Hindutva leaders threatening to kill get scot-free

Why arrest only the foot soldiers, when the actual masterminds sit untouched. The Hindutva rulers who insist on heaping provocative, threatening, communal, gutter abusive taunts! They are part and parcel of the political machinery!

Yes, today it’s the likes of Anurag Thakurs, Kapil Mishras, Parvesh Vermas. Yesterday there were many more – mind you, none of them even bothering to somewhat camouflage or conceal their hate for the ‘other.’ All out in the open!

At the very start of 2019, Ananth Kumar Hedge came up with this revengeful one liner: “hands that touch Hindu girls should be chopped off!” Earlier it was this particular provocative sentence from him: “Till Islam is in the world there can be no end to terrorism!” Yet he remains untouched.

In 2018, Right-Wing MP, Vinay Katiyar, went to say loud and clear, Indian Muslims ought to go Pakistan! In 2017, Sakshi Maharaja and several others unleashed along the strain that Muslim men marry four times and with that produce 40 children! In 2016, the communal speeches of BJP’s MP from Fatehpur Sikri, Babu Lal, and also that of BJP’s MP from Agra, Ram Shankar Katheria, who was then Minister of State in the Union HRD Ministry, made news and then nothing very much. Nah, no ‘terror’ charges against the duo even as they seemed hell-bent on publicly humiliating the minority community, going to the extent of calling Muslim ‘demons …descendants of Ravana!’ Then Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti went to the extent of heaping abuses along the Haramzada [bastards] strain for the entire Muslim community …Not to be overlooked, Sangeet Som’s communal speeches in Western Uttar Pradesh, threatening to once again ignite violence in that belt (if you recall, Sangeet Som has been implicated in the Muzaffanagar riots of 2013 and he was also accused of stoking communal tensions in Dadri’s Bisada village after the killing of Mohammed Akhlaq). Within days of that came in Vijay Goel’s comments on hijab! Also, BJP’s MLA from the Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad, T Raja Singh, could get away even after mouthing death threats to all those who come in way of the Ram Temple construction. “If there is anybody who has the guts to say he would stop the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, let him come forward. I challenge that I will behead him…Until now, Uttar Pradesh had witnessed timid governments. Now, you have the powerful government. Baap ki sarkaar!” …And just days after declaring that India would become a Hindu nation by 2024, Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Surendra Singh came up with his next communal onslaught: those who desist from saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ are Pakistanis!

I could go on …the list is long, of today’srulers who seem hell-bent on threatening the very existence and survivalof the Indian Musalmaan in the country. Though the likes Sangeet Soms, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyotis, Giriraj Singhs, Katiyars, Sakshi Maharajs, Togadias, Hedges, Yogi Adityanaths have been openly and blatantly threatening, abusing and taunting sections of the minority community, yet they move around all too freely and gleefully protected by the police!


A whole new generation of Muslim haters are getting trained, nurtured, tutored! Now coming out one by one, to attack and kill amidst chanting of ‘Goli maaro saloon ko!” [shoot the rascals].

I have been writing about the arms-training camps organized by the Hindutva brigades for its cadres. But before that children are exposed to communal hate at the school level…Several years back, I had first heard details to this,when the former Delhi University Professor Nalini Taneja talked in an open forum of the communally laced, twisted history taught in the RSS-run schools. In fact, she had even read aloud several of the provocative passages from the textbooks taught in the RSS-run schools…poison dripping from each one of those sentences, enough to inculcate hatred in young minds for the ‘other’ - the Muslims of the country.As an activist summed it up: “Their history texts are nothing but unadulterated illustration of the RSS view of history and use of history for its sectarian agenda - Aryans are the original inhabitants of India, Indian civilization is essentially Aryan civilization, the ancient period of history when Hindu rulers ruled was golden and India had enormous advantages during this period. The coming of Mughals brought darkness, cruelty… Hedgewar, Gowalkar, Savarkar are amongst the greatest freedom fighters. Muslims as a community are traitors. Hinduism is synonymous with nationalism. Also, caste, child marriages and sati are defended. Muslims, Christians and Parsis are called foreigners. Urdu is referred to as a foreign language."

And in 2016, during an interview given to me, the former IIT Mumbai Professor, Ram Puniyani, detailed the teachings in the RSS-run schools. To quote him: “RSS has single-teacher schools, Ekal Vidyalaya and bigger ones as Shishu Mandirs. The pattern of authoritarianism between teachers-taught, senior-junior is very rigid. The main values promoted there are those of conformism. Along with this, the books in these schools are structured around the mythical history of the superiority of Hinduism, that all was well with Hindus till Muslim aggressors came, caste is presented as having given stability to society, Muslim kings are presented as cruel and so on. The hatred for religious minorities is drilled into the children.”


Not taking you back into history but till about last month - January 2020 - whenlikes of Anurag Thakurs, Kapil Mishras, Parvesh Vermas openly threatened my very existence .They abused me, they called me names, they wanted me killed - Gooli maaro salon ko… yet what action on them! They were only stopped from ‘star campaigning’! Who is the establishment of the day trying to hoodwink! Are we so silly and stupid to be taken in by all this farce and gimmickry!

They should have been arrested and stopped from fighting the elections!

Why should I, an Indian Muslim, be called a traitor and a rapist and a bastard and a terrorist by the rulers of the day! These men - yes, please do call them terrorists if you please - remain untouched .They are not arrested. They continue to terrorize me, yet they are not declared terrorists! What’s going on?

In a damning contrast, the police picks up and arrests a JNU student leader, SharjeelImam on the basis on a video footage (not even sure whether it was fake or morphed or planted or doctored or fabricated!) and some clippings provided by a particular pro-Modi government television channels! On that basis, this student leader is even declared terrorist by the godi media! This godi media has already come out with its verdict! Ruined is a student scholar’s entire life by planting and pinning that typical terror tag on him!

Another blatant case is that of a particular Muslim-managed school in Karnataka’s Bidar where the entire school staff and management and even children and their parents were subjected to sheer harassment by the police force because of a play they staged where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was criticized in the backdrop of the CAA. Seditions charges for that!

And here in this capital city, New Delhi, hundreds and thousands are getting abused and criticized and threatened every single day …threatened to be riddled with bullets and killed and raped and done away with, and yet nothing against those ‘star’ Hindutva culprits! They are so very blatantly and ever so constantly terrorizing you and me, but they are left untouched -- after all, they are today’s political rulers of Hindoostan! They can get away with anything! Double standards holding sway as never before!