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No Multi-Sectoral Dev programme fund received by minority-concentrated North East Delhi

The Reality of the MSDP, Plight of the Scheme in Delhi’s North East Distt, No MSDP funds received by North East Dist last year

New Delhi (30 April 2018): The Multi-Sectoral Development Programme (MSDP) is one of the important initiatives taken by the Union Government after the tabling of Sachar Report. Under this plan, a special programme was launched in 90 minority-concentrated backward districts to ensure their development. Reports are published from time to time that this plan is not being implemented properly or that funds are not spent in the minority pockets of the designated districts.

Delhi’s North East District, where a sizeable Muslim population lives, is included in the MSDP scheme. In this area, eight projects have been completed since the start of the scheme in 2012. These are as follows:

  1. Construction of 80 class-rooms in seven secondary and higher secondary schools;
  2. Construction of 17 toilets in government schools;
  3. Improvement of the water supply in Saboli Bagh and Welcome areas;
  4. IT cell;
  5. Construction of the Secondary School in Sundernagri;
  6. Construction of the Secondary School building in Jafarabad;
  7. Construction of Women Wing’s ITI in Nandnagri;
  8. Construction of additional 20 rooms in a Sundarnagri school.

In addition to this, a dispensary near Buland Masjid in Shastri Park is under construction since 2012 (actively since 2016) but due to delay in the release of funds by the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs (MMA), the work is at standstill for the last one year. Likewise, provision of machinery tools and equipment to ITI Nandnagri is waiting for the release of funds from MMA. Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, has written to the secretary MMA to expedite the release of funds for the Buland Masjid Dispensary.

In addition to the above, a project to construct a vocational centre in a government girls school has been cancelled after the discovery that another similar centre is operational in the North-East district. Two other projects are planned under MSDP, viz., a building for a multi-skill training centre/polytechnic and construction of 17 additional classrooms in Sarvodya Vidyalaya in Badarpur Khadar. Due to lack of funds, no work has started yet to implement both these proposed projects.

District Magistrate, NE District, is charged with the implementation of the MSDP in the district. Delhi Minorities Commission issued a notice to him to explain what is being done to complete the unfinished projects, how projects are approved for this scheme, who are the members of the District Level Committee who pass projects and who appointed them and when.

It is clear that all the above projects undertaken under MSDP are actually of general nature which should have been implemented using general government funds but they have unnecessarily been included in the MSDP.

Despite being a special scheme, progress is very slow in the implementation of projects under MSDP because the MMA is not providing funds in time even for approved projects. The District Magistrate North-East Distt. has informed the DMC that no MSDP funds were received by the North East Distt. from the MMA in 2016-17.

Released by Delhi Minorities Commission, Govt of NCT, New Delhi