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SDPI protests against PM’s Israel visit; says need Palestine, not Israel

New Delhi, 6 July 2017:  The Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI held a sit-in dharna at Jantar Mantar in the national capital condemning and deploring the Prime Minister’s Israel visit. The agitation has been conducted in wake of PM’s visit to Israel.

Party Vice President Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad in his address said, the occupation of Israel in the land of Palestine, is one of the most dangerous settlement of the century, is also the murder of human rights in the world. It is widely known as to how Israel has damaged world peace by promoting Islamophobia and is responsible for the catastrophe across the oil rich states in the middle-east. Sharfuddin Ahmad termed the foreign policy by the present regime is against the deviation in traditional foreign policy of India.

He criticized various social organizations and political parties for not taking their stand about the Union Government’s foreign policies with regards to Israel and not even expressing any opinion in this regard. Ahmad further said, it’s not just Congress but even the Left parties too have kept mum over the issue, which is appalling.

The protest demonstration was participated by leaders of other organizations as well. Apart from the SDPI leaders from Delhi, some of the prominent personalities who were present during the agitation were Anis Ansari Popular Front, Moulana Abdul Waris of All India Imams Council and rights activist Nazmul Zama of NCHRO-National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations.