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Muzaffarnagar riots

A great evil stalks the land with a fascist force behind it, in the form of a powerful organisation which is mainly responsible for the hatred between communities. This force organized and planned riots and pogroms through the decades in India, the latest in the district of Muzzafargharh. Here the riots like most earlier riots in India were planned and the atmosphere made tense by hate speeches, rumours and lies, till the whole area was a tinderbox and any tiny incident was enough to ignite a riot. The Jat Hindus in this district after the riot will now vote in large numbers for the organisation that planned these riots. The Hindu vote is consolidated. There are many academic well researched books, studies and reports about Indian riots. If one cares, he should carefully get informed by academic reports and not by media reports from biased newspapers. It will become clear that most of these riots were planned by just one all pervasive organization in India. This organisation is at the moment massing in force in UP and Bihar, the purpose is to incite riots aimed at the massacre of minority religious groups. Wherever there is a three way split in the votes, this organization benefits from a riot, which polarises the Hindu and Muslim vote. Studies show when most Hindus had voted together in an area, there has never been a riot. Only in a situation of three-way split in the electorate there been a riot. This organization came to power when an old man born in Pakistan drove a chariot through hundreds of villages spreading hate and death in its wake, in the 1990s. He drove his chariot followed by hundreds of cadres and party workers, shouting blood-curdling slogans not to build a Temple but to gather votes by drumming up hate for the other. Hitler came to power too by democratic means. He was popular and got things done. He was supported by the industrialists. Hitler and his followers claimed to be great patriots. He had his cadre dressed in Brownshirts who practiced marching at sunrise. There was a Hitler wave in Germany and the population idolised him. Germans pointed out the good roads he built. The petit shopkeeper and the small businessman class were the first to love him. As a student of history, I will say, bad things are going to happen to Mother India if this evil now unleashed becomes the paramount power in Delhi. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country.

Steven Boyd (on MG website)


It is violence by political design. Riots are shame on all Muslim political leaders.

Wasif Naheel (on MG website)


Daily we come across irrelevant and illogical higgledy-piggledy all though the country which confirms the mocking lot of our politicians, leaders and even ministers. The glaring example though made sarcastically, meaninglessly by non-other than Sports Minister of U. P. Mr. Narad Rai proves that majority of our minister is dimsighted all the way. While making comments over deaths in Government sponsored relief camps in various places inconsequences of the of the communal riots the Minister unnecessarily created controversy that deaths around the relief camps in not new thing as it may even take place in homes and palaces too. According to him death of children, adults, elderly men women in camps or in homes and places are one and the same thing than way to blame only the camps. The statement of the Minister proves that he has no difference between camps, homes and places. It also further reveals that he has no idea of life in camps, homes and places and treating them parallel to each other, what a wonderful thinking: It appears that the Minister has not glimpsed the camps, agony, painful life, unhealthy condition, unprotected atmosphere and miserable leeching human life where the death is an open invitation whereas homes and palaces are the safeguarding nests for human life except under natural way which the Minister failed to cash almost blindly. Deaths in camps are man-made whereas deaths in homes and palaces are natural phenomenal happening hence they can not linked each other.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur 440013


The Silent Suffering

"A foetus can feel pain before birth." Through ultrasound techniques, it is a contribution that recognizes how the foetusreacts to particular stimulus, according to a study of the University of Siena. The uterus is a preserved place, but not locked. The touch is the first sense that the foetus develops. Likewise, babies have working memory; they retain flavours received in the uterus of the pregnant woman. Anand, educator at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, expressed to the New York Times, that foetus can feel pain from 20 weeks of gestation. However, the abortionists do not accept that a foetus perceives pain. It shows how wrong they are in opposing the unborn and deny the opportunity to exist. The foetus should be assisted as a human being from conception; the baby must be protected until natural death.      Gabriel Rosello, Madrid, Spain


