Press Statements

Delhi Minorities Commission issues notice to CPWD and Waqf Board over land in Nizamuddin

New Delhi (12 September 2018): Upon receiving information that CPWD is erecting a boundary on a piece of land adjacent to Delhi Public School (DPS) Mathura Road, Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan visited the area and spoke to government and police officials present there.

DMC Chairman was accompanied by Mufti Ataur Rahman Qasmi, an expert in waqf issues in north India. A CPWD officer present on the site showed Dr Khan an order of the Delhi High Court which was not final but had allowed CPWD only to erect a boundary to safeguard the piece of land from encroachment. 

An official of Sunder Nursery on the site told Dr Khan that after erecting the boundary, the land will be given to Sunder Nursery.  The High Court order also showed that this whole exercise is a result of a case filed by an outfit styled as Jamia Arabia Nizamia Welfare Society.

DMC has issued a notice to CPWD and Delhi Waqf Board asking them: (a) on what basis the boundary is being erected; (b) what is the purpose of the boundary; (c) is it correct that the land belongs partially to Delhi Waqf Board and if so why DWB failed to contest the case in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court; (d) What is the next step of DWB to protect its land as claimed by it according to press reports; (e) what is the strategy of the DWB to protect the adjacent plot of land which is at present occupied by jhuggis. The notice is returnable by 29 September.