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Bhai Tej Singh speaks at Karachi University on Social Discrimination, Minorities

On the Role of Minorities in Conflict Resolution and Peace in South Asia. Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who framed the Indian Constitution, has drawn a vertical line between the victims and the victimisers.

BHAI TEJ SINGH, National President of the Ambedkar Samaj Party participated in the International Conference on the Role of Minorities in Conflict Resolution and Peace in South Asia and presented a paper on "SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION IN SOUTH ASIA". The conference was organised by the Department of Sociology, University of Karachi. He speaks in his paper about the thousands years' old tradition of injustice and discrimination faced by the dalits of India and other marginalised classes. The speech won accolades from one and all after Bhai Tej Singh delivered his maiden speech in Karachi on 10th July 2019. Here he is seen receiving a memento from Prof. Khalid Mehmood Iraqi, Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi Pakistan.

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Paper presented by


National President, Ambedkar Samaj Party, India

In the International Conference

On the Role of Minorities in Conflict Resolution and Peace in South Asia


Organized by

Department of Sociology, University of Karachi (Pakistan)


10th July 2019

University of Karachi, Pakistan


Assalamu ‘alaikum, brothers and sisters!

I would like to express deepest regards and respects to the distinguished guests, my beloved brothers and sisters of Pakistan and also to all those who have come here from far-flung areas of the world to deliberate on a serious topic touching the lives of hundreds of millions of peoples of South Asia. I would also like to express my gratitude to the organizers of this International Conference who have invited a person like me who is not a literary or academic person. Rather, I belong to the grassroots trying for decades to liberate my people from the exploitative clutches of Hinduism. I would like to mention that I am totally unaware of such exploitation of human beings in any other country, yet I must hasten to say that my knowledge is limited to the social discrimination in the country I come from.

Friends, I am an activist of a socio-political movement in India working for the emancipation of the worst victims of social discrimination. Therefore we are struggling to liberate out people who constitute a very large population from the clutches of Hinduism in which inequality is ingrained in the shape of an unjust caste system. The social discrimination of large swathes of our population has remained as the way of life in India for five thousand years and it still continues!

In India, we the people of the erstwhile “untouchable” communities are being kicked and killed, our women are raped and gruesomely murdered almost every single day. Their modesty is challenged in every walk of life. There are thousands of reported incidents of reported and many more unreported rape cases in India. Almost all the victims are dalits (the so-called Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Castes). Except on paper, our constitutional and human rights are not yet restored.

You may ask: who are the victims and who are the victimizers in a supposedly “free” and “democratic” country? Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who framed the Indian Constitution, has drawn a vertical line between the victims and the victimisers. He was of the firm opinion that the victimisers are none other than the Upper Caste Hindus who have been victimising our people for centuries for no fault of the victims. He in very clear terms directed the erstwhile “untouchables” to wage an open war against the Caste Hindus. There is no iota of doubt that the victims of this victimization are dalits and the victimizers are the Caste Hindus who boast to belong to an upper caste, i.e., nobles or Ashraaf.

The Caste-based discrimination is not limited to unjust myths, nor is it just a matter of tradition. Rather, it is well-ingrained in the religious texts of Hinduism, viz., Ramayan, Geeta, Mahabharat, Vedas, Purana, Shruti and Manusmrati etc. Not only are the religious textbooks of the Hindus, their gods and goddesses too are symbols of terrorism as they are portrayed wielding weapons in paintings and idols installed in temples. Therefore, you can say that social discrimination and social terrorism is in the brain and blood of the Hindus. Now the question arises as to who are “Hindus”?

On several occasions, I have questioned the proprietors of Hindu-religion in India as to whether the dalit-adivasis and the people of backward castes, spread over several thousand sub-castes and creeds, Hindus?

If yes, then why the basic human and constitutional rights of these groups not restored? Why their proportionate share in the land, wealth, judiciary and governance of the country not been restored? Furthermore, why the real Hindus, i.e., the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas and the Vaishyas, have not yet initiated inter-caste dining and inter-caste marriages with these dalit, adivasi and backward caste people? And why the dalit,  adivasi and backward castes people not yet allowed to have access to the Hindu temples? Unlike Muslims and Christians, why this Hindu micro-minority (HMM) has not yet considered its so-called brethren -- the dalit, adivasi and backward caste people, at par with them in their rites, rituals and social life?

