How can I decorate my courtyard with Rangoli?


When unlit lamps of hope

line those eyes

how do I decorate this window 

with lamps shining bright?

When footprints get erased

from your courtyard

how can I decorate mine

with colourful designs of Rangoli?

When harvested apples rot

in your backyard

how do I enjoy these festive treats

those mathiya, sev , suvali? 

In your house I hear a wail

the sounds of cracking 

stones, glass, and skulls

How can I celebrate Diwali? 

How do I drown myself

in the sounds of fireworks?

Someone robbed you 

of your speech

Resounding helplessness 

of words I hear.

Would you  forgive me then

if I were to not wish you 

a happy Diwali this year? 


Pratishtha Pandya

Translated from Gujarati