What MG readers had to say us

I have always been reading The Milli Gazette with great interest and find it very informative and enlightening.
Padma Bhushan Syed Zahoor Qasim, Former Member Planning Commission & Vice-Chancellor Jamia Millia Islamia

I am regularly getting your publication "The Milli Gazette". I have found it to be informative, educative and enlightening. I wish you best in your efforts.
S.M. Khan, Press Secretary to the President, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi 110004

Congratulations on an excellent publication
Jafar Raza, Editor, Telegraph online, London, newsdesk@telegraph.com

M.P. Wakf Board has become your subscriber. I went through your paper. It is very old but it's new for me. I find this paper is very useful for the Muslim people. 
Omar Farook Khatani, CEO, M.P. Wakf Board, Bhopal, mp_waqfboard@rediffmail.com

Thank you for your publication. The informative news, which was authentic and accurate, was of great importance to the nation and its people. Please keep it up. 
Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, Prince of Arcot, Amir Mahal, Royapettah, Chennai

Your MG is going great. So much relevant reading material and the selection and presentation is just superb. I wish MG could start in US, to build up a following.
GM Siddiqui, ghulam_muhammed@hotmail.com

The Milli Gazette is progressing well. Diversity of coverage shows that despite these difficult times, MG is successfully representing the Ummah. 
Arif Iqbal, Editor, Urdu Book Review, Delhi

MG is fully representative of the community.
Dr S R Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow

Your paper seems to be very good. Please put me on your mailing list.
Dr Leo Rebello, Peace Ambassador, Mumbai leorebello@vsnl.com

The Milli Gazette is a Millat treasure in these turbulent times, please do what it takes to sustain this paper. There is a dearth of news concerning Indian Muslims and Milli Gazette is an authoritative source even though only one shamefully of us 200-million Muslims..........
Zulfiquar Ali Khan, www.tippusultan.net 

You are the only person who is performing the noble duty of Jihad Akbar through MG.  God is witness to the fact that there is no match in our community to your services and efforts. Please continue rendering your valuable service to the community like a silent warrior.
Salik Dhampuri, United Muslim of India, New Delhi

I find Milli Gazette in consonance with the problems the Umma is facing ...
Mohamed Shari Bubere, Byculla, Mumbai 

We do go through MG and find it useful.
VT Rajshekhar, editor, Dalit Voice, Bangalore, vtr@ndf.vsnl.net.in

I am a regular reader of the Milli Gazette. MG provides information, knowledge and empowerment to all Muslims both men and women. I was glad after reading articles on many burning issues. I read an article on tolerance, co-existence, communal harmony and mutual respect.
Kauser Usman, Kauserusman[at]gmail.com

MG has been doing a commendable service to the community and the country. Despite all odds, it has made a niche for itself and entered into the nine years of publication, that itself speaks of its achievement and demonstrates your tenacity and iron-will. I pray to Almighty Allah for its long and immortal life.
Abdul Bari Masoud, New Delhi

I congratulate you on keeping MG really independent of any sectarian, religious or factional political interests. 
Prof. Iqbal A Ansari, Human Rights Activist, New Delhi, iqbalansari2001@hotmail.com

We are happy that the MG has entered sixth year of its publication under your able leadership. This has been possible because of your relentless efforts and sacrifices you have made to keep the MG alive as the leading mouth piece of our ummah. Many many thanks and congratulations to you. For us the MG is like an oasis in the desert and a light in the darkness. It has filled the void created in the absence of our own media. We have suffered a lot in the post-independence era because of undeclared boycott of our socio-economics affairs by the print and electronic media around us. We are still paying a heavy price for distortion and misrepresentation of facts relating to our culture, society and education as well as religious institutions made in the so-called secular media. In view of this we should not only keep the MG alive but also make it vibrant, strong and powerful at the best we can for our own good and survival as honourable human beings.
Md. H. Rahman, Willaim Nagar

I have started propagating the Milli Gazette with a missionary zeal. By Grace of Allah its name is well-known, though the subscription is quite low. I pray that it may reach the heights of a global Muslim force. 
Dr M.K. Sherwani
President, All India Muslim Forum, Lucknow

The Milli Gazette has made its identity in the field of journalism. It covers almost every burning issue. 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow 

My compliments and best wishes on the sixth anniversary of your publication. Indeed, as the picture on the back page of your 1-15th Dec. issue suggests, a look of contentment on the faces of the three gentlemen at a job well done is entirely justified and in order. 
S.A.R. Adil - adilsar@eth.net

MG means Islamic World in our hands. This magazine acts as a excellent platform to express the views and opinions on diverse issues. Through MG you have always strived to show us the hotspot of every nuke and corner. In short, it is an asset to the Muslim community. 
Shafeeka S. Basheer, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

You're doing so much on so many fronts.
Karamatullah Ghori, Toronto

I am an old reader of the Milli Gazette and I find it very informative. Please accept my cordial congratulations on the completion of five years of MG’s publication. I hope it will continue publishing for the next the five years also. I want to request the readers of the newspaper to give it their full cooperation for the next five years. 
Md. Farooque Azam, Bhagalpur, Bihar 

There is a necessity of such magazines and newspapers in the community so that Muslims could express its concerns and condemn prejudices and propaganda against Islam and Muslims. 
Noorullah K. Falahi, New Delhi

How nice to see your wonderful webpage.. 
Muhammad Izzeddin, Istanbul 

Very good work you are doing no threats can deter your work. Go on and on...
It is like this during freedom struggle some rebellions/freedom fighters were doing underground publications of handbills and the British thought it as anti-crown activities. Don’t worry about the threats, go on courageously, it is a part of the game.
Husainali Dharamsi, Mumbai

Let me wholeheartedly appreciate your the Milli Gazette that is in itself a uniquely laid-out fortnightly amongst all the Indian newspapers.
M Atyab Siddiqui, NOIDA (U P)

MG is a forum of millions of Muslims. The fortnightly Milli Gazette has, perhaps for the first time in half a century, become a forthright forum for the voiceless millions of Indian Muslims in particular and other minorities in general. 
Saran Singh IAS (rtd.)
Editor, The Sikh Review, Kolkata 

My heartiest congratulations on bringing out such a good journal. 
Kulsum Talha, Lucknow

I want to congratulate you. You people are doing great job.
Hina Sid, tagee420@yahoo.co.in

A feeling of togetherness and brotherhood which you are constantly propagating through your writings and literature in the said magazine. I foresee that this work will flourish more and more in your leadership, Insha Allah. May Allah give you long, prosperous and free of disease life. 
Dr. Shamim Ahmad Ansari, Zanzibar

I am a regular subscriber to MG for the past two years. I have every issue of MG with me. 
Ziaul Khan <khz_786@yahoo.com>

I pray that the Milli Gazette will be here forever. The Muslim world needs you. Not many voices that support Islam and Muslims are around. Many Muslims like me are worried about the future of Islam and the Muslims. May your voice live forever with the blessing of Allah. 
Mohammad Azzat, USA

MG enhances our knowledge and understanding. 
Dr A Abdul Hamid, Jaipur

I was thrilled to see the Milli Gazette's 125th issue in my hand. Hearty congratulations. My regards to you and your team.
Dr Shamsul Islam, Asst Professor, Satyawati College, DU

I offer my congratulation to you and your team for the hard work and commitment to publish a high quality English newspaper from India, in the service of the global Muslim community. You and your staff deserve a credit for excellent service provided. However, without financial support, no newspaper could survive. May! I urge, our Muslim brothers and sisters to financially support and promote The Milli Gazette for the good cause.
Mahmud Amirat,Chairman, 'Preston Gujarat Muslim Welfare Society'
UK Preston, Lancashire, UK
mahmud amirat <mahmud_amirat@yahoo.co.uk>

Although editor of MG and I don’t agree on a few matters, I am proud of Indian Muslims for the articles below and to say a Hindi phrase in English "My chest has soared 4 folds" especially after reading the second article. (http://www.milligazette.com/Archives/2004/16-30Nov04-Print-Edition/163011200476.htm/ http://www.milligazette. com/IndMusStat/2005a/079-CIM-UK-2april05.htm/ http://www.milligazette.com/dailyupdate/2005/ 20050420.htm). 

Nice to see an Indian Muslim newspaper in English maa shaa Allaah. 
Hasan Syed, U.S.

I thank you very much and very sincerely for emailing me the news of the Milli Gazette. I am very concerned about the issues of the Muslim ummah.
Parvez Nuckcheddy, Mauritius

Congratulations for bringing out this excellent fortnightly. The news of Jehanabad is very apt which no other newspaper dare publish. Kudos for writing so brilliantly on President Mushharraf’s visit to Ajmer. The news covered and published looked like one was physically present during the visit.Very aptly captioned. 
Pooja Khan, London

In this issue of MG I have been I was happy to see the Special Report on Inter-Civilisational Dialouge and Prof. Ram Puniyani's "Hindu undivided family" apart from many other articles. I congratulate the Editor/Publisher for such thought provoking magazine. Keep it up.
Digant Oza, Editor, Jalseva
Satyajeet Trust, Ahmedabad

I saw your website during a web search. I should congratulate you for this priceless effort of starting a wonderful Muslim English newspaper. There should be more efforts for the upliftment of Indian Muslims. There is a vast Muslim population which is well-educated but the lack of true guidance and counselling leaves them unnoticed.
Dr. Sitwat Khatoon

You are rendering yeoman services for the upliftment of our community in India. And I very much appreciate your efforts. I am sure Alah will help you. Please keep up your good work.
Hassan Farooqi

I have visited your website, it is quite interesting.
Seema Muskan

Thanks for doing a good job!
Mukhtar Thakur, MN, USA

I desire that the MG must give priority to unite our Muslim community, which is divided in many divisions and tries to cut the throats of each others on the name of firkas according to the present situation, the eradication of firkas and poisonous propaganda amongst firkas cannot be stopped, but we must try to unite all Muslims on our common problems. This could be made possible only if we keep aside the talk of firkas and do not interfere in the belief of others. The MG has sufficient timber to tackle this problem (insha Allah). 
Yakubmama, Kamrej Gam, Surat 

Felt very happy to know that there is one fortnightly newspaper which deals exclusively with the news concerned mainly to the problems of Muslims and Islam in India, and the world. All the articles were very good and not a single article was worth neglecting. I immediately made up my mind to subscribe to it. I am greatly indebted to all the people related to the newspaper and I want to give them an standing ovation for their hard work. Let Allah (SWT) give you the best in this world and the Hereafter.
Dr Yusuf Saleem Khan, Karnataka

Read the Milli Gazette online edition. It is very nice to see a newspaper with Indian Muslim viewpoint. 
Gouhar Ali