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In first patent by Dept of Botany, AMU's Prof Khan finds technique to enhance peppermint production

Aligarh, August 21, 2017: Raising the bar, level, quality and standard of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Professor M Masroor Akhtar Khan (Department of Botany) has found a technique to enhance peppermint production by employing less-expensive and commercially available silicon nanoparticles which were so far manufactured for other purposes. These nanoparticles will now be used as plant promoters.

This technique is also the first patent published by the university’s Department of Botany. Entitled as ‘Increasing Essential Oil Production of Peppermint (Mentha piperita) by using Silicon Nanoparticles’, Prof Khan’s patent has been published through the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Intellectual Property of India (Government of India), New Delhi. 

Speaking on the achievement, Prof Khan said that these nanoparticles were sprayed as solutions at particular concentrations on plants. “It resulted in significant increase of the herbage yield, essential oil content and essential oil yield,” said Prof Khan.    

He added that since these nanoparticles are very cheap, peppermint growing farmers all over the country will hugely benefit with this technique. 

Prof Khan assured that these nanoparticles will not have side-effects on plants.

Peppermint is a highly-demanding aromatic plant used in various industries as fragrance agent and its essential-oil is antimicrobial, digestive and cough-removing. (Aligarh Muslim University)