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Through MG, the issues of Indian Muslims can be understood in the real sense.  Dr Mohamed T., Calicut - 673305 (Kerala(


Please stop MG

Though I like ur fortnightly newsletter very much. I get depressed reading the bad conditions 'Muslims' living in. Sensitive people like me keep on thinking - - - and don't get sleep in night. Though I agree with what ur news paper writes. but I cannot continue its subscription, so I don' want 2 renew it. am extremely sorry. I woman like me whose life is full of struggle and suffering shd. not read so much sad articles. Hope u will understand my situation.                            Qamer (via email)

MG: No need to be sorry, we understand. May Allah make us strong and help us improve our lot.


Photographs of Modi in MG

I beg to invite your kind attention to the photographs published on pages 1 and 8 of Gujarat's Chief Minister Modi in the issue of 16-31 December 2013. As a Gujarati Muslim, I do not want to see the photograph of my state's Chief Minister in my favourite journal as his hands are soaked with the blood of my brothers, sisters, mothers, children and even unborn babies. We, the Muslims of Gujarat, do not want to see the photograph of the present CM in MG. You can very well understand the stand taken by me. Please do correct me if I am mistaken. If it is required to publish his photograph, then it should be of revenue stamp size and not bigger than revenue stamp size.          Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat



It is recorded that over the last dozen years Narendra Damodardas Modi several times brushed aside the gravity of what his comrades and followers did in Gujarat in 2002. Indeed, he has more than once justified the violence against Muslims. For him to now claim that he suffered agonies on account of those events is patently a lie. Perhaps he will now claim, "My ghost writers said that, not I."       Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091



The Muslim clerics resolution not to conduct nikah of dowry seekers is laudable. This decision must be spread to all the district of Bihar and elsewhere through weekly Friday sermons and other media. Indeed emergence of dowry system in Muslim society is against the very teaching of Islam, which is ruining society economically and morally. This move needs to be welcomed by all. And more importantly, all the sensible men and women should boycott such marriages in which dowry is demanded irrespective of relations and affiliations.           M Naushad Ansari, Patna - 800 002


Why has Muzaffarnagar failed to prick national conscience?

Apropos of the issue raised by Mubasshir Mushtaq, Muzaffarnagar was an orchestrated riot , planned by Ashok Singhal and Amit Shah. The objective was communal polarisation to benefit Modi. Mulayam tried to be over smart, assuming Muslims will run to him for protection, inspite of his sly connivance with Singhal. Mayawati the only other principal player in UP , saw the killings of Muslims as forcing the community to go back to her. As for Muslim leadership, less said the better. Azam Khan was busy inviting Devyani to contest from a Muslim dominated seat. Salman Khurshid was equally foolish threatening not to enter Parliament unless justice is done, again to Devyani. Note that these two are top Muslim leaders from UP, from the same area. I wish they had shown bravado for the victims of Muzaffarnagar. On the religious side , Mehmood Madani is preoccupied to be in the good books of Modi. His uncle Arshad was equally busy to be with Mulayam. Congress is too weak in UP, though Sonia and Rahul did make the right comments. No wonder the only voice that spoke consistently for Muslims, ( besides ordinary Muslims), were the leftists. Sadly they do not count in UP politics. Muslim based parties have equally failed. Al in all a lost tribe searching a way out of this darkness. Allah alone is our saviour. Yet our faith drives us. Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar will steel our hearts. We will rise on our own strength, through quality education, business.J. S. Bandukwala