Muslims, AAP and Congress

Muslims vote for Congress to save them from Hindutva, BJP and now Modi. However, Congress is so cracked due to virtual loot of public money and national resources, that it has not chance by all accounts to counter Modi. If Muslim still hold that Modi should be stopped, they should know, that in current situation, only Kejriwal's Aam Admi Party could stop Modi. It is as simple as that. Those who want to wait under the pretext of judging AAP, are in fact taking big risk with Congress and for that they will have to repent. Those who want to rise against the corrupt and communal political parties and give their nation a new era of freedom from the debased anti-national and anti-people politics, MUST consider joining AAP. Muslim votes for AAP will be a historical game-changer for India.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


it's very sad that the recent remark by one of the Minister from Delhi Mr. Kumar Vishwas of Aam Admi Party by making an unconstitutional remarks against International tennis player Mrs. Saniya Shoiab Mirza. Well he needs to check his homework. He needs to study the Constitution of India as India is a democratic country every person has his or her right to choose a life partner of his or her choice and people have not so ever right to speak against them. It is the Constitution of India that guarantees and bestows upon us such rights. Mr. Kumar who contested an elections under the cry and feelings of a common man like Aam Aadmi cry now begin to show colours the same voice when speaks from a ministerial dais speak unconstitutional remarks very sad. More over Kumar has not so ever right to speak against Saniya nor any of the Indian Citizen. Well after all it is the polluted political game that he plays. Just by passing such remarks he wants his name to be floated in the news channel by which he may gain more popularity and publicity. If the so called party has such mandate to defame the Indian women than people would think over such people, today already the society is polluted with innumerable problems of women. Marriage is a bond of true love between two souls and today with social media the ties of marriage is not restricted with India but has also gone far away.                 Liyakat Shah

No Modi please

Modi's ads are appearing on MG site. Please note that, akhi.

Abdullah -

MG: I have just checked and failed to find any Modi ad on MG website though I found a Congress party ad there. These ads are not constant. In other words, they keep changing and disappear after some time. Please note that such ads are automatically placed by Google on our site under an arrangement with us and this a source of income for our loss-making paper. We have already blocked ads of objectionable nature like sex, medicines sold through the Net, BJP RSS websites etc. If you let us know exactly the name of the website which had placed its ad on our website, we will be able to block it.


Dharna a political gimmick

When political instability and mayhem continues in national capital, what will be the condition of other parts of country ! With Arvind Kejriwal swearing in as the CM of Delhi, people had seen a new dawn here. But, sadly enough his modus operandi sounds a gimmick. The dhrana led by Arvind Kejriwal has only belittled his personality. It does not befit him in any way to take action against erring policemen. People had to face much inconveniences due to dharna. Arvind kejriwal should not have stooped to such a low to resort dharna to redress his demands. His rebuff will only demoralise the police department. It seems he is still living in same shell and adopting dharna to suit his interest. AAP has formed its debut government so it is supposed to equip with political paraphernalia.

Wakeel Ahmad, Gaya


The Dangerous Embryonic Stem Cells

The headline might be: "now the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine wants to give priority to adult stem cell research." However, this news has not been published. In 2004 another headline like the following was published: "Known Hollywood stars, including Christopher Reeves, support the adoption by referendum to spend 3,000 million dollars of public funds for embryonic stem cell research in order to cure diseases." Responsible people of the Institute have not wanted to publicize the shift given in the research policy. What happened? It happened what critics of the research with human embryos said: through this medium will not get any kind of therapy. Indeed, there has been neither treatment nor cure by using stem cells from embryos. So they have decided to change and focus more on adult stem cells that give reasons of medium or long term cure. The financial magazine Investor's Business Daily complains about double standards of the Institute since when they needed funding they talked about embryonic cells but when they referred to the results they did not mention the word embryonic. We have to go into this interesting news in depth. In March 2009 when the U. S. lifted the limits established for experimentation with embryos, the former director of the National Institute of Health (USA), Bernadine Healey, wrote in a newspaper that she declared obsolete embryonic cells and that those types of cells could also be dangerous since, unlike adult cells harvested from the patient, the embryonic can not be dominated and also they can not obtain to convert in the desired tissue. She concludes: "researchers devoted on embryonic cells are those who have politicized science. They have stood in the way of real progress. So we are glad to see that California researchers again put science in its place. This is further evidence that science is not free of ideology, and that the search of funding for research is made convincing politicians. 

