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Mangal Pandey March in Lucknow, snatching nationalism from BJP-RSS

Lucknow: Yesterday, 10 May, was a remarkable day... here. We cut through all sham and 'vidhva vilap' of liberals to introduce a new issue, that of colonial remnants, that as early as in 2-3 months will shift focus away from Gau Raksha and Love Jihad...We accomplished what liberals-Nehruvians etc can only dream of...snatching nationalism from BJP-RSS...

Do you realize what will happen if the pitch is raised about demolishing Hodson's grave in La Martiniere, Lucknow?

La Martiniere represents the 'secular liberal elite' of Lucknow. The latter in turn represents the Indian secular liberal elite. It is this elite that is responsible for the rise of BJP. This is a political fact not an ideological statement. We broke ASI rules, broke the lock at Havelock's cemetery in Alambagh and planted the real deeds of monster Havelock bang on his grave. The administration was caught off guard. Everyone was caught off-guard. We could have walked inside La Martiniere and beaten up the Principal Carlyre in the presence of the Police. Most Police guys were sympathetic to our cause. We could have planted our plaque on Hodson's grave. But I want to keep the issue alive...

I want a mass, not intellectual, debate. In a country where after 70 years of Independence killers such as Hodson, Havelock are still lionized, and the left nor the liberals ever made an issue out of this, why will the BJP not rise? Why should the people not turn towards a distorted version of nationalism when intellectuals and secularists do not address their emotional, patriotic needs? 

Economists talk of facts and logic. This is not the Nehruvian era. All your facts and logics go above the head of ordinary people. They do not understand your secularism or bhaichaara. But they understand when I say that laudatory phrases on the graves of cruel British officers is an anomaly. 

Are English speaking secularists even adept to go, leave alone amongst 'the BJP minded peasantry', but even youths and students of the whatsapp generation? And then you condemn the BJP for poisoning their minds! 

People talk of an alternative narrative to BJP. Well I have created one. Me, a 'bookish' author who has written 2500 page book among other things. It was the job of communist party leaders who head formations of millions of followers and raise millions in levies. They who talk of 'Left not being strong in Hindi belt' should have come down here to raise this issue. But no...they will sit in their academic armchairs even as fascism creeps in...they will do conventions but not hit the streets...

There was a debate before I undertook this program. The convention oriented crowd was saying that Lucknow civil society is not ready to oppose Yogi! What do you know about UP? And what do you mean by Lucknow civil society? Youths and peasants are not part of civil society? Firstly, Lucknow civil society is not limited to certain English speaking psuedos. Secondly, those not in favour of opposing Yogi are miniscule. Then why did 'personalities' who organize conventions were unable to take out a march on 10th May  in Lucknow? गर्मी बहुत थी क्या? 

This same Lucknow civil society is the one that is friends with Carlyle, the La Martiniere Principal. The latter is not an individual. He is a trend. He represents secular opportunism, secular arrogance, secular decadence at its worst. Most secularists are afflicted with this disease. Have you ever thought why a 3rd grader like Kumar Vishwas is more popular than Prashant Bhushan? Has Prashant Bhushan ever raised peasant or Nationalist issues? He has only been part of RSS backed Anna type movements! 

I am the one who called Modi a brahmahatyara. I was arrested by his men. Then how come scores and scores of 'BJP minded people' are with me? Can you answer that? Yesterday's movement in Lucknow was attended by 'BJP minded people', SFI, socialists, Tikait followers and the is not yet a Mandir type movement. But it has the foundation of one. VHP asked for 1 brick from every house. I am asking for 100 rupees...

Read the Press release below...and debate...I am putting my life on the line...but I did what I promised yesterday on the streets...this movement will develop soon into asking for apology and compensation from British...the ruling class has put Shashi Tharoor on the issue to dilute my job...Tharoor is asking for Rs1 compensation from the British...I am asking for 100 lakh crores...for 10 million killed by the British only during 1857 wars...

This will become nationalism of tomorrow...the future...the do not know about do not know do not know the do not know do not know how Awadh defeated the British empire...तुम्हे नही पता उत्तर प्रदेश क्या है...और बिना यहां कि धूल मिट्टी मे पैर जमाये anti-corruption, anti etc etc से कुछ नही होगा...

Press Release

"We wrote the truth on Havelock's grave. On 30th June 2017 we will destroy Hodson's grave inside La Martiniere and erect a monument dedicated to 1857 in its place": Amaresh Misra

To mark the 160th anniversary of 1857, India’s war for Independence, the ‘1857 Nationalist Forum’ launched a series of initiatives. 

Under the leadership of Amaresh Misra, national convener, 1857 Nationalist Forum, students and youths of Lucknow took out a motorbike procession from Sheroes Café to the grave of Henry Havelock situated in Alambagh. 

Despite being guilty of civil atrocities against Indians in 1857, Havelock’s grave still carries laudatory phrases. 1857 Nationalist Forum had vowed to post Havelock’s real deeds besides his grave. 

The procession went to Havelock's grave. The gates of ASI's protected monument were locked. 1857 Nationalist Forum  bfoke the lock and placed the following plaque beside the one written from the British perspective: 

"Henry Havelock was a cruel British officer. He hanged thousands of innocent civilians between June to September 1857 in Varanasi, Allahabad, Fatehpur, Kanpur and Unnao. He lined the GT Road with corpses. He burned hundreds of villages. Indians still suffer from the trauma Havelock left behind. He was justly wounded by Indian freedom fighters and later died on 24th November in Lucknow."      

The procession was led by Amaresh Misra, Deepak Kabir,  prominent socio-cultural, political activists of Lucknow and accompanied by Peeyush Misra and Faizal Razzaqui.

Post that, from Havelock’s grave, the group went to join the MARCH at Golf Club opp CM residence. 

Thousands had gathered in support for the Mangal Pandey March against national humiliation

The representatives who participated were

  1.  Jai Shanker Pandey: Faizabad District President, Samajwadi Party (ex MLA Ayodhya Vidhan Sabha)
  2.  Ramji Tiwari : General Secy, Kisan Kranti Dal (Awadh)
  3.  Digvijay Singh: President, Chatra Sabha
  4.  Large delegation of Bhartiya Kisan Union Sanyukta Morcha: from west UP and Bundelkhand led by Rajveer Singh Munder, Malkhaan Singh and Pehel Singh Yadav & peasant leaders from Maharashtra
  5.   Other prominent leaders include Anand Shukla, Dr Isaak Khan along with their supporters
  6.  Devendra Singh Lodhi from Kanpur with his team
  7.  Amit Mishra with his supporters

The procession, joined by citizens across Uttar Pradesh,  then marched to La Martiniere towards grave of Captain Hodson, notorious for killing more than 500 non-combattent Indians and Bahadur Shah Zafar’s sons at Khooni Darwaza Delhi. 

Police was present in strength. 1857 NA activists broke the barricade and reached the gates of La Martiniere. After a long tussle with La Martiniere Principal and management and the Police and District administration, which went on as a Dharna for hours, the procession handed over the demand to highlight Hodson's atrocities on his grave to the district administration. 

Amaresh Misra, the national convener of 1857 Nationalist Forum, condemned the behaviour of Carlyle, the La Martiniere principal, as anti-national. Misra gave the administration time till 30th June 2017 to register Hodson's atrocities over his grave. 

Otherwise, Misra said, more than 10,000 youths and peasants will storm La Martiniere, destroy Hodson's grave and erect a monument to 1857 and Indian freedom struggle in its place. 

The following plaque should be placed on Hodson's grave: 

"Here lies the grave of coward Captain Hodson. From 14th to 21st September 1857 he killed more than 500 unarmed men, women and children in Delhi. He shot unarmed sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar point blank. He also committed numerous atrocities against Jats, Gujars, Mewatis, Muslims, Sainis, Dalits and OBCs—he was finally marked out and killed by brave Indian warriors at Begam Kothi, Hazratganj, Lucknow on 11th march 1857."

The participants dispersed after pledging the year- long campaign under aegis of Rashtriya Apmaan Virodhi Abhiyaan (RAVA)…where all British graves will be re-written from an Indian perspective across the nation. 

Amaresh Misra