This means that the dalit, adivasi and backward class people are not Hindus. Rather, they are slaves of the Hindu mentality which has not only been imposed on them by the Hindu Aryans but also has the stamp of a so-called religion approving the heinous practice of demeaning and degrading humanity on the basis of myths. Otherwise, Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar would not have been compelled to say, “I was born as a Hindu because it was not within my powers, but I assure you that I will not die as a Hindu”.

It is quite obvious to any serious scholar and observer that the dalit, adivasi and backward class people, who constitute over 70 per cent of India’s population, are not Hindus. This leaves the rest, i.e., Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas, in a minority. A mere 8 to 10 percent of the total Indian population cannot be termed as the majority. Rahter, it is only a small minority. This is the only section of the Indian population which is responsible for all the evils in the country. This micro-minority has been creating havoc and hell for dalits and the minorities, especially the Muslims of India.

Again, a question arises here as to how this Hindu micro-minority (HMM) is able to play mischief with the lives, properties and even the dignity of a vast majority of dalits which means the original inhabitants? The answer is very simple: it is because of their retaining the control over political power that too when India claims to be the world’s largest democracy. They simply believe and practice “Divide and fool to rule,” by using the old strategies of Saama, Daama, Danda and Bheda as enshrined in their so-called religious textbooks.” Saama is to peacefully solve an issue, Daama is to offering compensation or bribe, Danda is inflicting punishment and Bheda is total subjugation/annihilation of the opposite person.

The story does not end here. Another pertinent question has long perplexed right-thinking persons as to why Hindu gods and goddesses are equipped with weapons? It is evident that almost all the gods and goddesses of the Hindus are equipped with weapons! Why? It is just to terrorize the masses, i.e., the dalits, adivasis and the backwards (the fourth Varana in the Hindu caste system). Furthermore, the gods and goddesses of Hinduism are not without a blot of sin to their credit as is evident from their own religious scriptures. It is said that their greatest god Brahma, the so-called originator of this universe, didn’t spare his own daughter!

Lord Buddha, Tirthanker Mahavir, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak Devji and Paighambar Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) did not carry any sort of weapon to terrorise their opponents. They non-violently spread their message of equality, liberty, peace, love and universal brotherhood amongst the human-beings and won the accolades from the whole world. On the other hand, the Hindu gods and the goddesses are symbol of terrorism as all of them are equipped with weapons! Almost all Hindu religious scriptures are full of the teaching of disparity amongst the men and men/women. The Manusmriti, Ramayana, Geeta, Mahabharata, Vedas and even their Puranas could not escape this evil of demeaning human-beings to the extent of preaching abominable and inhuman injustice!

In view of above, it is quite clear that the Dalits, i.e., people belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and the Backward Castes, are not Hindus. Rather they are victims of Hindutva!

During the last 72 years since the so-called Independence of India, you might have witnessed and realized the agony of our people. In the land of ours, we dalits are being harassed, oppressed, suppressed and victimized in every walks of our lives on a daily basis. Our people are being kicked and killed as a daily routine. According to the National Crime Bureau Record of India, the number of registered cases of atrocities against dalits have gone up to 1.67 lakh during 2016. The state home minister has accepted in the Upper House of Parliament that as many as 25,600 students committed suicide. Their majority belonged to the SCs/STs/OBCs/Minorities.  Our houses are looted and huts of our people are torched. Even our womenfolk are raped at will. This all happens almost daily and that too without any fault of the victims. You may be aware that the reports to this effect are not easily registered by the police in India so as to shield the guilty. Would you call this ‘Independence’? You intellectual brothers and sisters of mine would you ever imagine that the dalits of my country are independent under such conditions? Why we dalits are still subjected to ignominious and inhuman injustice? Why, we still continue to endure this perpetual slavery? I think there are millions in India who hardly smelt the fragrance of ‘Independence’ all these past years since Indian attained freedom.

The word Azadi virtually has no meaning for millions of dalits and Muslims in India. In other words, the independence of our own land proved meaningless for the original inhabitants of the land of ours, i.e., dalits, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and even Sikhs. Why has this nonsense continued since 1947? Who are responsible?

My dear brothers and sisters, I would like to tell you that there are reasons behind the ignominious injustice and cruelty against dalits. I have no hesitation in saying that the governance of my country on 14th August 1947 fell into the hands of the high caste Hindus! You might be surprised to listen this word ‘Hindu’ especially in the matter of transfer of powers and would be anxious to know if we dalits (the Schedules Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Castes) are not ‘Hindus!

In order to elaborate this point, I would like to question the proprietors of the philosophy of “Hindutva” as to whether the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Castes (Dalits), i.e., Nai, Kumhar, Dhanuk, Dhobi, Kachhi, Kahar, Ahir, Jaat, Gurjar, Kurmi, Koiry, Sansi, Passi, Dusadh, Chamar, Mahar, Baghel, Lodhi, Jatav, Mehtar, Bhangi, Saini, Nishad, Domas, Chandal, Mala, Madiga, Paraya, Pulaya, Ezhwas etc. are Hindus?

If so, why the basic, human and constitutional rights of these communities have not yet been restored? Why this section of society is being subjected to abominable thralldom, inhuman injustice and atrocities by none other than the Hindu Micro-Minority in India? Why they were still not allowed to have their due share in the land, wealth, education, industries, business, administration and judiciary of the country? And if these communities of dalits, tribals and backwards are Hindu, then why the Caste Hindus (Brahmin, Kshatriya & Vaishyas) have not yet begun with inter-caste dining and inter-caste matrimonial alliances with dalits?

Historically, we Dalits, particularly the so-called “untouchables,” were not Hindus. We were termed as ‘outcaste’! You know ‘the Caste’ or ‘Varna’ is the backbone of Hinduism, as such no one can think himself to be Hindu if he or she is an outcaste, i.e., not included in the caste system. In Census of India conducted during the British period, the untouchables had separate identity till 1931 and were distinctly mentioned in its reports as “untouchables”. Thereafter, the cunning Caste Hindus, having sniffed ‘Democracy’ as the would-be mode of the governance of India, got us included in Hinduism. One may remember that after 1939 the Britishers had to pass through worldwide turbulence as such they hardly had any time for Indian affairs and were finally compelled to leave India.

The Hindu scriptures very strongly stuck to their Caste/Varana supremacy. The Shudras had no respectable place in the daily lives, rather they were subjected to so many ignominies if they dared to recite or listen the hymns and verses of the Vedas, Puranas, etc. Even after independence, the Shudras (the SCs/STs & BCs) were not supposed to enter Hindu temples at will.

I mean to say that we dalits are not Hindus, are not supposed to be Hindus and would not like to remain in the Hindu-fold. This means dalits, tribals and backwards are not Hindus but slave of Hinduism and victims of Hindutva. Otherwise, Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar, the liberator of millions of the untouchables, would not have been compelled to say, “I was born a Hindu, and that was beyond my powers, but I shall not die a Hindu.”  Furthermore, Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar had gone to the extent of saying that ‘a movement of the untouchables must mean an open war upon the Caste Hindus’. With these words of Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, a clear cut demarcation was drawn between dalits and their enemies because an open war is not supposed to be fought with friends and well-wishers. You know that he who does some good for the people is supposed to be the “god” of these people. It was none other than Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar who had liberated millions of the untouchables from abominable thralldom, ignominious way of life and inhuman injustice being perpetuated by the Brahmanical knaves (Caste Hindus). Thus we dalits are bound to adhere to the words and spirit of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar and follow ‘His Mission,’ i.e., His line of thought and action.

Now the question arises as to why the Caste Hindus are blood-thirsty of Dalits and even of Muslims? To elaborate this point Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, had made it abundantly clear in his book Discovery of India that the Hindu Aryans are alien to this land of ours as they have come from Mid-Asia, the very birthplace of the Jews. This fact has also been confirmed by a Great Hindu leader and philosopher, Pt. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, in his book, The Arctic Home in Vedas. Apart from these two, there are so many prominent historians like Pt. R.S. Sharma, Romila Thaper, D.R. Bhandarkar who have the same opinion that the Hindu Aryans are invaders to the India. Having conquered the innocent but brave ‘Dravidian’ with their knavish tricks of deception they enslaved them. These enslaved aboriginal Indians were none other than the untouchables of the yesteryears. In order not to let these untouchables raise their heads or think of winning back their lost kingdom, they were subjected to abominable thralldom and inhuman injustice. The worst of everything was the infliction of the ignominy and inhuman injustice on dalits (Shudras) which got due sanction of the so-called Hindu religious scriptures.

Thus, there are ample reasons behind the oppression, suppression and victimization of dalits at the hands of Caste-Hindus and their Government but it is not understandable as to why our Muslim brethren are shabbily treated by the same lot of the knavish Hindus? Why innocent Muslim youth are almost daily being subjected to murder in fake encounters? Why hundreds of Muslims and Dalits have been lynched in the name of beef and protection of cows? Why the lives, properties and Deen of our Muslim brothers and sisters always remain at stake under the dispensation of Caste-Hindus? It is true that our Muslim brothers and sisters have been made second-rate citizens in independent India. Are they really foreigners and traitors to their country? In the guise of a long saga of communal riots, tens of thousands of Muslims have been killed, their hard-earned money looted, their houses and shops set on fire and the modesty of their womenfolk outraged. The riots still continue but their new avtar, lynchings, is more in vogue these days especially since Mr Narendra Modi came to power as the head of the BJP government in May 2015.

In recent years, our opponents invented a new word ‘Terrorism’ to take on Muslims. On the pretext of “Terrorism,” Muslims are being branded terrorists and compelled to survive at gunpoint. The Police, after killing some innocent Muslim youths in fake encounters, arrest some others on the pretext of “terrorism” after some suspicious bomb-explosion and brands them as “Masterminds”! I personally don’t think that Indian Muslims are masterminds of terror attacks. They have been continuously victims being killed in State-sponsored riots either at Aligarh, Moradabad, Meerut, Maliana, Hashimpura, Bhagalpur, Coimbatore, Malegaon, Gujarat etc., etc... They appeared to have forgotten Gujarat 2002 massacres wherein thousands of Muslims were killed, hundreds of their houses and shops were burnt, bellies of pregnant Muslim women were torn open and their unborn babies were thrown into fire! If my Muslim brothers were ever masterminds, they would have identified their enemies and tried to find ways and means of escaping the brutality and cruelty of the Hindus. It appears that my Muslims brothers have not yet made up their mind to find out solutions of their grave problem.


Now let us examine as to whether our Indian Muslim brethren are alien to India and have come from Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan as is being branded by Hindu-hypocrites. So far as I understand, the authentic entry of the Muslims into India occurred way back in 712 AD when Muhammad Bin Qasim defeated the Hindu king of Sindh. He had celebrated his victory with a difference. He has ordered his knights to organize a grand feast. For that purpose, he sent his emissaries to invite the orphans i.e., the poorest of the poor but mistakenly they brought some Brahmins who were usually invited to the feasts. Having a glimpse of their faces and big bellies, Mohammad Bin Qasim asked his knights as to where are the orphans? He was informed that as per Indian tradition, these people (Brahmins) are given feast on the occasions of birth, death and other ceremonies. This made the King to turn away these Brahmins and ordered his soldiers to bring the real orphans and the poor. Thereafter, the soldiers reached the huts of the untouchables situated on the outskirts of the town. Seeing the soldiers coming towards them, the poor untouchables tried to flee fearing persecution at the hands of the new king but anyhow they were captured and brought to the Royal Court. They were offered delicious food with dignity. The untouchables, while taking the food, were thinking that this king would kill them after the feast whereas others used to kill them on empty stomachs. On having taken the food by these orphans of India, the King got up with a bowl in his hand to collect the residue from the plates of the untouchables and began to eat. Astonished to see the King eating their leftover food, the untouchables dared to ask as to what is the matter? The King replied that in Islam one who cares for the orphans and poor is termed to be the true Muslim, a firm believer in the faith of Almighty Allah T’ala who is Gracious and Merciful. The Mazlooms attending the feast then requested the King Muhammad Bin Quasim as to whether they would be allowed to embrace Islam, the spirit of equality, fraternity, and liberty? Why not, was the reply of the King. I think it was the time when the Shudras, particularly the untouchables, began to get themselves liberated through Islam where no disparity of any sort persists but in India the story is different.


Here I would like to examine the case of the people who took refuge in Islam. Certainly, they were not the Brahmins who used to command and were seen in very high esteem and respectability by every Indian. They had no need to become Muslims. The Kshatriyas, who were the rulers and owners of land, were not supposed to join the Islamic faith. Similarly the Vaishyas, who have bountiful wealth, also were not likely to embrace Islam. Only the unfortunate Shudras, whether touchable or untouchable, were most likely to embrace Islam, the faith of equality, fraternity, liberty and dignity. Definitely, these unfortunate children of India got themselves liberated from the clutches of Hinduism by embracing Islam. This is why the Muslims of India are being given the same shabby treatment as if they were the same aboriginal Shudras (Dalits, Tribals and Backwards) in the Hindu fold. The Sachar Committee Report on the educational and social status of the Muslims has termed them below the status of the Dalits today.


In view of the living conditions and habits of Muslims, which matches with that of dalits, I am of the firm opinion that about 99 per cent of the Muslim population in India has converted from dalits. In order to escape Hindu brutality and cruelty, the Indian history is replete with the fact that time and again dalits converted to different faiths. I do not think that Christians in India have either come from England, US or Canada. A majority of them belong to the Indian Dalits.


The Dalits are the aboriginals of this land. They got them converted to Christianity when Christian missionaries extended their helping hand of love and affection towards them. The Sachar Committee report of 2006 has also revealed that the Scheduled Castes and Tribes of India are not limited to the religion of Hinduism. The 61st Round Survey of the NSSO found that almost nine-tenths of the Buddhists and one-thirds of the Sikhs in India belonged to the notified Scheduled Castes of the Constitution while one-third of the Indian Christians belong to the notified Scheduled Tribes of India.


It has now been amply proven that the dalits (SCs/STs & OBCs) are not Hindus and that our Muslim/Christian brethren too are not of any foreign origin. Instead they belong to the aboriginal Indians while the Hindu Aryans (Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas) are alien to our land. This is why they have no love and affection for our land and our people. We dalits (SCs, STs and Backwards), Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists etc. not only always remain at the receiving end but are also being subjected to indifferent treatment at the hands of the Indian Caste-Hindu rulers. It is true that we constitute a majority of about 90 per cent of the total Indian population.


In view of the facts and figures presented here, I request our Muslim brothers of India they should not mistake us as “Hindus” which we are not. We are blood brothers of our Muslim brethren. It is the matter of only a few generations that has made us stand apart. We were extensively used and misused against our blood brothers, Muslims and Christians, by the cunning Caste-Hindus during communal riots. I hold my elder Muslim brothers responsible for letting us rot in the stench of Hinduism by distancing from us. It was Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar alone who made us realize that Muslims are not alien to this land of ours as such they are not our enemy but blood brothers. Having made aware of this fact, we dalits have refused to play in the hands of the Caste Hindus to take on Muslims in the state-sponsored riots. Resultantly riots have subsided and new forms of violence against Muslims are taking shape.


But this is not sufficient for us to console ourselves. The Hindu knaves have devised another ignoble idea to persecute Muslims. This is fake ‘terrorism’. The idea is to mount systematic intimidation by unnecessarily keeping a whole community under constant threat of assault, looting and killing without any rhyme and reason. This is achieved by terming someone as a “terrorist” and faking something and terming it “terrorism”. It is historically evident and also has been in vogue in independent India that the dalits have been and are being kept under incessant terror by none other than the Caste-Hindus. Their so-called religious scriptures, Vedas, Puranas, Gita, Ramayan, Mahabharata, Shruti, Manusmriti etc. are replete with incidents of crime against Shudras. The Hindu Personal Law book called Manusmriti authorizes Hindus to resort to inhuman crimes against Shudras at will.

The Hindu Personal Law Board, i.e., RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) is the mother of all evils, ill-will and hatred against our country and its countrymen, i.e., dalits, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists. But where do we stand? Are we cautious and concerned about our people’s ignominies? Are we really aware and concerned about the land, wealth, education, industry, business, governance and judiciary of our country that has been captured by our diehard enemies?

My dear brothers and sisters, you may be aware that we Dalits earn for the country, we burn ourselves for the country and above all we are the builders of our country. But due to the sheer ignorance and lack of understanding, all the fruits and juices of our motherland are being squeezed and enjoyed by the Hindu Micro-Minority (HMM), that too when our country is a democratic polity where the governing powers must be in the hands of the majority. On the basis of our clear majority, we should have become the rulers of the land of ours immediately after independence. We wasted 72 long years by licking the feet of Hindu Micro-Minority. We have been enjoying our slavery in spite of the so-called independence of our country. Our representatives in Parliament and in the state legislatures have become the ‘Three monkeys of Gandhi’ pretending to be mute, not listening and not seeing, unconcerned about our miseries. These puppets in the hands of their political masters are our cause of concern. Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar expressed his concern about the dalit representatives. He became such a worried person having witnessed their apathetic and pitiable mental condition. He said,

The representatives of the untouchables were supposed to be the watch-dogs of the untouchables. But by reason of having joined Congress, they are muzzled dogs. Far from biting the enemy, they are not even able to bark.

This loss of freedom of speech and action by these untouchable members was entirely due to their being under the subjugation of their Congress/BJP masters. Our people who by joining other brahmanical parties remain at the end of the tail which is so long that it cannot even wag. Dr. Ambedkar was so disgusted with the untouchable representatives in the legislatures that he opined that instead of being the champions of their own people, they have become the slaves of their opponents. This epidemic state of the representatives is not limited to the dalits only but extends to the backward communities. Muslim and Christian representatives are not lesser than muzzled dogs at the hands of their political masters!

Now the question arises as to who will come to our rescue? Who will restore our due share in the land, wealth, education, industries, business, governance and judiciary of the country? None other than Muslims, my elder brothers, should own this responsibility and get us liberated from the clutches of Hinduism. I would like to ask my elder brothers, Muslims of India and abroad: how many more riots we require to get the Muslims eliminated finally? How many encounters they require to get Muslim youth encountered by Police? How many Aligarhs, Moradabads, Meeruts, Malianas, Hashimpuras, Bhagalpurs, Gujarats our Muslims brothers desire for their final extinction? How long we shall keep on begging for our rights? The Liberhan Commission Report, which came after 17 years of the demolition of Babari Mosque, has not yet been put up for the consideration of the Government. The Central Government appears to be in dilemma how to implement the Sachar Committee Report of 2006. I would like to remind our Muslim intellectuals that Muslims used to be about 35 per cent in top Government positions prior to the so-called Independence! How they got reduced to such an extent from the government machinery should be the cause of concern of all of us.

The Babri Masjid demolition in December 1992 began in December 1949 when an idol of Rama was installed in the Mosque and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Government locked the Mosque to forbid Muslims to offer Namaz there. It was Arun Nehru, then junior home minister in Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet, who got the mosque unlocked for Hindu puja there. Finally, it was the turn of Pandit P.V. Narsimha Rao to get the Babri Mosque demolished by the duo Kalyan Singh Lodhi and Mulayam Singh Yadav with due connivance of Lal Krishna Advani of Bhartiya Janata Party. So, right from the elimination of the Muslims from the government positions to demolition of Babari Mosque, Congress Party had played very villainous role. Again, it was the Congress Government at the Centre which gave a damn for the sentiments of the millions of the Muslims on the nuclear deal with the US, the diehard enemy of the Muslims of the world.

One thing comes to my mind again and again that our Muslims brothers try to defeat Bhartiya Janata Party, the political wing of Hindu Personal Law Board (RSS). In the process, they are ready to elect any other devilish party or person. Our Muslim brethren find faults with a particular political party whereas the enemies of the Muslims are omnipotent and omnipresent and abundantly found almost in every other political and apolitical organization. As I have already mentioned, our Messiah Baba Saheb Ambedkar had drawn a clear-cut line between our friends by saying that a movement of the untouchables must mean an open war against the Caste Hindus. Kanshi Ram further elaborated this line as 15/85. He coined the slogan, “TILAK, TARAZU AUR TALWAR; INKO MAARO JOOTE CHAAR” so as to make the gullible masses amongst dalits understand who is their enemy and who is their friend. At the fag end of his life, he faltered. The battle he started remained to be fought.

On the contrary, our Muslim intellectuals have miserably failed to identify their enemy. They always find fault with some political and apolitical organizations which have their enemies in abundance. The same lot of the people, i.e., the Hindu Micro-Minority, which is allergic to the Dalits, is blood thirsty of the Muslims also. I would like to make it clear here that dalits and Muslims have a common enemy and we must be prepared to take them on jointly to get our people and our country liberated from the Hindu Micro Minority.

I am happy to know that our intellectual brothers have recently launched some new political parties solely for the purpose of the political empowerment of Muslims. The atmosphere in India is not so amicable as to see the smooth sailing for a Muslim political party. They must also be aware of the fact as to why the Muslim League and other political parties of the Muslims could not succeed. They must bear in their minds that for the political empowerment of the Muslims, Muslim votes perhaps may not be sufficient enough in most constituencies. There must be supportive vote of like-minded groups or communities.