Muzaffarnagar 2013: Violence by Political Design

A great evil stalks the land with a fascist force behind it, in the form of a powerful organisation which is mainly responsible for the hatred between communities.This force organized and planned riots and pogroms through the decades in India, the latest in the district of Muzzaffarnagar. Here the riots like most riots in India before were planned and the atmosphere made tense by hate speeches and rumours and lies, till the whole area was a tinderbox and any tiny incident would star a riot. The Jat Hindus in this district after the riot will now vote in large numbers for the organisation that planned these riots. The hindu vote is consolidated. There are many academic well researched books, studies and reports on the Internet about Indian riots. If one cares to carefully informs oneself with academic reports, and not with media reports from biased newspapers. It will become clear that most of these riots were planned by just one all pervasive organization in India. This organisation is at the moment massing in force in UP and Bihar, the purpose to incite riots aimed at the massacre of minority religious groups. Because where ever there is a three way split in the vote - this organization benefits from a riot, which polarises the Hindu and Muslim vote. Studies show when most Hindus have voted together in an area, there has never been a riot, only in a three way split in the electorate has there been a riot.This organization came to power when a old man born in Pakistan drove a chariot through hundreds of villages spreading hate and death in its wake, in the 1990s. He drove his chariot followed by hundreds of cadre and party workers, shouting blood curdling slogans not to build a Temple but to gather votes by drumming up a hatred for the other, Hitler came to power too by democratic means. He was popular and got things done. He was supported by the industrialists. Hitler and his followers claimed to be great patriots. He had his cadre dressed in Brownshirts who practiced marching at sunrise. There was a Hitler wave in Germany and the population idolised him. Germans pointed out the good roads he built too. The petit shopkeeper and the small businessman class were the first to love him. As a reader of History I will say, Bad things are going to happen to Mother India if this evil now unleashed becomes the paramount power in Delhi. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country.            Steven Boyd


Muslim education is not on secular party's agenda

Al-Karim Trust established Katihar Medical College and SC awarded KMC minority status. But Bihar government police top brass hatched a conspiracy against the minority-run Katihar Medical College. Muslim organisations are silently watching and Mazharul Haque Arabic Persian University could not get a piece of land to establish its campus. But Bihar CM Nitish Kumar goes on "Sankalp Yatra" (counter programme of Modi Hunkar rally) announced to establish a medical college and a university in Purnia (15/12/13). Congress party played politics in the name AMU campus in Kishanganj for 9 years and Congress polluted the minority character of AMU and Jamia Millia Islamia. Ummah has to make its own agenda of "Taleem, Tanzeem and Tejarat" because no political party has Muslim education on its agenda.        S. Haque, Patna


Political Choices for Muslims

For us to organize and support Muslim political parties would only give additional justification for the continued existence of Hindu political parties. We should be against the idea of having political parties based on religion or caste because it is violative of our secular constitution. Muslim political parties are unlikely to have enough legislative seats to make any meaningful impact on issues that are important to us. We should also stop looking for pro-Muslim political parties. Such parties have always disappointed us in the past. Instead we should support parties which are for fair, open and clean government. For example, at this time it would be perfectly logical for us to support the AAP. Large nationwide secular and progressive Muslim organizations can try to influence public policy while remaining outside any political party structure. The American Civil Rights Movement had some excellent examples of such organizations which brought about significant improvements in the condition of American Blacks through a non-violent struggle fought over the second half of the last century.                Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York, USA (via email)


Sanctity of the swearing-in

Generally the function of swearing in ceremony terminates as soon as the oaths have been taken. That is how the sanctity of the solemn occasion is maintained. Arvind Kejriwal should have avoided talking politics at the end of the Ram Lila function. Surely it was not the day and it was not the dais from which he should have criticized the BJP and invited Dr. Harshvardhan to leave it to join AAP. Also it is not fair to force a captive audience to take an oath -however noble- not to give and accept bribe. Kejriwal should know that there is an opinion in favour of decriminalizing bribe-giving.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054


Thoughtless Vijay Diwas

The Union Defence Minister A K Antony along with Army Chief General Bikram Singh commemorated 16th December as Vijay Diwas (Victory Day ) a function to celebrate the victory was arranged in New Delhi to commemorate India's victory over Pakistan in 1971 war. This gesture on the part of Government of India is praiseworthy as this will boost up the morale of Indian Army. But, at the same time may I ask with all the due respect to the Government of India to commemorate the day on similar lines when India was defeated by China in 1962 as "INTROSPECTION DAY"?. I am sure that Government of India will think over my suggestions sympathetically in the interest of India.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat


Save Parsi Community

It refers to President Pranab Mukerji rightly advocating for sincere efforts to prevent falling Parsi population. However there were some satisfying reports of six-percent increase in Parsi population in last six years. Parsis are the only community in the world which is fast decreasing in number due to strict community restrictions. Best thing about the community is that they live for society rather than for themselves or for producing children! Parsis topped every field of life may it be, industry, sports, legal or any other field but with hardly any examples of corruption, favouritism or self-interest. It is necessity of the society to preserve genetic features of this great community. United Nations Organisation and Indian government should take steps to save world's most talented community from being totally finished. Also orthodox Parsis and their associations should also adjust themselves with changing needs of time to preserve their community. It was against their interests that a ban was once imposed on two community-priests for their conducting Navjote ceremonies of children of women married to non-Parsis, conducting marriages where one partner was a non-Parsi, and for conducting after-death prayers for Parsis who were cremated. However it is satisfying to note that some Parsi youth have united by bringing non-Parsi family-members into the Zoroastrian fold. All such reforms are need of time to prevent world's most talented Parsi community from total disappearing. Such changes would have made Parsis proud by finding one of the most influential Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as their community member by virtue of her marriage with Parsi Feroz Gandhi.                    Madhu Agrawal Dariba Delhi 110006


Is rejection of Islamic Banking a symbol of democracy?

The Safforn brigade targeted Muslim educational Institution like AMU, Jamia, Madrasas etc and Congress-brought RTE is being forcibly enforced on Muslim educational institutions. Zamindari Bill was promulgated only in Bihar and UP because Muslims were landlords in these states. In the name of right to expression and freedom of speech and freedom to preach religion, Peace TV channel is blocked whereas dozens of dharmic channel are airing their programmes. In world's largest democracy, 100 private banking and finance institutions are running and many dozen government-run banks are doing business but Islamic banking is not allowed by RBI (MG / 1-15 Dec 2013), Are these the symbol of democracy in India?

S. Haque, Patna


Advani and Modi

Advani on Babari Masjid: "It was the saddest day of my life."

Modi on Gujarat 2002: "I was shaken to the core." It is a habit with these goons to shed tears over what they themselves did.

Mukul Dube Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Congress takes Muslims for granted

Muslims constitute 16 to 18 percent of India's population but AMU / Jamia’s minority character was destroyed by Congress despite Muslim demands for reservation. TADA, POTA, UAPA etc spoiled lives of lakhs Muslims. Muslim demanded Bangalore's airport to be named after the great warrior Sher-e Mysore Tipu Sultan but Congress rejected this.  Singhs demanded Lucknow airport to be named after Charan Singh. Anna Hazare's fast forced Congress to concede the demand of Lokpal Bill but 20 crore Muslims are weightless in the eyes of Congress. Ummah has to introspect why we are a toothless tiger?                     S. Haque, Patna


A chief minister causing crimes

In the Gujarati language daily Gujarat Samachar (Baroda edition dated 24/12/2013) the famous columnist Shri Gunwant G. Shah has focused on some serious matters. English translation of the said article is given below in Indian public interest: "When and where the police is engaged in protecting only chief minister, thieves and dacoits get great freedom "Indeed, how much timid is a chief minister who, while moving out, keeps 30 to 40 commandos with him and takes 1500 to 2000 policemen from his own stake! After all, man has to die only once and when that time comes, even Bhagvan cannot protect the one who is to die. Then why so much public disturbance? Examples of Indira Gandhi, Rajive Gandhi and John Kennedy are before our eyes. Could they be saved despite utmost guarding? Move courageously without watchmen. Death will not arrive and if is to arrive no one will be able to prevent it. On the other hand, should the public be left at the mercy of thieves and dacoits? When police protects only one leader will not looters loot people freely? The chief minister's timidity is so much, that, earlier, in the name of 'terrorist attacks', he had created as many as three 'encounters.' And now, when he wants to go from his bungalow to air port, he stations 100 policemen, until he gets a helicopter (at cost of public money of course) Besides plane is also purchased by peoples money."                            S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Muzaffarnagar riot victims

By not ensuring safe return of all the Muzaffarnagar violence victims to their ancestral homes the U. P. government has not fulfilled its responsibility. Providing security to every citizen is a state duty, which unfortunately the SP government is trying to elude. Giving shelter to the victims in government buildings or offering monetary assistance so as to enable them to build new houses is not real solution. The government must restore sense of security among the victims and re-establish the atmosphere of co-existence and brotherhood in the riot-hit villages. If the victims are not assisted in going back safely to their houses, it will set a dangerous precedence which will see the weaker sections in any state losing their homes and properties to the anti-social elements.

