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The Salt in the Food is their role says Rahat Welfare Trust in its Zakat Appeal

The idea to establish Rahat twenty five years ago was inspired by a girl.

The Beginning. Given the limitations of words and space, how do we describe what we do at Rahat Welfare Trust….? Can we say a few words  so that we are able to touch your hearts?   The idea to establish Rahat twenty five  years ago … was inspired by a girl who did not do well in her school because she lost her father during her final exams.   In 1992 we thought of setting up an organization that would look to the needs of Muslim women, mainly widows and their children,  the orphans.  Educating orphans,  that has  become our focus area.  As time passed, more categories were added: the divorcee, or the deserted women... or those families who are burdened by a serious medical issue in the family.  {Last Sunday… a woman  approached us: for help for her two of her college going  children…  both she and her husband are HIV+ patients. A hopeless and helpless matter}. And so for the last three years…  we have been sharing , what we call, “stories”, true stories of people and students  living in extremely difficult conditions and succeeding…  The role that Rahat plays in the lives of the students is exactly the role that  salt  plays in the Food……. We bring a little bit of “taste” to their lives!!!!!!!!

Sunday’s at Bharat Nagar. But first a few clarifications…  Rahat  works from a ‘borrowed’ office, on Sundays,  at Shaheen Urdu High School, Bharat Nagar, off BKC,  Bandra  East…  Mumbai 400051.   {There is a part-time worker on weekdays for back up work}.  Helping Rahat  are a group of volunteers…  college going students and  graduates…. Filling in application forms, and collecting and collating documents and making vouchers and cheques!!!  And in this heat and dust of Mumbai  in  May 2016, these women, hundreds of them,  gather from all parts of the City, all of them desperate to get the necessary funds for their school going children.  It’s a maelstrom of   misery and desperateness. Of unimaginable proportions…  It is like trying to contain an ocean in a jug…   If we focus on the widows and the divorcees or the deserted women.. hundreds, no, thousands of women  in the “needy”  category… get left out…  These are the wives  of auto  drivers, masons, petty laborers, hawkers, painters..….  These children are of course first generation learners…..     And  yes… Rahat’s  Afirmative Action, has brought  results. There are hundreds of Success Stories. Drop inon any Sunday and see for yourself.  Rahatis helping on a continuing basis about one thousand students, enabling them to take care of themselves, and their families and to live a life of Dignity and Self Respect. These are the role models who have shown that a better world is possible. These are the shining stars who have enriched our efforts and have given an abiding meaning to our work. And we say this with great responsibility: only Rahat would have picked up these Rahatchildren, majority of whom are orphans. A million THANKS  to our donors for their help and support. God Bless!!!!!

Total Educational Support Scheme (TESS)

TESS. But we would really love to relaunch our Total Educational Support Scheme (TESS). Essentially TESS is a sponsoring schemeunder which a student once selected would be  provided with almost everything required by a child to go to school. Bus, computer and school fees, text-books, note-books, work-books, uniforms, stationery, raincoats, shoes, socks, ties, badges, extra-curricular activities expenses - everything would be provided by Rahat.  Rahat would provide Total Support to the family to ensure that the child goes to school properly. Educating the sponsored children would now be  Rahat’s responsibility. So Please Sponsor at least one Child now. Sponsorship Contribution is Rs 10,000/.


Rahat activities are funded mainly through the Zakat collection in Ramzan every year. And Rahat does need funds on a consistent and larger level if it is to help more children and more children.  We therefore request you to send Rahat a part of your Zakat this Ramzan. (Donations are also welcome). No amount is too small not to be of help.  Please ask at least two other persons to do the same.

Zakat/Donations may be sent by a Cheque/or Draft in favour of Rahat Welfare Trust to our Administrative Office address at: Row House 5 A, Asmita Hill View CHS Ltd, Shrikanth Dhadway Marg, VIP Area, Mira Road East 401107. Maharashtra. INDIA. Donations of Zakat to Rahat are entitled to Exemptions under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Donors in Mumbai may contact us on 9022411786 or 9892309785, we will collect the Zakat from their home, office or shop. We thank our donors who are generous,  kind and compassionate. 

Thank You. God Bless!!


Irfan Merchant, President                                                                    ZAKAT PURIFIES YOUR WEALTH

Mob: 9892309785



Registered under the Bombay Public Trust’s Act, 1950. Regn. No E 13435
Working  Centre: @ Shaheen Urdu High School,  Bharat Nagar, Off BKC, Bandra East, Mumbai 400051.Maharashtra. INDIA
Admn. Office: Row House 5 A, Asmita Hill View CHS, Shrikanth Dhadway Marg,  VIP Area, Mira Road 401107. Maharashtra. INDIA
Tel.: +91 9022411786 / 9892309785