Jose Antonio Calvo Baena, Zaragoza, Spain


Uniform and skin

May the Almighty ONE Who by a single jerk, turns mountains into oceans and oceans into mountains make those fellows who, reportedly changed some civilians 'clothes into uniforms of another country before shooting down innocent civilians for gaining the low earthly gains, realise that after their death, the skin of such oppressors will be changed again and again to get the taste of Hell fire as announced, in the Holy Qur'an.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Khwateen ke liye parde ka intezam hai

Amazingly the Indian Muslim society is a male-dominated, un-organised and indisciplined gathering where womenfolk are lynched, forced to walk under male crutches and act under man-made sword-law with no grace and no opportunity to lead the Ummah at any stretch of time at different stages. This has eclipsed their natural prowess, collective contribution and efforts for the all-round development of Millat. If we analyse this microscopically, we find that our women are victims of inferiority, timidity, unfitness, lack planning and independent decision-making and self-confidence due to excessive male domination. Take a look at religious congregation, social, political, educational and various Milli programmes, gatherings, events -- all are permanently led by male puritanicals whereas fair gender with all its potentiality and calibre is restricted within and under the guarding eyes of men. If men have been bestowed power and unchecked authority to speak from well-decorated stages, the question is: why  women are not? Such dismal traditions have turned our womanhood unplausible, without any laudable participation in the uplift, development and progress of Ummah. See in India almost each and every community here has given free-hand to its womenfolk to undertake educational, political, social, cultural, social and religious activities on their own with no interference, with very positive and constructive result at sight whereas our women have been restrained. We know fully that male and female are the two moving wheels of every nation, community, race and group, hence their share, responsibility and contribution in the development of generation must be in equal proportion which is invisible amongst Indian Muslims. We have ignored the fact that ladies are the genitors, builder, educator, moulders and trainers of generations. Experience shows that male members of the community failed to prove themselves worthy to lead the community in each direction by dividing the community on false man-woman grounds, whereas same is not the case with other communities. Every one of us knows that Islam happened to be the most progressive and most authoritative religion which treated women as equals to men without slight discrimination. Our Ulama admit the factual female position, equal status, participation and importance in building the community publicly however in practice the matter is just opposite.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


State Bank to open accounts with Urdu signatures

This is an important information for all Indians. I felt disabled as an Urdu-literate but thanks to Milli Gazette's report. Now I feel like complete Urdu-literate Indian, but before it I felt that denying one's signature in Urdu would designate an Urdu-knowing Indian as an illiterate Indian.

Galib Ansari (on MG website)


Woman's honour

Now-a-days ladies are being excessively pampered, puffed and pushed. A little girl is shown wiser than her father when she tells him to carefully read minutely printed terms, conditions before signing any document! A husband is being portrayed as unaware of consumers' rights when the wife, unlike her husband, refuses to accept a thing after expiry date and so also to pay more than MRP. Why so much maska (butter) is being applied to the respectable woman folk? All this smacks of dishonesty and insincerity. The aim behind this show business is to put a double burden on a duty-conscious house wife by dragging her out in work places to mingle with them mischievously. The woman is actually being dishonoured. It must stop to save society sand protect humanity.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392 150


Shahbano Case

This refers to Syed Shahauddin Sahib's comments on my letter entitled Shahbano case. I quite agree with Syed Sahib that Supreme Court judgement was quite against the Shariat and had completely ignored the Shariat Application Act of 1937. Under the leadership of Maulana Asad Madni Muslim MPs including myself across party lines had met the prime minister and urged upon him to get a law based on the rights conferred on Muslim women by Islam passed by the parliament and this had been done. It was Arun Nehru the powerful Minister of his State for Home Affairs in the Union Cabinet through his prodigy - the then chief minister of U. P. got the lock of Babri Masjid unlocked through the judgement of a law court in U. P. which paved the way for collective pooja. Rajiv Gandhi sacked Arun Nehru from his cabinet and removed Vir Bahadur from the chief ministership of U. P. Acharya Narendara - the great socialist leader and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia and other prominent leader of socialist party of Indian and godfather and mentor of Mulayam Singh Yadav the supreme of Samajwadi party did not utter a sing word against on installing murties in Babri Masjid and neither they condemned Pt. G. B. Pant the then chief minister of U. P. for not removing the murties from Babri Mosque.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi - 110091