Since everybody in the Hindu Micro Minority, i.e., the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and the Vaishyas in India, hate our Muslim brethren just by knowing their names. How can they vote for Muslims for their political empowerment? I think certainly not. The Hindus are not supposed to cast their votes in favor of Muslims or their political party. Then political empowerment of the Muslims shall remain a dream. One thing they will certainly do, they shall beg tickets from such parties to have Muslim votes without asking and get elected, as is the case with Mayawati and her Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). The Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas have since been dictating terms on account of their majority in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. It is, therefore, essentially the need of the hour that dalits and Muslims, the blood brothers, should develop the sense of understanding and join hands to become masters of their destin. There is no other way out. Political power of dalit-Muslims is the reply to all our woes. It will certainly bring back our lost glory. The country belongs to us, so it is our duty to liberate it from the clutches of Brahminism, feudalism, capitalism, Castiesm and Hindu-terrorism.

We should bear in mind that any delay in our pursuit will certainly give the Hindu Micro Minority an opportunity to do away with the Constitution of India which is our hope to become the rulers of our land. Our opponents are determined to disturb the peace and harmony and the basic thread of democracy. Their intention to pass the “Woman’s Reservation Bill” without giving due reservation for dalit, Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Buddhist women is an attempt in this direction. In the guise of the women reservation in legislatures, they will get upper caste women elected in parliament and state legislatures and thereby have a clear-cut majority at their disposal to put their sordid plans into action against the country and its aboriginal inhabitants.

The Hindu Micro-Minorities have developed misgivings against the dalit-Muslims. The dalits who are the victim of caste-prejudice are branded castiest and Muslims, the victim of communalism are branded as communal by none other than the Caste-Hindus who are the most Castiest and communal creatures in the world. They have surpassed the Jews in their wickedness and knavish innovations. Hindu rabid organizations are determined to make this country a “Hindu Rashtra”. This is possible only after demolishing the Constitution of India and democratic norms. Once India is made Hindu-Rashtra, the doors of our ever becoming masters of our country will be closed forever. The worst of everything, I visualize that the modesty of our daughters and sisters will be torn apart by the Hindu fanatics, that too before our open eyes and we would be hapless and helpless to do anything.

Ever since our country got its independence from the British slavery, it has fallen in the hands of people of similar ilk whose ancestors have placed the majority of this country under subjugation to the extent of abominable thralldom, inhuman injustice and resorted to ignominious atrocities by treating them as untouchables and brought them below par that of the animals. Today a cow enjoys more rights and is more respected than human beings, especially Muslims and Dalits. Therefore, it is futile to trust their progeny to undertake welfare schemes for the poor and persecuted masses. That is why the common man and communities, branded as low by birth, are still standing at the point where the British left them in 1947.

In accordance with the provisions of democracy, as enshrined in the Constitution of India drafted by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the Indian government is supposed to be elected directly by the people. Therefore, it is a compulsion on the part of the Upper Caste leaders to go to the people begging for their votes with folded hands. It is really a miracle that in the country of disparity and discrimination based on the Caste system, the Caste-Hindus, the affluent, influential and even the mafias are compelled to come before dalits (SCs/STs/OBCs), the erstwhile untouchables, with folded hands once in five years, just for the sake of their votes! It is because they want to remain at the helms of the affairs in this country of ours. They understand that they do not have the requisite numerical strength so as to enable them to have political power on their own. Without political power, any person or personality is reduced to the status of mere dog!

In order to remain at the helm of the affairs of our country, they go to the people with rosy promises but after the elections they never come back or fulfill any promise made to the people. They are well aware of the electoral corruption through which they will come back to power and that is why they indulge in money-making by unfair means at the strength of the votes of our people! The Congress Party, which barring a few exceptions, has remained in power with the votes of dalits and Muslims, hardly did anything for this section of society. In fact, Congress never fulfilled the quota of reservation in Government services as enshrined in the Constitution of India on one or another pretext. The Congress governments at the Centre and the states have denied dalits their due, relying on the slogan “NOT AVAILABLE for 25 years and thereafter NOT SUITABLES.” They come to the people with rosy promises but never return to fulfill their promises. Every time they go to the people with new promises and slogans to deceive them. Now they have resorted to corruption and didn’t hesitate greasing the palms of the voters! 

