Islamic Perspectives

Abraham's Message to Muslims and Christians

OH! THE FOLLOWERS OF MY TWO SONS !   1. BLESSED for you both are the last SEVEN days that precede the dawn of the year two thousand SEVEN ,as they bring your festivities so close together.   2. LET the birth of my son JESUS (pbuh) be celebrated as an auspicious occasion to send across the world a message of PEACE, AFFECTION and GOODWILL.   3. LET the CHRISTMAS trees emit the rays of resplendence which may show the entire humanity a path to RIGHTEOUSNESS.   4. LET the followers of my son MUHAMMAD (pbuh) observe my sacred tradition with such solemnity as to rejuvenate amongst them my PRISTINE FAITH.   5. LET you all be prepared to sacrifice your dearest ones, if so willed by THE GUARDIAN LORD.   6. LET you both learn the lesson to live in PEACE, and as a true friend of MANKIND.   7. LET you wait for my son CHRIST (pbuh) to appear in your midst, who will give you a LASTING SERMON OF RIGHT AND WRONG.   Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, LL.D. Lucknow, U.P., Email: sherwanimk$