Killing of political leaders In India Is not unusual

There is soul pricking news in today's papers that BJP and congress are sitting to ponder over the rising Kejiriwal factor in the running political affairs .The popularity of AAP is increasing to the alarming heights .Kejiriwal is making the third option .The people who are displeased with congress and BJP will happily join this front and discard both .The congress and BJP have disqualified each other .The masses are vexed with both parties .specially Muslims were massacred by Modi and congress fanatics not vote both the parties. In chin than The lovers of power may think Kejiriwal as the bone of contention and remove him from the scene .and the blame can be levelled to India Mujahideen, A brain child of Fanatics .What the best service more than this can IM do.. This Holy or honour killing can be done just before one and half moth before the Parliamentary elections.. Both the parties have accepted the victory of Delhi with great resentment but they can never forego the thrown of Lal Qila .In the history we have seen how a son has imprisoned his own father and how a mother has planned to kill her son. Such killings are not unusual in the Indian history In such situations we cannot do anything just to pray Almighty to give full protection to the budding and honest leader Arvind Kejiriwal. to serve India years together

Dr AH Maqdoomi



Taslima Nasreen

It is unfair the article you published with a photo of perverted Taslima Nasreen who has been banished from Bangladesh 20 years ago. Taslima Nasreen is an Israeli agent and recipient of large sums from anti-Islamic movements to write and act against Islam and Muslims. She has been given shelter in India to tarnish Islam. Knowing her crime and Muslim, it is difficult to understand why the Indian government offered her secret shelter with escorts. This kind of act is an act of treachery against Muslims. She can stay in Israel, America or France with full security and respect as well as financial support. The Milli Gazette should have avoide her bloody picture. Anyhow we the readers are in displeasure on seeing her picture and we request the editor to take necessary action to drive her away from India to her native country or elsewhere.

M. A. Khan, Trivandrum 695009



Some world leaders who hold Ariel Sharon in high esteem must understand that he is comparable only to Adolf Hitler. His brazen words spoken as the Foreign Minister while addressing the right-wing militants on November 15, 1998: "It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their land" speak for themselves as how he worked tirelessly to uproot the Palestinians from their own homeland.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)


Getting Saudi visa online a dream of millions

Saudi Arabia has world’s most sacred places. Every Muslim has a dream to visit these places at least once in a lifetime. Saudi Arabian government has always been seriously concerned towards the safety, comfort and care of every pilgrim travelling to Makkah and Madinah. Saudi Arabian government provides free visa for Umrah throughout the year. But a serious concern is that for getting the free Umrah visa stamped on your passport you need to contact some travel agency which is registered with Saudi Embassy. The travel agency in turn demands money for getting visa stamped on passport. There are many countries which have introduced E-Visa for getting visa at home without any third person involvement. How better it would be that we apply for Umrah Visa online and receive it online without any hassle. That will be a "Free Visa" and a dream come true for millions. Even if some genuine charges are to be paid to Saudi Embassy for that.           

                Er Mueen H Salati, Srinagar, J&K


Deep State in India

We have been given to know so much through different media and the intellectual lethargy has also contributed so much that the otherwise rational mind tended to think and believe that the 'deep state' does not exist in India. The attitude of many at the helm of affairs and resultant discrimination is not a new phenomenon and neither a post-1947 thing. In fact in its culmination we saw the vivisection of the South Asian subcontinent into three antagonist nations and four more peripheral ones. Unfortunately, this very mindset is being used to bind the peripheral nations which is visible in India media vis-à-vis the recent Bangladesh elections and the Maldivian one. May be the brains behind this all are trying to prove secularism to be a failure. The scenario is bleak for a core optimist like me when I apply realistic mind. Is Islamic system of justice and equality the need of the hour for being so hounded and maligned?

M Naqqaad (on MG website)