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Counter-view on wearing Black-Bands on Eid to protest and mourn

Eid is from Allah, Not to Spoil or alter By Human

Eidul Fitr Mubarak to all who are celebrating it either on Sunday or Monday as per the moon sighting on their respective countries of living. The very word Eid in Arabic means happiness and returning festival. The Eid day is a gift-day from the Lord almighty - Allah, where He rewards His slaves with forgiveness, His happiness and Jannah in return of what the slave has done for the preceding one month - keeping Ramadhan fast with patience, caring poor with charity and praying to the Lord with sincerity.

Such memes calling for Muslims to wear black bands on Eid are viral on social networks

Such memes calling for Muslims to wear black bands on Eid are viral on social networks
Such memes calling for Muslims to wear black bands on Eid are viral on social networks

Eid in Islam is an Ibadah (worship) too. Every Muslim male and female, poor and rich, old and young ought to celebrate it with all possible and Islamically prescribed joys; and share the same spirit of Eid with maximum people around. Eid is to express that whatever means Allah has gifted us with, whatever in life Allah has destined for us in this world as His creature, we are simply happy with all these and we express our gratitude towards Allah's will without complain or grief. This is in clear term, to show and declare our full acceptance and agreement to the wish of Allah - the Creator of us, and all these, in this universe.

On Eid day show off must be shunned by those who have extra means. Similarly those who have less must avoid demonstrating their lack of means by putting poverty on display. It is the day when we all must be humbled to our Lord - Allah and caring about our fellow human beings. It is the day to pray, to eat, to dress well, to smell good and to be sweet by all means possible for friends and foe alike.

This is what the soul of Eid is and this is what Allah wishes us to do as Muslims on Eid day. No extravaganzas, no glittering and no possible mourns, no complaints on anything – enjoy with what is available and thank Allah gracefully.

This author came to know that some Muslims both organizations and individuals might be planning to demonstrate their anger and disappointment over what is going on with Muslims in India on Eid day by putting black ribbon on arms, hanging black flags around Eidgah or even by making marches. They want to let the world know that lynching of poor innocent Muslims on petty grounds, humiliation of minorities and killing of Muslims and Dalits became a normal day-to-day business in India, which is no way acceptable anymore. Cow-terror has, as if, taken the shape of state policy in certain regions, those who are in the realm of government are yet faking with good governance!

The cause and the reasoning for the panic is obvious. No human being with genuine wisdom can deny it. The law and order situation, and life safety of Muslim and Dalit citizens of this country is growing to be catastrophic each passing day. Most media houses in India have gone to Hitler era or present-day Al-Sisi's Egypt - competing to please the ruling bosses with spice and lies to earn their bread and butter only. Common people, especially, minority and Dalit communities are getting fed up. The human tolerance level of common men is about to spill over.

However, I find the timing to present our disagreement or anger against such inhumanities, cruelties is unacceptable. Eid day, Eid prayer and Eidgah must not be a place to demonstrate or show our anger over anyone on anything. Eid day is a gift from Allah, it is worship and it must be observed only as our Creator, Allah, has ordained us to do. It is against Islam to spoil the happiness of Eid or alter its way of celebration by any means, whatsoever.

Your pains, your anguish are genuine against repeated lynching, mob-killing of fellow human beings - men and women in trains, public places at rural as well as urban locations of India. But the show off protest must not be on Eid Day.

The author is director of Markazul Ma'arif Education and Research Centre, Mumbai and editor of Eastern Crescent magazine.