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Statement against the Arrest of Prominent Activists in Lucknow, UP on the behest of CM Yogi Adityanath

New Delhi (3 July 2017): ANHAD strongly condemn the arrest of Rtd IPS officer S.R.Darapuri, Prof Ramesh Dixit, Ram Kumar and other activists from UP Press Club, Qaiserbagh, Lucknow. The arrest is pre-mediated, since they were addressing a press conference condemning action against activists from Gujarat Dalit Sena and Bundelkhand Dalit Sena who were sent back from Jhansi Railway Station on Sunday.

The entire episode of arrest was done on behest of Chief Minister. The Dalit Sena activists from Gujarat were carrying 125 kg Soap with image of Buddha craved on it to present the CM. Prior to CM visit to Kushinagar, the Mushahar communities were given soaps and shampoo to clean themselves, before meeting the CM. Reacting to such derogatory action by CM of country’s largest state with highest Dalit population, the activists wanted to present the Soap to the CM ‘to cleanse his mentality against Dalits’.

The Chief Minister ordered the police to stop any such event. So the police not only stopped the Dalit Sena Activists but also arrested prominent activists who came out openly without fear of dire consequences.

ANHAD strongly condemn this draconian action by the State, the action suggested a clear state of Emergency, where the citizens’ democratic and civil right to protests has been suspended.

ANHAD demands an official unconditional apology be issued immediately to all the Civil Rights Activists and Dalit Sena Activists and all activists involved in the entire episode.


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