India: A country that has 'gods' in jails

The unprecedented violence following Ram Rahim Gurmeet's arrest and the ongoing stupidity cause one to ask, are we really civilised and sane? The clownish babas and their ever increasing clout will soon engulf the whole country. That such a criminal man like Ram Rahim Gurmeet can have a staggeringly large number of followers who can sacrifice their lives for him is a question everyone is asking. Yet another question is: Why such babas become cult figures in India and also abroad? In fact, this babadom or gurudom is not just limited to India. More or less, the whole mankind is, someway or the other, susceptible to the faux and fancy aura of babas and gurus.

Reviewing Ram Rahim Gurmeet's idiotic films that hit the marquee a couple of years ago, one perceptive film critic wrote that 'his movies are a desperate attempt to divert collective gaze from his nefarious activities and fix on his cosmetic image of insaniyat (humanity). That he and his cohorts write Insaan after their names is an astute move to fool the masses. Mind you, this red-herring will surely win him many more brainless followers.'

So very true. Asaram, Ram Rahim, Rampal and scores of other babas have taken the masses for granted and their shady activities have been going on for years. Many politicians from BJP, Congress, Akali Dal among others are ardent followers of this scoundrel baba, who raped and murder many. 

'The cultism is a bane. We tend to believe in cults and feel secure and sheltered when we become a part of such gurus and their cults. It becomes a comfort zone for us and we consciously and unconsciously don't want to break that shell. Humans have a tendency to shelve doubts and misgivings regarding something and someone as long as they (people) get all the benefits from that dubious source,' opined Rammanohar Lohia who had the guts to criticise and condemn Devaria baba, aka machaan baba, who would give blessings to his devotees by touching their heads with his feet sitting in a machaan on a tree. Even a rationalist Jawaharlal Nehru's 'educated' daughter and PM of India, Mrs Gandhi, went to seek machaan baba's blessings who touched her forehead with his dirty feet!

We're extremely irrational people with utterly asinine views about supernatural phenomena and gurus. To us, these babas and gurus are infallible gods. Now one of the gods is in jail. Let's see, whether other similar 'gods' also follow suit.