Human Rights

‘Sir, don’t shoot me, I am on fast’

Some Muslim youths and their colleagues who were observing fast were picked up by Madhya Pradesh police from their houses and killed in a fake encounter. Their "achievement", however, became suspicious. Hence, an investigation team from the state (MP) arrived in Uttar Pradesh (UP) for enquiry.

According to available information, two alleged bad characters of UP were killed by MP police in the forests of district Bhind of Madhya Pradesh in a fake encounter on 2 August. They were praised by their officers for killing “terrorists”. However, when the family members of these so-called “terrorists” arrived, an enquiry was made on the basis of their statements which gave a completely different picture. It was stated that among the four persons killed by police one was Raju Khan of Jalaun who was buried in a local graveyard. His father Asghar Ali said that his son was presently doing contractorship business in Indore, that police picked him up from his residence, killed him in an encounter and police uniform was put on him. He said that when police was preparing to encounter him, Raju Khan was beseeching them not to shoot him as he was on fast but inspite of his heart-rending pleadings, he was killed. Asghar Ali reasoned that if he was in police uniform, bullet marks must be on the uniform. Because of the great noise and protest on this fake encounter, the investigation team also went to the house of another victim of the fake encounter, Oodal Singh s/o Hari Mohan of Jalaun’s Manjhuna village. Allegedly Raju was an accused in the case of dacoity at Jalaun post office on 27 January 2006. He was produced in the court but acquitted.

Inspite of tall claims, MP police is being caught in its own net. If police had announced an award on his head, why did it not inform Jalaun police and got Raju’s name included in the list of the wanted criminals? It sent Oodal Singh’s dead body at Manjhuna village police station which, being in a decomposed state, was dumped by police at his residence whose last rites were performed by his family members. According to his family, Oodal had picked up a quarrel with someone in which many persons of Vaishya fraternity were seriously injured. Because of their money power and with connivance of police, these people got four men killed. Raju Khan’s father Asghar Ali wrote letters to the Human Rights Commission, National Minorities Commission, prime minister etc and complained against the police officers accusing them of involvement in the murder of his son. He said that if nothing is done against the guilty officers, he would go to court. He said that his son was on fast but police picked him up from his house and killed him. A Congress MLA, Dr Govind Singh and parents of the four innocent youths (Raju Khan, Amjad, Oodal and Ravinder Pandit) are demanding strong action against the guilty police officers among whom are many high officials of Madhya Pradesh police.