A. Hameed Yousuf, Domariaganj, Siddharthnagar, U. P.


Kejriwal should be guarded

Whether Arvind Kejriwal wants security or does not, the police department must give him enough protection. He has already made political enemies and stakes are high.           Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054 281213


Abortion Law Against Science

Scientists and researchers assured in unanimous and unquestioned way that the life of a human person begins from the moment of fertilization. There are more than enough data to prove it. An unfertilized ovule is a cell that will die within a few hours. However, from the moment it is fertilized, the ovule behaves already biologically like something or someone that defend its integrity. Fertilization is the only event that marks a before and after. At that time there is a change in membrane potential that makes invulnerable the ovule: the rest of the millions of sperm can not enter, it is as if the ovule close lockgates and says “anyone else does not fit here." From that moment, there is a new life. In fact, it is already defined the chromosomal sex of the new person; from that moment the zygote has a new identity, distinct from the mother, and therefore an irreplaceable dignity. All other arguments that want to contrast this reality are not scientists and therefore they are baseless.            Isabel Costa, Spain


A Message for Rahul Gandhi

 A media house recently took upon itself the onus to verify the truth in the allegations of corruption made by Arvind Kejriwal against political bigwigs and others.  In order to conduct a mock inquiry into the financial transactions of Robert Vadra and Nitin Gadkari this media house, as an exercise, constituted a panel of non-partisan experts consisting of a corporate lawyer, a former Income-Tax Commissioner and a CA. All the evidences on the strength of which Arvind Kejriwal had demanded an inquiry by a competent agency were placed before the experts’ panel. It was Kejriwal’s contention that the evidence provided is enough for the government to go after the two accused. This experts’ panel deliberated extensively on the evidence provided to them. Within the panel there were differences on certain points while there was agreement on some. Ultimately what the panel agreed on was that prima facie there was enough scope for inquiry and possible action against the financial transactions of the two gentlemen. This mock inquiry has lent considerable credibility to Arvind Kejriwal. If, indeed, the UPA government is serious about eradicating corruption, as they claim, nothing should stop them for instituting an immediate inquiry in all the cases exposed by him.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054


Muslims Must Support Arvind Kejiriwal

The declarations of Mr. Arvind Kejiriwal are just similar to the character  of a Caliph .He following some of the principles of Caliph Omer .He did not claim a separate house or a palace for his residence .What he needed a simple house like an aam aadmi .Did not take an exorbitant salary. He rejected the security as he believes like a Muslim life and death is in the hands of God .As he said if the death is ensuing even 20 persons of security cannot save him from the clutches of death .Omar was killed by a man and got the honor of a martyr .In the same way third and fourth Caliphs were killed by the political opponents .But it was their destiny .to be killed as martyrs .Though every man has to die the natural death but the honor of martyrdom is a unique credit..If Kejiriwal   accepts Mohammad as last prophet of God and if he is killed by his political enemies he will be rewarded the honor of martyrdom .His spirit will take abode in the green birds and fly beneath the thrown of almighty till the day of judgment and finally settle in heaven for unending period. Though Kejiriwal does not believe in monotheism due lack of chance but if he is acknowledged he will surly accept the belief .but It seems he is honest gentleman and his near colleagues will also follow his suit .His mind is justice loving and Muslims are worst sufferers by the Congress and BJP thousands om Mulim youths were killed by the fanatic and fascist Hindus .Kejiriwal will surely take proper action against the culprits .But to do justice a time is required.     After 4 or 5 months Aam Admi will realize his talents and ask him to become the prome minister of this desperate naton .The corrupt parties and owners ob black money will be sent behind the bars.

                Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


The election results is really interesting and hard to imagine. A newbie like ‘Aaam Admi Party’ (AAP) thrashing the 15 year old regime of Congress is a clear indication that people want change and keen to get rid of the corrupt and failed governance. On the other side the BJP with 32 seats is no less than the Congress, which the people have seen failing to deliver and taking the opportunity to multiply their personal gains while they were in power for 6 years in the center, and similar was the story in NDA led government in the state. Though Kejriwal and his party may be lagging behind in experience but with the support and trust of voters they can learn the lessons of governance and embark with corruption free rule in the state. It’s high time for the Congress to introspect or else the government at the center failing in the general elections can prove the last nail to the UPA coffin. Time to support and strengthen the third front and AAP can be the next ray of hope.

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Nagpur – 440012