Ignoring contraindications for Covid Vaccines can be disastrous

Covid-crisis is likely to stay for some more time. There is no denying that the vicious virus has had a traumatic impact on social and economic life of people at large. While gradually, people are beginning to interact a little with each other, its socio-economic affect is least likely to disappear easily and soon. A mild indicator of this is that of educational institutions remaining closed particularly for young children. Give a thought, how are young children, who have just begun walking and speaking, expected to face on-line classes? It seems as if the years which should have been spent playing in parks and with other children are being lost to Covid. This is equivalent to almost a whole generation losing childhood.

Paradoxically, hardly any significance is being accorded to this hard reality. Of late, a lot of importance is being given to Covid-vaccine and people are being urged to go for it. At the same time, not enough attention is being paid to whether Covid-vaccine will prove effective for all. The fact that some people have been adversely affected by it and a few deaths are said to have occurred following the Covid vaccination shots are not being seriously looked into. The tragedy is, the negative impact has been reported as mild adverse result of the vaccination.

So what if just one person out of thousands or even lakhs has fallen ill and/or died because of the vaccination? Even one death or one person’s illness because of the vaccination cannot be dismissed lightly. It is suggestive of something amiss which needs to be paid attention. It is partly suggestive of vaccine not being fully developed as yet. More significant is the fact that each body should not be expected to react similarly to the shots.

Of course, at a very elementary level, information is being spread about who should not take the shots. These include persons with allergies, those taking blood thinners, having certain ailments and several other factors. It is possible, those with certain health problems and on some types of medication will be questioned about their medical history and thus may not be given these shots. But, at the same time, chances of a certain percentage not being given the same attention for their medical history cannot be ignored. Perhaps, just as a lot of importance is being given to the need for taking Covid-vaccines, the same should be accorded to factors because of which people should restrain themselves from going for the same. In fact, all should consult their medical doctor and then take the shots.

In the context of preceding point, each and every Indian does not have the means to afford a private doctor for his/her ailments. Nor do they have adequate information about their health. A majority of them rush to hospital only when their health problem becomes too unbearable. With respect to allergies, this is one aspect which has not been taken seriously, practically by most. Allergies imply that a person’s body cannot accept certain types of food, medication, environment and numerous other things. As for instance, humid atmosphere doesn’t suit some. Even medicines cannot strict their cough in these places. Some cannot wear particular fabrics as they cause rashes. One can go on and on about the kind of allergies different people may suffer from.

Of these, the most common are rashes, with cough, inflammation, dizziness, fainting being a few other conditions caused by allergies. As indicated by a medical personality, a majority of Indians are not even aware of allergies that they may be suffering from. This point is being specifically made as allergy to Covid-vaccine among a few persons may pose a severe danger to their health. It is not difficult, certainly not impossible to spread message among people of taking needed note of their medical condition prior to taking the shot.

Healthy, young persons, including medical workers, have reported rashes around the point of the shot. Some have reported fatigue, fever and other conditions. As reported, these persons may not take long to get over these problems. But as mentioned earlier, the vaccine may have led to major health problems and death of a few is too serious a problem to be ignored.

Give a thought, numerous factors are taken note of when a person steps forward to donate blood. These include blood pressure, his/her ailments and medicines he/she is taking. Covid-panic has necessitated a Covid-test prior to any patient being treated at hospitals. If he/she is tested positive, the patient’s family members and others are not permitted to visit him/her.

It is imperative to exercise a strict protocol regarding Covid-shots. This demands thorough medical investigation regarding the negative impact on some people after they received vaccination. Dismissing their health condition as mild and/or not being due to shots is equivalent to ignoring possible adverse impact of shots at a much larger scale. Symbolically, sugar spells energy for majority but consumption by those mildly allergic to it can cause rashes, strongly perhaps death!