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Talk in Bangalore on the modus operandi of fascist forces destroying India

MPJR Hosts Mr. Amaresh Misra At The Bangalore Press Club

On 29th June 2017 at the Press Club of Bangalore a delegation of Bengalureans from various walks of life (educationists, social workers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, IT professionals etc) had the unique oppurtunity to listen to and interact with Mr. Amaresh Misra. He is an author, film writer and historian. His noteworthy books are "Lucknow: Fire of Grace: The Story of its Renaissance, Revolution and the Aftermath", "The Minister’s Wife", "Mangal Pandey: The True Story of an Indian Revolutionary", "War of Civilizations: India AD 1857, Vols 1 and 2". His book "War of Civilizations" had the honour of being released by Vice-President of India Mr. Hamid Ansari. 

Mr. Amaresh Misra is also the convenor of "1857 Nationalist Forum". The Forum has started a campaign called Rashtriya Apmaan Virodhi Abhiyaan (RAVA). RAVA is implementing a year-long plan aimed at reviving the lost feeling of 1857 nationalism. RAVA aims at bringing back the peace, economic certainties, social harmony, rule of law, justice, wisdom and civilized behavior Indians yearn for.

This event was organised by MPJR (Mission Possible for Justice & Rights), a registered human rights organisation based in Bengaluru. The event was facilitated and promoted by Mr. Abdus Salaam Puthige (Editor, Vartha  Bharati) and Mr. Is'haaq (Member, House of Peace). 

Mr. Amaresh Misra touched upon the modus operandi of fascist forces who are hell bent on destroying the secular fabric of India. He stressed upon various topics on how:

  • Indians cutting across religious, caste, sub-caste lines fought against the British in the freedom movement. 
  • The current establishment and its cronies never mention the great freedom fighters who rose above all barriers only to fight for our freedom. 
  • How the fascist forces were nearly decimated but rose their ugly head again. 

He also spoke about the need to educate the masses about 1857 nationalism which will pave the way to wean away the masses from divisive ideology of hate. He quoted a powerful quote of George Orwell - "The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history." He lamented on the current state of politics where instead of being a politics of issues it is now reduced to politics of hate,emotion,false perceptions and hyper jingoism. He stressed that the divisive narrative is being furthered just so that the populace never gets to see the real cause of exploitation.

The event concluded with a brief Q&A and a call to work towards unity and peaceful co-existence of all Indians.

Mr. Amaresh Misra hits back at the BJP's crafty strategies to remain in power by diverting the masses from the issue based politics to the perception or emotion based politics. It's the art of mind control techniques through horrific incidents staged by the ones hiding behind the scenes; just to instil hatred for your fellowmen, and to make polarisation a path to pave way for filling their vote banks. 

  Well, it's 2017, and the people of India are not living in 1992 btw. All the age old techniques will work on those illiterate ignorant people. So why not educate them!    Watch this video that has some alarming facts that needs to be shared among the people of India. When the people of India come together to talk the real issues, then the false nationalists will have to quit their seats, God Willing. (Video produced by Indian Media Book)