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CLMC condemns capital punishment in Hyderabad 2007 twin blast case

Justice needs to be done to the victims of the blast and the innocent persons implicated in the blast case. Demand to abolish the death penalty.

Hyderabad (11 Sep 2018): Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly condemns verdict of the special trail court of Hyderabad for awarding capital punishment to two youths and life imprisonment to one youth in the Hyderabad 2007 twin blast case.

CLMC has denounced this judgement and termed it as unfair which violated the rules laid down for a free and fair trial. It should be noted that the trail has taken place in the four walls of prison and counter intelligence used all tactics to influence the court. Today’s court verdict clearly reflects that there is double standard in lower judicial institutions.

To prosecute innocent Muslims in malicious terror conspiracy cases and not providing them a fair and just trail and sending those to the gallows have become a routine practice in India. In this twin blast cases the OCTOPUS  team used the innocent youths arrested by the Maharashtra ATS as a scapegoats, and by branding these men as Indian Mujahideen operatives they blocked any kind of appropriate legal aid to the Accused, they were even not allowed access to their legal counsels because of Jail atmosphere. Furthermore due to the conduction of trail in the four walls of prison faraway in the suburbs of the Hyderabad city resulted in giving a natural edge to the prosecution, wherein the witnesses were tutored and pressurized without any monitoring and the defence counsel had to face hurdles and hardships conducting trail in a hostile environment. As such under these circumstances free trail was hard to come by and the justice became a distant dream, as it has been proved.

There is large section of society which believes that this verdict has been made under political pressure with elections just by the corner. The Civil society at large is shocked that Accused in Mecca Masjid blast case like Swami Aseemanand and his associates in spites of confessing on his crime walked free whereas this Muslim youths accused in twin blast cases against whom there is no crucial or direct evidence was found has been send to the gallows.   

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee expressing its deepest concern on the sorry state of affairs demands that justice need to be done to the victims of the blast and the innocent persons implicated in the blast case. By sending innocent persons to gallows justice cannot be served to the victims and their families of the twin blasts. CLMC demands that death penalty in principal should be abolished which is not a form of punishment but an inhuman act.    (Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, Hyderabad)