Human Rights

No justice in Modi’s Gujarat

Rafik Bobah (37), a former POTA accused in Sabarmati Train carnage of 2002, is suffering from acute dermatitis, a skin disease. He is lodged in Sabarmati Central Jail of Ahmedabad. He requested the authorities at least six times during the last one year to grant him bail on medical grounds. He was treated for this disease in a private hospital at Godhra, but as soon as he was shifted to the jail, his condition worsened. This was brought to the notice of jail authorities and he was taken to the Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. The hospital authorities issued a certificate that Mr. Bobah is perfectly fine. When this matter was brought to the notice of hon’ble judge, he visited the patient in the jail and found to his horror that the patient could not even move. After this visit, the hon’ble judge granted him bail. This was reported in the Indian Express Ahmedabad Edition of 13 December 2010.

This incident proves that the certificate issued by the Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad was false. It is  presumed that  the medical officer must have been guided by someone from higher up to issue a false certificate and thus harass the patient, simply because he belongs to the Muslim community. This also proves that it is next to impossible to get justice under the present dispensation in Gujarat. The hon’ble judge may order for the prosecution of the medical officer for deliberately issuing a false certificate.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot