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KCR Exposed, uses Model code to suspend school principal for uploading video

Condemn the undemocratic action of Telangana Govt. suspending civil liberties activist Lateef Mohd Khan from active service for Questioning Chief Minister KCR’s promises; Appeal to the intellectuals, rights organisation, and mass organisations to come forward to uphold the idea civil liberties and true spirit of Democracy

Hyderabad (22 May 2019): Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee expresses its deep anguish and concern on the growing witch hunt initiated against civil rights activists by the Telangana Government. The state government continuing its strives of crushing every dissenting voice, has suspended the active service of Lateef Mohammed Khan, General Secretary, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee and initiated departmental disciplinary proceeding against him for questioning and criticizing  Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao for his false and unfulfilled promises to the people of Telangana. This all proceeding taking place under the guise of violation of Model code of conduct.

These days it has become an alarming norm in the state political beliefs where dissenting voices has been singled out and targeted by political classes for raising any question to their discomfort. Many civil rights activists whom are working for the better social causes in this country has been intimidated and silenced using one form or the other. This present action of the Telangana State Government is just another attempt to muzzle dissent by using coercive and arbitrary force.       

CLMC Gen. Sec. Mr. Lateef Mohammed Khan who was working as a Gazetted Head Master at Govt. High School is removed from his active service by an arbitrary suspension order dated 17-05-2019 issued by the Regional Joint Director of School Education on behalf of Govt of Tealnggana and an departmental inquiry has been initiated against him, on the charges that he has criticized the Chief Minister of Telangana K. Chandrashekar Rao by sharing and uploading a video on his social media account titled ‘KCR Exposed’.

The proceedings initiated against Lateef Mohammed Khan by the Telangana Government stands as a classic example of violation of principles of natural justice, wherein a vague and ambiguous show cause notice was issued to him, wherein he was not informed on who is the complainant  and the nature of the complaint or the contents of the complaint made against him, wherein an ex-parte inquiry was already conducted behind his back and declared him guilty, and wherein without even considering his reply and without applying the mind a cryptic suspension order was passed, which all goes on to manifest that the state government is proceeding with a preconceived and predetermined task of punishing him into subjugation.

The most unfortunate part is the Department of School Education is becoming a tool at the hands of vested interests by conducting a lopsided inquiry in a rush, and acting in an unreasonable manner by not even adhering to the basic minimum required standards of fair play and justice. 

It is a fact that our General Secretary Mr. Lateef Mohammed Khan never used his official capacity or public service office to raise his voice, but as a responsible citizen and as a civil liberties activist, to highlight the grievances of the public at large. He as the general secretary of our organization is working with a mission statement to research and action to monitor, document advocate and educate about civil rights and human rights abuses. He is working with this cause for the past 20 years, questioning and exposing the rulers on their immoral actions and working towards making them answerable and accountable to the law of the land.

The Telangana Government under Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao should understand and know it well that citizens joining government employment is not expected in any manner to slave out their souls and conscience, in fact Article 19 of the Constitution provides for Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression, and this important right of free speech is not merely to express laurels for the authorities but also to criticize them for their illegitimate actions.      

It is the duty of every citizen of this country to strive towards accountability of actions of the government and state machinery, as our organization believes that an informed citizen strengthens democracy and help building a true republic.

But unfortunately Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and his Government have lost sight of its constitutional duties and mandate. Mr. Chandrashekar Rao is butchering the aged old healthy practice in a democracy of constructive criticism on the unfulfilled commitments and shortcomings of the people occupying the public offices. Mr. K. Chandrashekar Rao has put his public office on the imaginary pedestal of higher supremacy and declared it beyond any criticism, which is the most haunting trait of an unpopular dictatorship. The Chief Minister’s action of muzzling dissent and any critical voice against him makes him nothing short of a despotic ruler.

The CLMC and its activists will not be scared into conformity by such intimidating tactics, further these kind of undemocratic actions makes our commitment towards ending rule of impunity more strengthen and makes us more determined than ever before to fight for injustice everywhere.  

CLMC will take the Chief Minister of Telangana K. Chandrashekar Rao and his Government’s arbitrary and feudal actions to the people’s court, where every tyrannical action has been held accountable and given a befitting reply by the true rulers of this country.  

CLMC demands the Government of Telangana to forthwith halt persecution of its activists and drop the arbitrary and whimsical proceedings initiated against our organization General Secretary Lateef Mohammed Khan and to end its malafidely and politically motivated campaign of suppressing the voice for voice less people. It is an appeal to the Intellectuals, rights organisations, mass organisation to come forward to resist the attack on civil liberties and to protect the true sprit of democracy. 

A.Srinivas    M.Mandakini Dr.Rafat Seema (Activists of civil liberties Monitoring Committee) Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee. India Amberpet, Hyderabad. India - 500013 (Press Release)