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Calling invasion of Hyderabad state in 1948 as Liberation Day is the biggest lie in World history

Attack on Hyderabad state on 17th September 1948 is a Black Day in Human History – Naming Muslim massacre as Liberation Day is the biggest lie in World history

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly opines that 17th September which is celebrated by various organizations  by giving it various names such as Liberation Day, Merger Day, Integration Day, Annexation day, Accession day, betrayal day etc. is in fact a Black Day in human history. It is the day when almost two lakhs Muslims were massacred by the Indian Army in the then Hyderabad state on the name of ‘Operation Polo’ which is known in the history as ‘Police Action’. Military operation termed as Police Action itself is a biggest lie ever told or propagated in the world history.

Hyderabad 1948 - An avoidable Invasion
Hyderabad 1948 - An avoidable Invasion

This committee strongly condemns the massacre of lakhs of Muslims and celebrating it as liberation day. Indian government’s aim was to wipe out the Muslim community under the garb of targeting communists, but not the end of Nizam rule. Though it considered The Nizam rule as Muslim rule but the Muslim community never benefited in real sense. The last Nizam was made Raj Pramukh (Head of the state) after attacking and merging the Hyderabad state into Indian Union. The last Nizam had brought many other linguistic communities into Hyderabad state for different purposes. If at all he wanted to make Hyderabad state as Muslim ruled state he would have benefited Muslim community and brought in only Muslims from different parts of the Indian union. It is also a fact that the Nizam ruled the state along with the Hindu feudalist class who mostly belonged to the upper castes i.e. Reddy and Rao community. All the administrators of the Nizam state belonged to these upper castes. These upper caste community people were the most benefited in the Nizam rule; they were the actual rulers who carried all kinds of atrocities on common people using the name of the Nizam. But immediately after the attack by Indian military on the Hyderabad state, they changed their colour by changing their dress from shervani to dhoti and became Hindu nationalists and they mingled with the military and carried attacks on Muslims. Thus massacre took place in a very systematic manner.

The wounds of 17th September military attack are still deep and fresh for Muslims. 17th September is not the liberation day but the day of genocide, the implications of which can be felt even today. The horrible memories still hound the minds of Muslims as how the attackers slit their throats, how the wells in the villages were filled with the dead bodies of women who jumped to protect their honour, how their women were raped and killed, how millions were displaced, lost their livelihood, properties etc. Still mohajir (refugee) camps can be seen in Hyderabad city which remind us the darkest era of human history.

In the year 1948, as the Congress gave the reasons of suppressing the communist movement and occupied the Hyderabad state to over throw the so called Muslim rule, the same way in the present times, BJP is using the similar strategy in Telangana state and propagating that if Patel had not attacked the Nizam and rescued the people, Hyderabad state could have become another Pakistan or Bangladesh and life would have become a hell for its citizens in an Islamic country. BJP is trying hard to distort the Hyderabad history as it has done in distorting Indian history by cooking false stories. But, Hyderabad history is not a monolithic one, it must be read in multiple ways and bring out the facts to construct the understanding. The Telangana people, in fact the Indians should know that there was no Telangana movement at the time when the Indian Union attacked the Hyderabad State. There was only communist movement that too spread over a small part of the Hyderabad state, say in four districts. Therefore, 17th September cannot be considered as Liberation day as it had no connection with Telangana freedom struggle nor Indian freedom struggle as Hyderabad State was an independent state and the whole administration was in the hands of Hindus where the Nizam was a puppet in the hands of upper caste Hindu feudalists.

Under these circumstances this committee believes that 17th September is the black day in human history and those who ordered the military attack and participated in the massacre of Muslims in fact committed the crimes against humanity; and those who are celebrating it now as Liberation Day are equally responsible for crime against humanity.

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