The independence of our country is still in the clutches of the Hindu Micro-Minority. The true independence of our country is yet to be achieved. For this purpose, we need not to have guns to wage a war against the Brahmanical forces but we ought to have some sort of sensibility and understanding about how to achieve our legitimate goals. We need not to depend on the Hindu Micro-Minority for its support as it hardly constitutes 10 per cent of the Indian population. I am sure, if dalits and Muslims alone join hands, we can secure a majority in Parliament and in the state assemblies. Our numerical strength is more than sufficient to form governments at our own. Once our government is formed, we shall not be subjected to be at the receiving end. Once we have political power in our hands, nobody will dare to cast an evil eye on our womenfolk. Nobody will dare to exploit, oppress, suppress and victimize dalits. Nobody will dare to inflict atrocities on dalits. Nobody will dare to set our Christian churches on fire. Nobody will dare to resort to riots against our Muslim brethren and nobody will dare to kill our innocent Muslim youth in fake encounters. So the only thing we require urgently is nothing else but “Political Power of our own”. The present form of independence is not acceptable. In other words, we need to get our country liberated from the clutches of the Hindu Micro-Minority, i.e., the Jews of India.

So far as the Muslims are concerned, Congress governments have miserably failed to deliver anything good for them. Rather, Congress has virtually reduced Muslims to the level below the dalits. It has almost eliminated Muslims from Government services. The Congress Party didn’t stop at this but put the Muslims at receiving end by brandishing them as “terrorists” and arbitrarily lodging Muslim youth in lock ups and jails and resorting to even fake encounters to terrorize the whole Muslim community.

Finally, I would like to make my intention quite clear that the Brahminical imperialists of India want to remain our masters in the guise of their empty non-violence and deceitful nationalism so as to enjoy the pillage of our land and wealth at gunpoint depriving us of our rights and liberty by frightening our people of their false and fictitious religious notions and their imaginary gods and goddesses.

Butwe, the oppressed starving millions of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes, Muslims, Buddhisst, Sikhs and Christians, reject their empty non-violence and deceitful nationalism and denounce their false and fictitious gods and goddesses. We seek our freedom and right of self-determination to decide our fate and to live at our will in this land of ours. This is nothing but our only long cherished sublime Mission.

I always request our Muslim brothers in India to kindly give a deep thought to ‘our political empowerment’ which is only possible through dalit-Muslim unity. There is no other way out except the force and spirit of Islam and true Ambedkarism. One thing I would like to mention here for the leaders of the Muslim organisations of India that everyone amongst them should make friendship with a dalit to give our long-cherished “Dalit-Muslim Unity” a practical shape to make the dream of our political empowerment come true.

My dear brothers and sisters, you know that political unity may not last long until or unless it has solid foundation of Qaumi Ittehad beneath it. In order to strengthen this base and liberate dalits from the clutches of Hinduism, it is utmost essential for us to do away with the blot of caste inflictions. So long as the caste tag is not removed, the liberation is meaningless. For the purpose of true liberation of my people in India without the removal of the caste tag nothing could be achieved positively and I am sure Christianity and Islam are the only remedy for us. In Indian conditions, Islam will prove a true remedy for all the inflicted disabilities imposed on our people by the micro-minority Caste Hindus. Bhai Tej Singh will have to become Bhai Tez Muhammad.

This will not only liberate us from the clutches of Hinduism but will also fill the void you people, i.e., my brothers and sisters of Pakistan and Bangladesh, have created by falling prey to the deceit of the Hindu leaders under M.K. Gandhi in India in 1947. I am of the firm opinion that India was not trifurcated but the Muslims of India were trifurcated in order to allow the high caste Hindus to remain our political masters forever by making the majority Muslim community in India into a minority.

That all is my humble submission before this august gathering. I again express my gratitude to the organisers of this international conference, especially Sister Prof. Dr. Rana Saba Sultan, Chairperson, Department of Sociology, University of Karachi, Pakistan, who has taken a lot of pain in coordinating with me. I am also thankful to this august gathering which bears with me by giving me attention. Above all, I am proud and thankful to my beloved brothers and sisters of Pakistan for inviting me to speak here today. I seeking your blessings and helping hand for this endeavor of liberating the aboriginal Indian communities from the clutches of the cunning Caste Hindus.

  Thanks & Khuda Hafiz!   10th July, 2019 University of Karachi, Pakistan. Bhai Tej Singh, National President,

Ambedkar Samaj Party

New Delhi