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Gujarat riots in pictures : :

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Government list fails to mention any “Muslim” outfit: 
Blaming Muslims for others’ mischiefs

Muslims in India: live together to survive

Victory Day on Dec. 6 amounts to contempt of Constitution: Yechuri 

Hindus return to their homes with Muslim help

American funding of Hindu hate organisations exposed 

Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah : "Intifadah is the most important issue in the region"

Should the Islamic punishment for adultery be reconsidered?

Periscope: Cricketers for communal harmony

Who destroyed Alexandria Library?

Sadness, fear and hope for Jharkhand Muslims

Unanswered questions about killing of suspected terrorists

Urdu newspapers are beacons of light

Supreme Court judgement : it could have been worse

Zahid Ali Khan honoured in Chicago

Ramadan holds a special significance for Indian Muslims

Jamiatul Ulama's "Jail bharo" agitation
30,514 arrests in the national capital, yet the media is blissfully unaware...

Five Dalits done to death for "killing" a cow: Whodunit? The police say VHP; Dalits say, police

New evidence that Gujarat pogroms were preplanned

During the freedom struggle Muslims subjected to all kinds of cruelties

An eyewitness account of Sholapur riot 

Largest Muslim educational institution after AMU

Cocking a snook at law
VHP leaders call Vajpayee napunsak, Advani ghaddar, and commit contempt of court with impunity

COMMON QUESTIONS, UNCOMMON ANSWERS: The Muslim population is increasing faster than the Hindu population. Their aim is to become the majority and overwhelm the Hindus....

Dr Pravin Togadia: "We (Hindus and Muslims) are ethnically and culturally the same"

Revenge likely motive behind temple attack

Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadwi: "Pogroms harm India’s image, integrity and stability"

Muslim housewives in AIDS crossfires 

Jama’ate-e-Islami Hind, Gujarat Zone president’s letter to Akshardham temple chief

Muslim Dalits demand parity with other Dalits

Biggest anti-US march in London

‘Over 100 Muslim families embrace Hinduism’: VHP

Why this character assassination of Darul Uloom Deoband?

The “appeased” Indian Muslims are far more deprived

VHP gallery
Major plans to revive Ram temple movement 
Four VHP men arrested for attacking Christians in Orissa village
‘We’ll repeat our Gujarat experiment’ 
VHP plan: Modi tapes for family planning lessons 
VHP flays Vajpayee for calling Gujarat riots a shame

Mohammad Sulieman: "Mr. Bhutto was hanged under section 120-b"

Editorial: Call to civil war

Spain—an example to emulate

Harijans embrace Islam in Mewat: 
'We were living like vermin and now it’s like living in Paradise'

MF Husain is back where he belongs – in the limelight

Small savings can be big help

Islamicity attacked

Enemies of progress Read

Saleem Peerzada: “As and when the community desires, it will get a good leadership” Read

Asiya Andrabi: Warrior in Veil Read

Unending Campaign of Calumny  Read

Muslims facing increasing discrimination: UN Read

Kashmir problem and its probable solution Read

India and war on Iraq Read

‘Little Taj’ in a state of neglect Read

Advani faces angry protests in London Read

Dangers of exercising freedom of expression Read

The seven unravelled mysteries of Godhra carnage Read

No takers for digging Babri Masjid site Read

Haj subsidy - fact or fiction  Read

"Pakistani flags" in Meerut village! Read

Editorial: Lest we forget  Read

No dirge of civilization yet Read

Ever wondered why this Israeli gangsterism?  Read

Editorial: Enough is Enough! Read

Farmers of Hatred Read

Rigveda, Manusmiriti sanction beef-eating  Read

Understanding fatwa Read 

"India airlifting prisoners from Afghanistan"  Read

M.J. Akbar: The Shade of Swords
Jihad and the conflict between Islam and Christianity

Jain Hawala Case: Clueless investigators, subverted state Read

Naipaul on Saudi Arabia Read

Dilip Kumar: “My Heart Is Lacerated”  Read

The Pioneer’s invention regarding North-East madrasahs
Fraud and Fiction  Read

A travesty of Science - II  Read

Gujarat riots: was there an Israeli connection?  Read

Kashmiri victims of Gujarat pogrom Read

Iftikhar Gilani’s Ordeal   Read

His undying tenor survives Rafi  Read

Muslim delegation visits Kashmir; advises round table conference Read

Brothers in Islam, but not in politics Read

Saiyid Hamid Read

Editorial: Salaam, Shri Kalam Read

Deep conspiracies against Muslims in Gujarat  Read

A hi-tech madrasa  Read

Tipu Sultan first to build rockets  Read

What should Muslims do in today’s world? Read

Kalam - India's next president  Read

Muslim shrines & shops turned into 'pseudo- Hindu' temples Read

Cop running saffron terror gang in Saharanpur region Read

APJ Abdul Kalam: Three visions for India  Read

Dr Faridi - a forgotten giantRead

Testimony on Gujarat violence to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) by ex-MP Ahsan Jaffery’s son-in-law Read

When Muslims are targeted in Gujarat, to claim that Dawoodis are not Muslims is sheer betrayal Read

Crucial issues of Gujarat and Ayodhya: Now you see, now you don’t  Read

Senegal Football Coach Embraces Islam  Read

Gaddafi tries his hand with Indian issues Read

Tension bolsters Israel-India cooperation Read

Flames of Hate: How to overcome this situation? Read

Iqbal A Ansari: Portrait of an activist Read

People’s list of wanted terrorists in India Read

Gujarat: renounce faith if you wish to return home... Read

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan: ‘If you isolate yourself you will stagnate’ Read  

Brave newspaper which covered karsewaks’ terror feels the heat  Read  

‘Gujarat BJP was keeping tabs on Muslims from ’99’ Read 

Kashmir madrasas have not produced a single terrorist Read

Gujarat school text teaches hate Read  

Shah Bano alibi for communal carnage Read  

Godhra violence was not pre-planned: Police Read

This atrocity will not be televised  Read

Pak-based militants ‘thieves’ Read

Banrang Dal activists on Sabarmati Express beat up Muslims, forcing them to shout Jai Shri Ram slogans  Read

Gospel of hate calls for the apex court’s urgent attention Read

Hundreds of Kashmiri youths disappeared after arrest by security forces Read

Were sexual crimes in Gujarat planned?  Read

Why 'Hindus' hate Muslims ? Read

No business, no work, Gujarat Muslims left to their fate Read

"Speaking truth in face of unjust ruler is the highest form of jihad" Read

Siraj Tirmizi: No Muslim reprisal because there is no leadership Read

Vajpayee equates Islam with terrorism Read

Muslims and BSP Read

Martyrs vs. War Criminals Read

Muslim NRIs in America help Gujarat victims Read

If you missed Bosnia, visit Gujarat Read

In a historic gesture, Sikhs return mosque to Muslims Read

500 mosques & shrines destroyed in Gujarat Read

VHP's arms training for women & children Read

Kashmir remains cut off from the world Read

Letters: Gujarat Pogrom  Read

Who is terrorist in Palestine? Read

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Read

Temple of Ram Read

We will throw shilas in gutter: mahants Read

About bias in the media Read

Covert riots and media Read

Fleiro’s letter to Advani Read

Insurance and riots Read

What really happened at Godhra Read

Open Letter: To all Muslim MPs  Read

Time to re-assess Read

Nawabs, Islam & Jizya  Read

‘Almost all of those who stood with me were Hindus’ Read

Editorial: Saffron pogrom Read

‘Mother Of The World’ revisited Read

Analysis of the writings of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan - i Read

RSS fascism echoed in US House of Representatives Read

Another 'Babri' in the making Read Another Related Article Read

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Two Islamic soldiers - III : General Akhtar Abdur Rahman (left), Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Read

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A Nation in Exile: Afghan Refugees: 1983-2001 Read

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Ziauddin Khan School: dreams turning into reality Read

Moderate Islam—Whose Call Is It ? Read

Top science award for Aligarian Read

Agha Shahid Ali Read

Why Muslims hate the US? Read

SIGNPOST: Salaam, Shourie Read
The Indian Express refused to publish this rejoinder

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Dateline Wahington: Muslims in democratic America Read

Muslim influence in Spain still felt in daily life - ii Read

Mumbai police: forget ISI, now Muslims are Al-Qaeda agents Read

"Veer" Savarkar: brave by half Read

Textbooks are new saffron targets Read

Dr APJ Abdul Kalaam’s vision for India Read

Malegaon: A Case More of State Terrorism And Less of Communal Violence Read

Okhla Councillor jailed for a poster Read

Signpost: The 5 Ws of news Read

Dateline New York: Please god, let it not be the Muslims Read


Suleman Bakery-accused Tyagi gets bail Read

MG Impact: Jamia Urdu issue to the fore  Read

Muslim women in hijab on the road to progress  Read

Nepal-border madrasas : no iota of ‘terrorism’ or ‘ISI’ activity  Complete Article
Hashimpura killings by the PAC
The Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ghaziabad, issuing bailable and then non-bailable warrants against the 19 PAC men, who faced charges of murdering 40 Muslims of Hashimpura (Meerut) in 1987, twenty three times between January 1997 and April 2000. They were never arrested and produced before the court, though all along this period they were in active service with known postings and residential addresses. At the end of May and early June 2000, sixteen of the accused surrendered and got bail, The trial court fixed dates in September, October and December 2000 for framing of charges, for which the Govt. counsel was not prepared. On 13 December the CBCID submitted that it wanted time for appointing a Special Public Prosecutor. The case was adjourned.... Complete Article
Advani and the truth Complete Article
Jameatus-Salehat: revolutionizing women education
If you believed that madrasas are only outdated things with their obsolete syllabi formulated centuries and centuries ago and students who come from poorest of poor families, you are due for a surprising jolt. You may be in for a further jolt when a madrasa meant for girls education established some quarter a century ago catches everyone's attention in the country. Complete Article
Kanpur: one-sided PAC riot
Kanpur riot, which erupted on 16 March and continued unabated for the next two days, was mostly a repetition of the familiar, one-sided, PAC violence we were used to until the Rapid Action Force (RAF) was formed by Narasimha Rao after great Muslim pressure and protests. The PAC has been thoroughly discredited and side-lined to the point that a judicial order prevents it fromentering Meerut where its brave jawans committed crimes unheard of in the police history anywhere in the world. Complete Article
Another 'Babri' in the making
The VHP is trying for several months now to perform yagna in the Qutab Minar complex and is constantly trying to provoke people in order to give it an Ayodhya type turn. An ASI official said that ‘every Ganesh Chaturthi there are threats to review the worshipping of the idol. But the ASI maintains status-quo from the time the monument was notified as protected one.

When the police refused to allow the VHP to perform Ganesh Chaturthi in the complex they announced to try and perform the yagna every month till they are able to offer prayers before the Ganesha idol and install an idol in the complex. It has now become a monthly ritual and they gather every month outside the complex in order to try to install an idol inside.
Click to Read Another Related Article Click to Read
Taliban defy world outcry...Their Indian counterparts cross all limits
Hindutvaites, who perpetrated greater crimes by demolishing the Babri Masjid which led to the demolition of hundreds of mosques, dargahs, imambaras and the murder of thousands of innocent Muslims in the riots that erupted all over the country as a result, took the Taleban demolitions to indulge in their favourite game of hate-mongering. The climax was the burning of the Holy Qur’an in Delhi by the World Hindu Council (VHP) activists in Delhi on 5 March.  ...Their Indian counterparts cross all limits Click to Read Related Articles Taliban defy world outcry... Click to Read  Letters to the Editor: Taleban
Nigar Cinema accused go scot free
A two-member Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court on 23 February accepted the appeal of ten persons accused of the Nigar cinema massacre and freed them all. The High Court upheld the December 1999 order of the U.P. state government and of the district and sessions judge of Meerut under which the cases of murder, dacoity and arson against the accused were withdrawn.
The Nigar cinema saga took a dramatic turn when, on 15 February, the main accused of this heinous crime and city vice president of Shiv Sena Dharam Dutt Sharma, alias Dharma, was shot dead by three scooter-borne youths on Meerut-Baghpat Road. Two other accused, KD Gaurav and Sirohi, were shot dead earlier by the UP Police in an encounter. Dharam Dutt Sharma was a top goonda of the district and was placed by Meerut police at number six in the top ten list of criminals.
Complete Article
Setting world records in an unknown town
Sitting in a small town, Dr Ayub has set world records. He is slated to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records soon. Guinness researchers have already come twice to his hospital and checked the records themselves. Complete Article
Hero buried in the Capital amid total media blackout
The country lost yet another promising young soldier in front of the lofty chinar trees in what used to be ‘paradise on earth.’ Captain Jawed Ali Saifi, who had just celebrated his 32nd birthday on 1 August, was shot at around 11 in the night of 22 August in Srinagar. He succumbed immediately to his injuries on the spot itself. But the martyrdom of the young captain made no news for the ‘national’ or mainstream media which goes berserk to highlight the religious affiliation if the victim is a non-Muslim. The sole bread-earner of his family, he is survived by his young wife Abida whom he married in 1994 before he joined the army. He has left behind a 4-year-old son, Faisal, an ailing father, two brothers, one of whom is blind and three sisters........  Complete Article
MG Impact
During the short period since its publication, The Milli Gazette was the first to break many important stories like the exposure of Al-Falah fraud, community-specific police and intelligence surveys in various parts of the country, 4-page supplement on police assault on the Jamia Millia, 16-page supplement on the great victory of resistance in South Lebanon, the first such supplement anywhere in the world.... We broke two stories in our 16 August issue (MG 15). The results are more than satisfying  Complete Article

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