperor has no clothes.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali,  Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054 081213


Vivekanand's good words

Let the wiser gentlemen and ladies in the Hindu society see if Swami Vivekanand has expressed some good views also about Islam and Muslims? Why should those god words be disregarded by HIndutvawadis?!    S. Akhtar U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 39 150


Precarious Plight Of Loh Purush

Now Mr. LK Advani has reached 86 years of age .God is kind enough to bestow him a good health. But his opponents in the party do not want to tolerate him .His chance of becoming prime minister has been lost once for all .According to his seniority and services he was fully deserved for Prime Minister Ship .He lead the Karsevaks to demolish the 400 year old Babri Masjid .But he was not rewarded by the party bosses rather he was dismissed from the chairman ship of parliamentary board .Advani vary large heartedly tolerated and endured the brunt of the situation .. It was a good advice to him that he should detach himself from active politics as he has crossed the age of 86 he may not give relevant suggestion to consultative body. There is one more secret that Advani has an ambition to become prime minister of India. He thinks that the present prevailing atmosphere may change and he can put on the crown of prime minister ship he want whatever the present position is in the party must not be curtailed or downgraded .He does not see any charm in the spiritual life .As a matter of fact there is no spiritualism in Hinduism. The most attractive thing ts power wealth and fame and nothing Advani being an intelligent person has deep study of Hindu Dharma .The demerit with him is he is a non Brahman .He has to thrive on political clout only . If he had deep study of Islam he could embrace Islam repenting on his sins. He is not knowing that if he apologize Allah all his sins will be excused and he will be allowed to enter into heaven fo for everlasting period .It seems Allah is giving him a chance before he die .If he did not realize and die on the wrong faith he will be thrown into Hell for crores of years

Dr A H Maqdoomi  Hyderabad


Intern's affidavit in Justice AK Ganguly's case raises more questions

Law-interns' affidavit alleging charges of molestation against Justice (retired) Ashok Kumar Ganguly made public by Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaisingh raises more questions than answered. First and foremost is so late revelation by the concerned intern making allegations after so many months of the alleged incident. Incidentally the alleged incident was in those days of high anger amongst general public when public was out in streets against infamous 16/12 gang-rape. The intern had most appropriate time to levy allegations in December 2012 itself. It should also be a matter of enquiry why the intern made allegations public after such big lapse of time. It may be that whole incident might have been planted to deliberately defame Justice Ganguly who is known for being a tough judge uncomfortable for wrong-doers. The intern had sufficient legal knowledge and courage to report of the alleged incident soon after the episode. Supreme Court probe-committee in its report has not mentioned if it investigated about calls allegedly made by Justice AK Ganguly on the next morning of the alleged incident. Neither has it mentioned about the intern proving SMS received by her from Ganguly. There should be a time-limit generally to level charges of women-molesting. Otherwise persons seated on high posts may always have a psychological fear of facing allegations by lady-staffers working with them. There are sufficient reasons for giving benefit of doubt to Justice AK Ganguly, and it should be left to his own wisdom to resign from post of West Bengal Human Rights Commission or not.     Subhash Chandra Agrawal,

                Chandni Chowk DELHI 110006